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Tips to prepare your shopify store for BFCM (Black Friday & Cyber Monday)

Black Friday is the perfect time to run sales. Customers are already in a spending mood, so they're more likely to take advantage of holiday discounts. Plus, running sales on Black Friday can help draw attention to your eCommerce store. If you advertise your sales in advance, you will be able to reach a large number of potential buyers.

Tips to prepare your shopify store for BFCM (Black Friday & Cyber Monday)

Black Friday is the perfect time to run sales. Customers are already in a spending mood, so they're more likely to take advantage of holiday discounts. Plus, running sales on Black Friday can help draw attention to your eCommerce store. If you advertise your sales in advance, you will be able to reach a large number of potential buyers.

Congrats on prepping your website for the busiest shopping day of Black Friday. If you haven’t already, without any further ado check out the first part of this blog. Now, the next thing on your plate is to bring customers to your Shopify store. 

We know it’s not that easy to run an eCommerce store, especially during the holiday season when all your competitors are in the game. Bringing more customers to your eCommerce store amidst the craziness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday requires a lot of effort. 

Well, you don’t have to figure it all out on your own, here are 10 tips to help you bring more customers to your e-commerce business and outshine your competitors. 

1. Run Holiday Sales

Black Friday is the perfect time to run sales. Customers are already in a spending mood, so they're more likely to take advantage of holiday discounts. Plus, running sales on Black Friday can help draw attention to your eCommerce store. If you advertise your sales in advance, you will be able to reach a large number of potential buyers.

Make sure you have plenty of inventory on hand during the Black Friday sale. You don't want to run out of stock and disappoint your customers. Offer deep discounts on your products. This is the time to clear out old inventory and make room for new items. And, promote your sale heavily in the weeks leading up to Black Friday. Get people excited about your deals so they'll be sure to buy from your store.

Whatever you decide to offer, make sure your sales are well-advertised and that your store is prepared for the influx of shoppers.

2. Create a Holiday-specific landing page to optimize your customer experience

Once your sale is planned, you must design a landing page for the same. A well-designed landing page can help you in converting holiday visitors into paying customers.

Your landing page should be visually appealing and easy to navigate. Craft a creative storefront. It should highlight any special deals or promotions that are available. Make sure it is mobile-friendly to accommodate the growing number of shoppers who are using their smartphones and tablets to shop online.

During the seasonal holidays, shoppers are often more susceptible to advertisements, which is positive. However, there is also a lot more competition for their attention, so make sure your page stands out from the crowd.

Ensure that you add relevant sale banners a week before on the website, identify top sellers and highlight them on your homepage for the black Friday sales. Advertise holiday sales with catchy headlines and banners to bring more visitors to your eCommerce store.

3. Multi-channel presence on social 

As the holiday shopping season approaches, retailers are gearing up for Black Friday. For many businesses, this means ramping up their social media presence to reach as many potential customers as possible.

One way to do this is by creating a multi-channel social media strategy that includes both paid and organic content. Paid ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram can help reach a wider audience, while organic posts and engaging content can help create a more personal connection with potential customers. 

During the busy holiday season, you may not have the time to regularly post, so make sure you schedule your posts in advance using tools like Buffer, Hubspot. Don’t forget to use relevant hashtags as they bring more traffic to your social page. 

No matter your approach, the goal is to reach as many people as possible and get them excited about your products or services. With a well-executed social media strategy, Black Friday can be a major success for your business.

4. Setup email marketing campaigns

As per Shopify, their merchants had the greatest conversion rates from email marketing during the last BFCM.

This year, the success of most retailers’ holiday sales will probably depend even more heavily on email marketing. For customers to return to your website and take advantage of your holiday sale offers, every Shopify merchant should have a few email marketing campaigns in place.

Plan, create and schedule the emails you'll send throughout your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Here are a few tips that can lead your email marketing campaign toward success this black Friday:

  • Start sending out emails about the upcoming sale at least two weeks before it begins so that it creates a sense of curiosity in the potential buyers. 
  • Use emails to retarget the customers who have bought from you only once. Remind them why they chose you the first time to buy from you. 
  • Write interesting email subjects which urge your potential customers to open the email. 
  • Send reminder emails to last-minute shoppers and let them know that the sale is almost over.
  • Offer exclusive deals to your email subscribers/loyal customers. This will capture the attention of your subscribers as they would be excited to grab something that is exclusively available for them.
  • Send a sneak peek of upcoming sales and use teasers to make them aware of the upcoming deals so that they are on the lookout for the offers on the products they want to buy.

Here are 100+ email ideas that you can send and retain your customers. Klaviyo and Omnisend are great for sending emails making the process easier and hassle-free.

5. Offer buy now and pay later service

Buy now, pay later (BNPL) has grown in popularity in recent times. In this service, the buyer often has the choice at checkout to receive their product immediately but pay for it fully after 30 days or over the course of smaller installments. 

The BNPL approach helps e-commerce stores to increase their average order value and customer loyalty, drive more sales and lead to higher conversion rates. The purchasing power of the customer rises in this case giving a boost to instant purchases customers make from your store.

The majority of your store users will be Gen Z and millennials who would opt for the BNPL option of purchase. 44% of Gen Z and millennial participants in the survey said they chose BNPL above other credit options because of the flexibility BNPL provides. You're in for a treat if your store has a lot of audience from this segment. You may use tools like Klarna and Affirm to implement this payment option for your customers.

6. Reward customers and make them stay

Loyalty programs are a great way to reward first-time shoppers during Black Friday and keep them coming back. They provide an incentive for customers to continue doing business with you, and can also help you build a relationship with them. There are a few things to keep in mind when designing a loyalty program. 

First, you need to decide what type of loyalty program best suits your business. There are many different types of programs, so it's important to choose one that will work well for you.

Second, you need to make sure that the program is easy to use and understand. Customers should be able to quickly sign up for the program and know how to redeem their rewards.

Finally, you need to make sure that the rewards are something that your customers will actually want. They should be valuable enough to encourage customers to keep using your business, but not so valuable that they seem unattainable. Use popular loyalty app platforms like Loyalty Lion, Smile to build a reward program for your Shopify store. 

7. Offer a fantastic post-purchase experience 

Your post-purchase experience includes everything you need to delight your customers after they have made the purchase. If something goes wrong in your supply chain during the holiday rush, you can always make it up to your customers with an excellent post-purchase experience. 

A post-purchase experience makes your one-time shoppers feel valued and can further turn them into long-term & loyal customers. By offering an exceptional experience you can establish a positive brand image and improve retention. This includes proper packaging, timely support communications, hassle-free returns, feedback and reviews, relevant recommendations and a lot more. You may use the Rebuy app to offer recommendations and tools like Reamaze, Limechat, and Gorgias to offer excellent customer support and build long-term customer relationships for your Shopify store. 

If your post-purchase experience is not making your customers feel wanted, then you must definitely read these effective tips and make the most out of them. 

8. Create buzz using referral programs

Referral programs are an excellent way to generate buzz and excitement around Black Friday sales. By offering incentives for customers to refer their friends and family to your store, you can create a snowball effect that will bring more and more people to your website. People tend to take the word of their friends and family when it comes to shopping recommendations instead of your word, so make sure you have a referral program in place to induce these shoppers. 

These referral programs not only will this help to drive up sales, but they will also create goodwill, social proof and word-of-mouth marketing that will keep people coming back long after the Black Friday sale is over. Use tools like Smile.io, Stamped.io and Yotpo to create successful referral for your Shopify store.

Find the right influencers and build relationships

Influencers hold the power to influence their followers to the extent of playing a major role in their purchase decisions. Make sure you leverage the influence of social media influencers in the right way to skyrocket your Black Friday sales.

First, identify influencers in your industry or niche who have a sizeable following and who align with your brand values. Once you've established relationships with these influencers, ask them to promote your product or brand on their channels. You can also create gift guides featuring your products to promote your brand during the holiday season or other gift-giving occasions. You may also suggest other forms of content that would be of interest to their followers so that it's easier for the influencer to share and engage with them.

9. Create your SMS and push notification strategy

When it comes to Black Friday, your SMS and push notification strategy can make all the difference between a successful campaign and a bummer. Here are a few tips to help you create a winning strategy:

  • Send out a series of SMS and push notifications leading up to Black Friday. This will get your customers excited and help build anticipation for the big sale day. Read here about the types of push notifications you could send this black Friday.
  • Make sure your SMS and push notifications are clear and concise. Your customers should be able to quickly understand what your Black Friday sales are and how to benefit from them.
  • Use strong call-to-actions in your SMS and push notifications. Encourage your customers to take action by offering incentives like discounts and free shipping.
  • Timing is everything on Black Friday. Make sure your SMS and push notifications are sent at the right time so your customers don't miss out on your amazing deals.
  • Finally, track your results and analyze your data. This will help you fine-tune your SMS and push notification strategy for future Black Friday sales.

You may send push notifications using the Shop2app app builder or PushOwl and send SMS using Attentive or Emotive to engage with your customers and boost retention. 

Get, Set & Grow

Kudos to you! If you’ve reached this part of the blog then you have definitely ticked off every item on the list. However, discovering innovative approaches to bring more customers to your Shopify store can be a steep mountain to climb. You must maintain an advantage over your competitors in the fiercely competitive world of retail and use every tool at your disposal to stay on top of your game. 

If you break down your strategies into manageable chunks and work on each with equal dedication and enthusiasm, then you are likely to succeed. The aforementioned tips will help you boost your sales during Black Friday and continue to be the first choice for customers to shop online. Now, all you have to do is just sit back and enjoy the busiest and most lucrative shopping season. 

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