Loyalty and Rewards

Customer Loyalty is a user generated content tool for Shopify merchants. It allows customers to leave product reviews after they've completed a purchase.

Stamped and Shop2app integration allows you to bring your loyalty rewards on to your mobile app. Shop2app provides one click access to Loyalty on the mobile app

stamped rewards on mobile app
stamped reviews on mobile app

Steps to enable Stamped Loyalty Rewards on Mobile App by Shop2app

  • Navigate to your Stamped Reviews Dashboard
  • Click into ‘Settings’ on the bottom left corner
  • Under ‘Integrations’ click ‘API Keys’ '
  • Copy your ‘API Public Key’ to your clipboard
  • Open your Shop2app Dashboard
  • Navigate to your ‘Integrations’ tab and scroll down to 'Reviews'
  • Paste your ‘API Public Key’
  • Select ‘Save’

You're all set! 

If you have any questions about the Stamped integration with Shop2app, please reach out to

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