12 Subscription Boxes for Moms That Make Awesome Mother’s Day Gifts

Updated: May 9

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, which means the search for a perfect gift.

Though wishing your mom would make her day but why not make it a little extra special and give her a treat delivered right to her doorstep that too every month. This year, go beyond and get thoughtful with Mother’s day gift ideas. Surprise her and express your love with tailor-made subscription gifts specifically to what she loves.

Here is the list of some out-of-the-box subscription gifts for all the loving moms. From beautiful bouquets to DIY projects, tea to coffee lovers, books to skincare and makeup, we have covered it all.

Pick the best monthly subscription box for the most important woman in your life and celebrate Mother’s Day all year round.

  1. Enjoy Flowers

  2. Adults & Crafts

  3. Matcha

  4. Sips by

  5. Fresh Roasted Coffee

  6. Atlas Coffee Club

  7. Love Goodly Box

  8. Laurel & Reed

  9. Authentic Books

  10. Ellie Fitness

  11. Medusa Makeup

  12. So Susan Color Curate

So go forth and subscribe to the gift that keeps on giving.

1. Enjoy Flowers

Why we love Enjoy Flowers Subscription

Enjoy Flowers is a family-owned company that has been in the floral industry for more than five decades. Brighten up the day (not just special occasions) with fresh flowers and make it a part of your everyday life. Gift these beautiful blooms that keep on giving and delight your mom this Mother’s Day. You can create a subscription in just three simple steps; select the collection, the size of the bouquet, and delivery frequency.

What you get with Enjoy Flowers Subscription

Enjoy Flowers delivers elegant bouquets with premium blossoms that arrive arranged and ready to place.

The Signature Collection is known for a sophisticated style. You get artisanal bouquets of 25, 35, or 50 stems. As the name suggests, Farm Fresh Collection sends seasonal farm-fresh flowers in hand-tied bouquets of 20, 30, or 40 stems. With the DIY Collection, you get beautiful loose stems in bundles of 20, 30, or 40 stems.

Choose Enjoy Flowers Subscription

Signature Collection from $53.10/month

Farm Fresh Collection from $44.10/month

DIY Collection from $44.10/month

Check out Enjoy Flowers reviews and give of gift of blooms.

Celebrate the people you love

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2. Adults & Crafts

Why we love Adults and Crafts Subscription

This one is for those into Pinterest designs. Moms who love crafts and Do-It-Yourself projects, a craft subscription box are a perfect gift for them. Adults and Crafts is a creative pick with fun and functional craft projects that creates unique masterpieces. It makes crafting as easy as possible with instructions and craft supplies. Read on and enjoy your fun crafting session.

What you get with Adults & Crafts Subscription

You get an engaging monthly craft box with all the tools, materials, accessories with complete project instructions delivered to your door so that you can conveniently craft in the comfort of your home.

Choose Adults & Crafts Subscription Plan

Monthly- $33/month

3 Months- $32/month

6 Months- $31/month

12 Months- $30/month

Check out Adults & Crafts reviews and get a surprise box filled with exciting craft projects.

Give the gift of creativity

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3. Matcha Kari

Why we love Matcha Kari Subscription

Matcha Kari aims to source and provide the world’s best matcha tea and share the matcha culture. The powdered bright green tea with a rich aroma and complex flavor is made from specially cultivated tea plants.

Best part? The teas are grown in Japan by farmers who are part of a 300-year old matcha growing tradition. It is true matcha tea powder, produced under the highest standards and sourced from award-winning tea growers. Take a quick matcha quiz to find the right product.

What are Matcha tea benefits?

Matcha tea promotes cardiovascular health, reduces cholesterol and stress, helps in weight loss, detoxifies the body, boosts energy, healthy skin, and much more. From calming effects to increased cognitive performance, matcha helps improve health and overall well-being. Read matcha benefits and recipes.

What you get with Matcha Kari Subscription

You get the finest tea collection to choose from- Ceremonial Grade Matcha, Organic Sipping, Barista Grade, and Culinary Grade. You can also choose from a diverse range of Japanese Farm-direct loose-leaf teas.

Choose Matcha Kari Subscription

Matcha Tea Powder (Chef’s Choice) starts at $17.85/month

Matcha loose leaf tea starts at $20.40/month

Organic Superior Matcha- $33.15/month

Matcha for a daily cup of tea

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4. Sips by

Why we love Sips by

Sips by is a multi-brand tea subscription that lets you discover personalized teas at an affordable price. It partners with international brands as well as local tea shops and farms. Fill out a Tea Quiz to create your Sips by Tea Profile, which will help them with the information on taste, preferences, brew method, and dietary restrictions.

What you get with Sips by Subscription Box

You get a monthly box with 4 premium teas chosen uniquely for you from more than 150 different brands around the world. Depending on your Tea Profile, you may receive a box mix of both bagged and loose leaf teas as well as a mix of both caffeinated and herbal teas. Every Sips by box comes with steeping guidelines, tasting notes, reusable, biodegradable filters, or tea bags as needed.

Sips by Subscription- Explore all kinds of tea at $16 /month

Check out Sips by reviews and shop a perfect tea match.

Sip and Enjoy

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5. Fresh Roasted Coffee

Why we love Fresh Roasted Coffee Subscription

Single origins, blends, decaf, or pods, a coffee lover mom will surely be delighted with a Fresh Roasted Coffee Subscription. Discover exceptional high-quality coffee that is chosen with great love and classified based on origin and flavor profile. Perfect roasting and freshness are crucial to each unique coffee. Enjoy the coffee world and learn flavorful recipes.

What you get Fresh Roasted Coffee Subscription

As the name suggests, you get the freshly roasted coffee, which is immediately packed, and then delivered to your door. The USDA-certified organic coffee beans make sure that the coffee is consistently regulated at each stage of production and free of GMOs and other synthetic ingredients.

Choose Fresh Roasted Coffee Subscription

The cost of Single-origin coffee starts at $8.06

The cost of Artisan blend coffee starts at $7.16

The cost of coffee pods starts at $10.76 for 18 pods

Roaster’s choice coffee for $65

The cost depends on the product you choose from a varied collection of Fresh Roasted Coffee. Check out the complete Fresh Roasted Coffee product range.

Read Fresh Roasted Coffee reviews from coffee lovers.

Taste the fresh and the best

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6. Atlas Coffee Club

Why we love Atlas Coffee Club Subscription

Atlas coffee club is a premium coffee subscription service that curates coffee from around the world. It is an ideal option for coffee drinkers who want to try unique varieties. Select the quantity, roast preference, and delivery schedule that best fit your needs and start exploring.

What you get with Atlas Coffee Club Subscription

Atlas Coffee Club sends a bag of freshly roasted coffee from a new country each month along with the information on how to brew, flavor profiles, and even a postcard from the region of interest. In this way, you get top-notch flavors and a tour of the world’s most exciting plantations.

Choose Atlas Coffee Club Subscription

Half bag- $9/month

Single bag- $14/month

Double bag- $28/month

Connect with different coffee cultures

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7. Love Goodly Box

What we love about Love Goodly Subscription Box

Love Goodly is a bi-monthly subscription box with non-toxic and cruelty-free beauty products, eco-style or home accessories, healthy snacks, and wellness products. Discover a healthier lifestyle with socially conscious brands that are better for you and better for the planet. The best part is each purchase supports a cause. Click here to learn more about the box and products.

What you get with Love Goodly Subscription

Each box contains 4 full-sized non-toxic and cruelty-free products ranging from skincare, makeup, accessories, and personal care.

Choose Love Goodly subscription

Essential Bi-monthly Subscription Box- $34.95

VIP Bi-monthly subscription box- $48.95

Check out Love Goodly reviews and switch to healthier living.

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8. Laurel & Reed

Why we love Laurel & Reed Subscription

Step into the world of clean beauty with one of the top cruelty-free subscription boxes. Laurel & Reed brings you a monthly box filled with goodness, all-natural, and non-toxic products. Delight yourself and know more about safe beauty!

What you get with Laurel & Reed Subscription

Laurel & Reed Subscription brings Luxurious beauty, wellness, and lifestyle full-size products with impressive packaging.

Choose Laurel & Reed Subscription

Month to Month Subscription- $49.95

3 Month Subscription- $143.85

6 Month Subscription- $275.70

12 Month Subscription- $527.40

Check out Laurel & Reed reviews to know more about clean beauty store.

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9. Authentic Books

Why we love Authentic Books Subscription

Authentic Books Subscription creates a unique reading experience with a monthly customizable box. Select from the three boxes- Mini Experience, Full Experience, and Premium Experience and pick a book of your choice (the genre will vary each month). It is a perfect gift for bookworm moms that also let relax and enjoy me-time like never before.

What you get with Authentic Books Subscription

You get a hardcover book each month paired with self-care products. The box is always full of quality goodies that connect with the book. The book box may also include drinks inspired by your book, hand-poured artisan candles, beauty products, a custom playlist, a bookmark, and much more (a treat for your senses).

Important Note

Your contribution can make a great impact because 5 % of your membership supports children’s education.

Choose Authentic Books Subscription

Mini Experience- $39/month

Full Experience- $49/month

Premium Experience- $59/month

Check out Authentic Books reviews and pick your favorite.

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10. Ellie Fitness

Why we love Ellie Subscription box

Ellie offers a wide collection of women’s workout and fitness outfits. A monthly subscription box is crafted by women and for women. Just pick your style, select the plan, and size and get started. Create new looks or mix and match them with what you already have in your wardrobe!

Read more for workout tips and explore flavorful health recipes.

What you get with Ellie Subscription Box

You get workout clothing gear depending on the monthly plan you choose. If you opt for a 2-item plan, you get a top and a bottom. With a 3-item plan, you get a sports bra, and similarly, with a 5-item plan, you get extra workout accessories and other gym add-ons.

Choose Ellie Monthly Subscription

2 items- $39.95

3 items- $44.95

5 items- $49.95

Get workout ready

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11. Medusa Makeup

Why we love Medusa Makeup Subscription Box

Medusa’s Makeup is a great collection for vegan beauty fans. The products are thoughtfully crafted and artfully designed with a mission to make the world a better, more beautiful place. Each month’s box is unique based on a limited edition theme. You can choose from the monthly skincare box or beauty box.

What you get with Medusa Makeup Subscription

All of the skincare and makeup products are vegan and cruelty-free. You get 4 full-sized products with the highest quality ingredients and the richest pigmentation. Usually, a monthly box includes 1 beauty product and 3 makeup products. The makeup box offers vegan lipsticks, cruelty-free blushes, bronzers, eye shadows, and much more.

Choose Medusa Makeup Subscription

The subscription plan starts at $16.95/month

Shop cruelty-free vegan makeup

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12. So Susan Color Curate

Why we love Color Curate Subscription Box

So Susan’s Color Curate monthly beauty box is all about breakthrough formulations. All the products in your beauty bag combine highly concentrated color pigments with the potency of healing plant extracts and natural oils. Choose your Color Curate plan and enjoy your beauty goodies.

What you get with Color Curate Subscription

You receive 4 full-size innovative beauty products that are 100% cruelty-free, vegan, and paraben-free. These skincare and makeup products are carefully packed in a luxurious limited-edition makeup bag with inspiring quotes inside.

Choose Color Curate Subscription

Monthly- $20.95/month

3-Months- $56.85 prepaid (equivalent to $18.95/month)

6-Months- $107.70 prepaid (equivalent to $17.95/month)

Check out Color Curate reviews and color without compromise.

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