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10 Push Notifications you need to send for maximizing sales on your Shopify Store

Shop2App enables shopify stores to easily enable Push Notifications by using a no code app builder.

Customer retention is key

In the ongoing battle to keep users engaged in a high competition, high-stakes marketplace, push notifications can play a key role. They can also, however, be problematic if used thoughtlessly. Indeed, too many pushes can even cause users to uninstall an app entirely.

Shop2App enables shopify stores to easily enable Push Notifications  by using a no code app builder. Click here to get in touch.

Abandoned Cart Notifications

Shopping cart complexity and duration are two other critical factors that determine the likelihood of someone completing a purchase.

The Baymard Institute found that having too long or too complicated of a checkout process is the reason why over a quarter (26 percent) of shoppers abandon.

Geo Fencing Based Notifications for stores with Offline Presence

Geo push messages show 2.5X higher open rates than regular push. Additionally, you can analyze data on physical locations, giving you access to insights and geo-targeting capabilities that have never before been available.

Announcing Discounts and Sales on your Products

One of the most popular campaigns sent using push notifications is a Flash Sale promotion. Send notifications about your flash sale to make subscribers act fast and grab your discounts instantly. A Flash Sale campaign is best suited for time-bound sales, like during Black Friday weekend.

A great percentage of customer retention is the ultimate growth strategy

New Launches

Launching a new product comes with a dozen ideas to market it. Use push notifications to send crisp and catchy promotional messages about your new product.

Product Promotions

Just like the marketing emails you send from your favorite Email Marketing tool, about your popular and featured products, craft push notifications that highlight particular products to reach your subscribers and increase their sales directly. Make sure to segment the audience based on buying patterns, demographics, and more. Phrase your copy like an advertisement. Describe the product using bold, catchy words and talk about what makes it special.

Use Shop2App Audience Segmentation to share with the right audience. If you are using Klaviyo, Omnisend or Privy, this is super easy to use.

Engaging Customers

According to McKinsey, existing customers stand a better chance of converting than a new one. Tap into this benefit by building segments that consist of customers who have purchased from your store at least once and send them exclusive promotions that encourage them to revisit your store.

Shop2App makes this super simple by integrating audience segmentation and automations from Klaviyo, Omnisend, Privy and many more.

Engaging Non-Purchasers

Sending Discount Promotions and FOMO deals to this segment if audience is a powerful way to successfully turn a non-purchaser to a Paying Customer.

Back in Stock

You may find that your store gets numerous requests for certain popular products. So, sending push campaigns about just that products is a great way to increase subscribers’ interest.

Product Advise / Hacks

Use bite-sized content from your blog and reuse it in your push campaign to give subscribers more value about your product to your most loyal customers. Use Shop2App Universal Links in Newsletters and increase CTR by 21%.

Enhance Social Proof by sharing Product Review Snippets in Push Notification

Prove your trustworthiness by sending push-notifications with a review left by your customer. These notifications show how your product has helped customers and inspire subscribers to buy from you.

Social Media Engagement

Boost customer engagement on social media by sharing your posts as push notifications. This also allows you to send your existing content to a different set of audience. Identify your well-performing posts and share those as push notifications. Use Shop2App Audience Segmentation to share with the right audience. If you are using Klaviyo, Omnisend or Privy, this is super easy to use

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