14 Amazing Subscription Gift Box Ideas for Valentine‚Äôs Day ūüíĚ

Updated: 3 days ago

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you must be looking for a perfect Valentine’s gift for a special someone that they cherish forever. Though flowers and chocolates are always the go-to options, let’s discover some out of the box and affordable Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him or her.

When it comes to picking a thoughtful gift, subscription boxes are a great choice. This February 14th, express with a subscription gift box to your loved one that keeps on giving for an entire year. We have rounded up the best subscription gift boxes that they will crush on every month.

Scroll down to discover 14 unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas or click below to go to your favorite gift box below.

  1. Wickbox

  2. Dry Farm Wines

  3. Birchbox

  4. GlossyBox

  5. Petit Vour

  6. Kinder Beauty

  7. Laurel& Reed

  8. Menlo Club

  9. Stitch Fix Men

  10. GQ Best Stuff

  11. Birchbox for Men

  12. Style Plan by Frank & Oak

  13. ZBox

  14. Geek Fuel

Celebrate Love!

1. Wickbox

Why we love Wickbox

Embrace a tranquil environment with stylish candles and distinct fragrances. Treat your loved one to the simple pleasures of a candlelit ambiance. A perfect gift that’s all about relaxation, aromas, and help that special someone basks in a warm glow.

What you get with Wickbox Subscription

Wixkbox features luxury candles that are handcrafted, expertly curated to match your preferences, and poured into beautiful containers.

Choose Wickbox Subscription

Monthly Medium Box starts at $26.95/month

Monthly Large Box starts at $36.95/month

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2. Dry Farm Wines

Why we love Dry Farm Wines

Treat your wine-loving valentine with extraordinary natural and pure wines from Dry Farm Wines. It curates only the highest-quality natural wines from small family farms that meet the strict standard of purity. They follow natural farming and traditional winemaking process including, organic farming, dry farming with no use of irrigation, and older growth wines (35-100 years). Send wine based on the tastes and preferences to your special someone’s doorstep. Click here for a quick guide to natural wines.

What you get with Dry Farm Wines Subscription

You get the wines that are sourced to the highest standard of farming, purity, and taste. Choose from red, white, mixed, sparkling, and rosé and enjoy all-natural, additive-free, lab-tested, and sugar-free (<0.15g/glass) wines.

Choose Dry Farm Wines Subscription

Red Wine, White Wine, and Rosé (6 bottles per shipment) - $159

Sparkling Wine (3 bottles per shipment) - $94

Check out Dry Farm Wines reviews and enjoy the rich flavor.

Chill, Swirl, and Sip

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3. Birchbox

Why we love Birchbox

Does your partner love beauty goodies? Discover just the right products and treat her with a luxury beauty box with the best of skincare, haircare, and more. Subscribe and set the preferences in the Beauty Profile to get her a personalized beauty box each month. You can pick from various expertly curated sample boxes or choose a sample choice box. Browse Birchbox Magazine to learn more.

What you get with Birchbox Subscription

You get 5 to 6 deluxe samples per box, plus, tips and tricks on how to use them.

Choose Birchbox Subscription

Monthly Plan- $15 / Month

6 Month Plan- $14 / Month

12 Month Plan- $13 / Month

Check out Birchbox reviews and get started.

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For more information, check out our complete list of the best monthly beauty subscription boxes for women.

4. GlossyBox

Why we love GlossyBox

A perfect gift option for someone who is always looking for new and exciting beauty products, Glossybox is the way to go. Gift all things beauty with a combination of premium as well as drugstore products. The products are hand-wrapped with a mix of makeup products, skincare products, and other must-haves. Find the perfect plan, starting from just $17.50 per month.

What you get with GlossyBox Subscription

Send a gift of love with five beauty products chosen by experts and get exclusive beauty offers.

Choose GlossyBox Subscription

1 month- $21 / Month

12 Months- $18 / Month

Check out GlossyBox reviews and give the gift of Glossy

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5. Petit Vour

Why we love Petit Vour Subscription Box

Surprise her with a unique and luxuriously curated monthly subscription box by Petit Vour. The best part is that the products are non-toxic, plant-based, cruelty-free, and great for all vegan beauty fans. You can create a beauty profile specific to makeup, skincare, and haircare preferences and deliver a personalized box mix of sample and full-size products at her doorstep. Click here for the ultimate inside-out beauty guide.

What you get with Petit Vour Subscription Box

A monthly box of plant-based 4-5 products (over $50 product value in every box), plus review the beauty box and get up to 400 PV points ($4) each month.

Choose Petit Vour Subscription

USA- $18 / Monthly

CANADA- $23 / Monthly

WORLDWIDE- $25 / Monthly

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6. Kinder Beauty

Why we love Kinder Beauty Subscription Box

This monthly beauty unboxing is sure to spark joy. Make your valentine feel her best with the collection of products by Kinder Beauty Box. Gift a thoughtfully curated box with vegan and cruelty-free beauty products. Even the box is made from recycled materials with soy-based ink to print logos and designs on the box. Click here for the guide to the vegan lifestyle and self-care.

What you get with Kinder Beauty Subscription

You get clean, vegan & cruelty-free skincare, makeup, haircare, and accessories, including at least 2 full-sized products.Gain access to exclusive special collections, limited edition offers, and flash sales.

Choose Kinder Beauty Subscription

Monthly - $25 / Month

3-Month (Prepay) - $24 / Month

6-Month (Prepay) - $23 / Month

Know why people are crazy about Kinder Beauty, check out Kinder Beauty reviews

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7. Laurel & Reed

Why we love Laurel & Reed subscription box

Pamper your loved one with wellness, self-care, and beauty products by Laurel & Reed. It is one of the most popular cruelty-free beauty subscription boxes around with clean beauty products. Customize and send the delightful box with all-natural and non-toxic products. Click to know more about luxurious beauty products.

What you get with Laurel & Reed Subscription

You get an assortment of more than 3 full-size products in every box with makeup, hair, body, and skincare products in addition to luxurious beauty, wellness, and lifestyle products with impressive packaging.

Choose Laurel & Reed subscription

One Time- $54.95

Month to Month Subscription- $49.95

3 Month Subscription- $143.85

6 Month Subscription- $275.70

Check out Laurel & Reed reviews to learn more about clean beauty store.

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8. Menlo Clu

Why we love Menlo Club Subscription Box

Whether you are looking for a Valentine’s Day gift or any-day gift, Menlo Club will help you send a collection of amazing products. Treat the special one in your life to a men’s clothing subscription box that delivers right at your doorstep every month or season. Simply fill a style quiz with the fit-size and preferences to help them choose the right clothes. Along with the curated monthly box, Menlo Club members can get up to 25% off items in the Menlo House e-commerce store, as well as free shipping on all orders.

What you get with Menlo Club Subscription

A monthly box will include 2 to 3 products from their in-house brands.

Choose Menlo Club Subscription

Join the Club for $60/month or $75/season

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For more information, check out our complete list of the best monthly subscription boxes for men.

9. Stitch Fix Men

Why we love Stitch Fix Men

Finding the best gifts for men is no easy task. But it gets easier with so many brands dedicated to creating monthly gift boxes for men of all interests. A Stitch Fix subscription box is a great option if he prefers both comfort and style. Get looks fit according to the lifestyle and share sizing, price range, and other preferences through a style quiz. It will create the profile and help them understand your needs better. Get styling done by experts and give him a fresh take on fashion. Click here to curate a unique style statement.

What you get with Stitch Fix Men Subscription

5 products based on your preferences hand-picked by a stylist. You can keep and purchase what you like and return the rest for free. Get 25% off your entire order when you keep all products, plus referral credit when you recommend it to friends.

Stitch Fix Men Subscription

Pay just a $20 styling fee, which will credit towards anything you buy.

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10. GQ Best Stuff

Why we love GQ Best Stuff Box

The perfect gift by GQ’s best stuff will keep him well equipped and looking dapper with a collection of apparel, grooming products, accessories, and more. Every quarter he will be surprised with a haul of all the best products tested and recommended by editors. Subscribers receive exclusive offers from the featured brands along with how-to articles, video tutorials, and to learn about new arrivals. Click here to know more about the best stuff.

What you get with GQ Best Stuff Box

Each box is valued at over $200 with grooming and lifestyle products, plus free shipping.

Choose GQ Best Stuff Subscription

Quarterly- $50 per quarter

Yearly- $190 per year

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11. Birchbox for Men

Why we love Birchbox Men Grooming Box

Revamp his daily routine with personalized items from a variety of categories. Birchbox Grooming is a monthly subscription box filled with look-good and feel-good self-care products, all picked by the team to match your style and needs. Click here and browse through the BirchBox Guide to learn more.

What you get with Birchbox Men Grooming Box

You get a personalized monthly package with the most relevant five grooming samples. Plus a reward with $5 credit to use the store after you review the first five samples.

Choose Birchbox Grooming Subscription

Monthly Plan- $10 / month

6 Month Plan- $60 / 6-month

12 Month Plan- $110 / year

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12. Style Plan by Frank & Oak

Why we love Frank & Oak Subscription Box

If you are thinking of a wardrobe update for your guy, then Frank and Oak clothing should be your go-to place. A monthly subscription box is customized based on your preferences and selected by the expert stylists from Frank and Oak’s current season trend. Click here for stories and advice from Frank and Oak.

What you get with Frank & Oak Subscription

You receive up to 4 quality products each month to discover new styles. Also, you can take 10 days to decide what you keep and send back the rest.

Choose Frank & Oak Subscription

Each order shipped has a $25 styling fee, which will credit for the products you buy.

Check out Style Plan by Frank and Oak reviews for more valuable information.

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13. ZBOX

Why we love ZBOX

When buying for a geeky valentine, it needs to be interesting for sure. ZBOX is a mystery box full of merchandise based on all your favorite games, movies, TV shows, comic books, and more. It is a perfect gift for both men and women.

What you get with ZBOX Subscription

The monthly box includes an exclusively designed t-shirt with 4 to 7 products.

Choose ZBOX Subscription

1 Month Subscription- $26.97 per month

3 Month Subscription- $25.62 per month

6 Month Subscription- $24.27 per month

12 Month Subscription- $22.92 per month

Click here to get the updates on your favorite films, TV series, music, and gaming.

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14. Geek Fuel

Why we love Geek Fuel Subscription Box

Geek Fuel brings an ultimate monthly subscription box for all pop culture fans. The box is designed and curated with exclusive t-shirts and limited edition collectibles.

What you get when you subscribe to Geek Fuel

Every box comes with an exclusive t-shirt, hoodies, goodies, and prop replicas inspired by games, comics, and pop culture.

Choose your subscription plan

Monthly- $29/month

3 Months- $28/month

6Months- $27/month

Check out Geek Fuel reviews and get started.

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