15 Best Self-Care Subscription Boxes for 2021

Updated: 3 days ago

While keeping up with the responsibilities of the busy lifestyle, self-care usually takes a back seat. But with other things, it is equally important to direct the much-needed attention to the overall well-being. Hence, taking care of oneself and prioritizing me-time has become more essential than ever.

Self-care monthly subscription boxes are a perfect way to unwind and remind you that physical and mental health matters. These feel-good subscription boxes range from products like beauty, lifestyle, accessories, self-care tools, therapeutic tools, motivational books, treats, goodies, aromatic products, and a lot more. Bring the act of self-care into the daily routine to relax and pamper.

Let’s unbox bliss with our top picks for the self-care subscription boxes to help balance mind, body, and soul.

  1. TheraBox

  2. Sweet Escape Box

  3. Laurel & Reed

  4. Hopebox

  5. Bath Bevy Box

  6. Feeling Fab

  7. Earthlove Box

  8. Calmbox

  9. Love Goodly Box

  10. FabFitFun

  11. Hygge Box

  12. The Mental Wealth Box

  13. Bath Blessing Box

  14. Starling Box

  15. Merkaela

Indulge in the self-care practice because you deserve it.

1. TheraBox

Why we love TheraBox

TheraBox is one of the best self-care subscription boxes curated by therapists to boost happiness. The box was founded with a mission to inspire happier lives through practical joy-boosting activities and thoughtful self-care products. The products are selected based on the finest ingredients and include organic, natural, and holistic products. The box aims to inspire happiness with aromatherapy, organic beauty, and lifestyle products. Click here to discover and know more about the products.

What you get when you subscribe TheraBox

Each box is designed by therapists includes activities supported by neuroscience and positive psychology research. It comes with inspirational thought-provoking activities, journaling, projects, challenges, brain-training exercises, mindfulness activities, life hacking strategies, and other therapeutic methods. TheraBox delivers 6 to 8 full-sized wellness goodies for the mind, body, and soul.

Choose TheraBox Subscription

Month to Month- $34.99

3 Month Prepay- $99.99

6 Month Prepay- $191.94

12 Month Prepay- $371.88

Check out TheraBox reviews and unbox happiness!

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2. Sweet Escape Box

Why we love Sweet Escape Box

Sometimes you only need a little extra to make me-time special. Sweet Escape Box does just that and delights you with everything you need to relax and unwind. You can choose from two monthly subscriptions based on your relaxation needs: Deluxe Sweet Escape and Mini Sweet Escape. Pamper yourself with a different theme each month and bring new products and aromas. Just select the box, a genre for your novel, a subscription plan, and you are good to go.

What you get when you subscribe to Sweet Escape Box

Deluxe Sweet Escape includes 5 to 6 handmade, full-size bath products, relaxing teas, an intriguing novel, a recipe card to make a delicious cocktail, and a guide to getting the most out of your bath goodies. Mini Sweet Escape includes 2 to 3 handmade, full-size bath products, relaxing teas, an interesting novel, and a guide to using the products. There is a range of handcrafted products such as luxurious soaps, body butter, scrubs, bath teas, bath bombs, clay masks, soothing lip care, aroma bed, and much more.

Choose Sweet Escape Box Subscription

$35.99 per month for the Deluxe Sweet Escape box

$29.99 per month for the Mini Sweet Escape box

Pamper yourself and escape into the delightful aromas!

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3. Laurel & Reed

Why we love Laurel & Reed subscription box

Step into the world of clean beauty with one of the top cruelty-free subscription boxes. Laurel & Reed brings you a monthly box filled with beauty, wellness, all-natural, and non-toxic products. Delight yourself and know more about safe beauty!

What you get when you subscribe to Laurel & Reed

You get an assortment of more than 3 full-size products in every box with makeup, hair, body, and skincare products in addition to luxurious beauty, wellness, and lifestyle products with impressive packaging.

Choose Laurel & Reed subscription

One Time- $54.95

Month to Month Subscription- $49.95

3 Month Subscription- $143.85

6 Month Subscription- $275.70

Check out Laurel & Reed reviews to learn more about clean beauty store.

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4. Hopebox

Why we love Hopebox

Hopebox is an uplifting and inspirational subscription box of monthly surprises with feel-good self-care products. This good vibe box is uniquely curated with love to send out encouragement and smiles. It is a gift of hope, handcrafted by creative artisans for healing. So when you don’t know how to express your love, concern, sympathy, or gratitude, let a Hopebox say it for you. Get started and choose from the Light, Classic, and Hopechest options, each filled with carefully-selected handmade gifts. Click here to learn more from the Hopebox family.

What you get when you subscribe to Hopebox

Each Hopebox contains a selection of uplifting goodies, handmade quality products, aromatherapy, jewelry, candles, scrubs, masks, full-size premium self-care products, and an encouraging personal message.

Check out Hopebox reviews and uplift your spirits with handmade treasures

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5. Bath Bevy Box

Why we love Bath Bevy subscription box

Bath bevy subscription box provides you the supply of bath and body essentials to relax and unwind. The box is carefully curated around a theme with bath goodies and delivered either monthly or quarterly. There is a new tub-less option, which includes handmade bath and body goodness, body washes, whipped soaps, sugar scrubs, lotions, and more.

What you get when you subscribe Bath Bevy subscription box

The box is beautifully packaged with the supply of bath essentials and might include products such as bath bombs, bath melts, whipped soaps, body scrubs, lotions, candles, body butter, bath salts, body oils, face masks, lip balms, pumice stone, shampoo bars, and so much more from different brands.

Choose Bath Bevy subscription

Bath Bevy Monthly Subscription- $38.95 - $419.40

Bath Bevy quarterly Subscription- $38.95 - $75.90

Tubless Bath Bevy Box- $42.95 - $450.00

Get a box or Gift a box!

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6. Feeling Fab

Why we love Feeling Fab subscription box

Feeling Fab subscription box reminds you to find time to take care of your body and mind. The magical box comes with premium skincare, wellness, self-care products, spiritual tools, and guides. The box is created to enhance the lifestyle with the best holistic self-care products. Relax and enjoy the selection of feel-good pampering products for me-time.

What you get when you subscribe to Feeling Fab Box

Feeling Fab delivers a box full of natural beauty, skincare, body care, healing crystals, candles, and gemstone jewelry with a self-care guide or stress-reducing activity in each box.

Choose Feeling Fab Box Subscription

Feeling Fab Box Premium Plus ($41.99 - $122.97) - It is great for those who are looking for self-care, body care, skincare, and spiritual growth every month. The Box comes with 8 to 10 clean, natural, eco-friendly, stress-reducing tools and products.

Feeling Fab Premium Wellness and Self-Care Box ($29.99 - $329.90) – It delivers wellness and self-care products and tools monthly. Each month you will receive 6 to 8 clean and natural beauty, skincare, and body-care products, and spiritual growth and stress-reducing tools.

Feeling Fab Mini ($21.95 - $63.00) – Each month you will receive 4 or 5 clean and natural beauty, skincare, and body-care products and 1 or 2 spiritual growth and stress-reducing tools.

Check out Feeling Fab reviews and feel your best with wellness goodies.

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7. Earthlove Box

Why we love Earthlove subscription box

Earthlove is an award-winning subscription box for conscious eco-living. Discover eco-conscious brands that help you live more sustainably and mindfully. The box is all about the healing and well-being of the individual as well as the planet. Earthlove promotes a healthier lifestyle with wellness goodies and supports a cause voted by the Earthlove community. Click here for tips and tricks and learn about the sustainable future.

What you get when you subscribe Earthlove Box

The box is packed with 6 to 8 full-sized sustainable and eco-friendly goodies, a magazine with tips, DIY, inspiration, and stories to help you live more mindfully with the Earth. The box may include a wide range of products from categories like snacks, books, apparel, accessories, home décor, wellness products, and more.

Choose Earthlove Subscription

Seasonal - $59.95 per quarter

Annual (Prepaid) - $59.95 per quarter

Check out Earthlove reviews and live mindfully.

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8. Calmbox

Why we love Calmbox

Calmbox focuses on a monthly theme such as meditation, stress relief, or mindfulness for peaceful moments. It delivers products that inspire positivity, calmness, and helps to unwind.

What you get when you subscribe Calmbox

Each box is mindfully curated with 6 to 8 full-sized wellness products. The Calmbox subscription includes products like music, books, candles, tea, crystals, aromatic herbs, personal care items, snacks, motivational reminders, and so much more.

Choose Calmbox Subscription

Unbox the calming gift at $29.99 per month.

Check out Calmbox reviews for more valuable information and encourage self-care.

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9. Love Goodly Box

What we love about Love Goodly subscription box

Love Goodly is a bi-monthly subscription box with non-toxic and cruelty-free beauty products, eco-style or home accessories, healthy snacks, and wellness products. Discover a healthier lifestyle with socially conscious brands that are better for you and better for the planet. The best part is each purchase supports a cause. Click here to learn more about the box and products.

What you get when you subscribe Love Goodly

Each box contains 4 full-sized non-toxic and cruelty-free products ranging from skincare, makeup, accessories, and personal care.

Choose Love Goodly subscription

Essential Bi-monthly Subscription Box- $34.95

VIP Bi-monthly subscription box- $48.95

Check out Love Goodly reviews and switch to a healthier living.

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10. FabFitFun

Why we love FabFitFun subscription box

Indulge in some extra pampering with FabFitFun quarterly subscription service. The box sends the latest products in beauty, fashion, wellness, and home to your doorstep. FabFitFun delivers happiness as every season members get to choose 3 to 5 products in their box.

What you get when you subscribe FabFitFun Box

You get the box filled with 8 to 10 full-sized premium products from beauty to skincare and even clothing items.

Choose FabFitFun Subscription

Seasonal (billed quarterly) - $49.99

Annual (billed yearly) - $179.99

Treat yourself with the best products and get the box started.

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11. Hygge Box

Why we love Hygge subscription box

Embrace simple life pleasures and bring a cozy lifestyle into your home with monthly handpicked goods. The Hygge subscription box is all about warmth, comfort, simplicity, and relaxation, and preserving happiness every day.

What you get when you subscribe to Hygge Box

Each box includes handpicked products to support self-care and hygge lifestyle for relaxed and happy moments. The number of contents in the box depends on the box you choose.

Choose Hygge Box Subscription

Standard Hygge Box (4 to 5 handpicked seasonal items) - Starts at $36 / month

Deluxe Hygge Box (5 to 7 handpicked seasonal items) – Starts at $49 / month

Check out Hygge Box reviews and get your box of peaceful moments.

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12. The Mental Wealth Box

Why we love The Mental Wealth Box

Explore mental health and practice natural self-care with The Mental Wealth Box. The monthly box helps regain a healthy life and provides educational resources related to Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD. Each themed box aims to improve self-care and understanding of oneself.

What you get when you subscribe to The Mental Wealth Box

Each month you get a box with 4 to 6 products on mental health education and self-care knowledge, tools, and activities to better understand topics surrounding anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Pick the box that’s perfect for you between the Anxiety Box, Depression Box, or PTSD Box, and get educational resources such as books, journals, healthy snacks, and strengthening activities.

The Mental Wealth Box Subscription

The monthly Anxiety Box, Depression Box, and PTSD Box starts from $44.95.

Check out The Mental Wealth Box reviews and start your mental wealth journey.

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13. Bath Blessing Box

Why we love Bath Blessing Box

Bath Blessing Box brings artisan bath goods with natural and essential oils to make the bath even more relaxing and refreshing. Choose between Bath Options, Shower Options or Surprise Me and make the most of me-time with Premier Spa Subscription Box. Click here for inspirational tips to lead a healthy lifestyle.

What you get when you subscribe to Bath Blessing Box

Each box features 5 to 8 carefully curated products. You can experience luxury in bath and body delights from the varied range such as luxury bar soaps, body wash, body scrub, bath salt, bath soak, body butter, and other accessories.

Bath Blessing Box Subscription

Bath Blessing Box costs $39.99 per month.

Relaxing and uplift your mood.

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14. Starling Box

Why we love Starling Box

Starling Box is a quarterly subscription service featuring artisan and handmade items from ethical companies. Each box aims at spreading love and supporting survivors of human trafficking.

What you get when you subscribe to Starling Box

Each box delivers exclusive 7 to 8 full-sized products from leading ethical brands offering jewelry, skincare, accessories, snacks, and more designed to help you feel relaxed.

Starling Box Subscription

Starling Box costs $54.95 per quarter

Get a feel-good box with all your favorites.

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15. Merkaela

Why we love Merkaela subscription box

Merkaela Box is for a complete holistic experience with wellness and self-care rituals. Everything in the package works cohesively to engage the body, mind, and soul. The box is handcrafted with love and the products and ingredients you can trust. The purpose is to support you every step of the way with nourishing practices that inspire self-love and care. Click here to learn more about Merkaela Box and for the ultimate wellness guide.

What you get when you subscribe to Merkaela Box

Each box is created around the theme of the season and curated with handmade self-care products. The contents of the box depend on the subscription plan you choose. It can contain products like herbal body butter, body oil, handmade organic soap, and other products to support your wellness and meditation practice.

Merkaela Box Subscription

Merkaela subscription starts from $18 per quarter.

For a more tranquil life!

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