7 Amazing Subscription Box Ideas for Father’s Day Gifts

You must be gearing up to make it special for your dad for Father’s Day on June 20.

Although dads may not express or show what they want but surprising him with a unique Father’s Day gift always tops the list. We agree that finding the perfect present that he’ll use and something meaningful is a little tricky.

A gift subscription comes with the thoughtfulness that will make your dad’s day (or week, or month, or even the entire year) by delivering directly to his doorstep.

Subscription boxes are convenient with various options to choose from across a wide range of categories such as coffee, tea, wine, books, clothes, accessories, and a lot more. Think of your dad's favorites, and there will surely be a subscription gift for him.

We have rounded up the 7 best gift ideas for your dad to make him feel special.

  1. BattlBox

  2. Matcha Kari

  3. White Tale Coffee


  5. Supply Grooming


  7. BookCase.Club

Find the perfect gift and browse through our guide of the best subscription boxes for men.

Make sure to bookmark these subscription gifts.

1. BattlBox

Why we love BattlBox

Get introduced to something new and unique, all tailored to specific interests. The best part about Battlbox is you can shop for outdoor, survival, and other cool gear. Each monthly subscription box has products and tools related to camping, hiking, every day, outdoor living, and more. You can select from the four boxes and get the right gift for your dad. Whether he is a gear junkie or a professional outdoorsman, there is a BattlBox Subscription perfect for him.

What you get with BattlBox Subscription

You receive hand-selected products such as manuals, emergency supplies, outdoor gear, survival tools, camp equipment, hiking essentials, backpacks, tents, and a lot more depends on the box you select.

BattlBox Gift Subscription starts at $179.94/6 months.

Handy products for the outdoorsy adventurers

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2. Matcha Kari

Why we love Matcha Kari Subscription

Matcha Kari aims to source and provide the world’s best matcha tea and share the matcha culture. The powdered bright green tea with a rich aroma and complex flavor is made from specially cultivated tea plants.

Best part? The teas are grown in Japan by farmers who are part of a 300-year old matcha growing tradition. It is true matcha tea powder, produced under the highest standards and sourced from award-winning tea growers. Take a quick matcha quiz to find the right product.

What are Matcha tea benefits?

Matcha tea promotes cardiovascular health, reduces cholesterol and stress, helps in weight loss, detoxifies the body, boosts energy, healthy skin, and much more. From calming effects to increased cognitive performance, matcha helps improve health and overall well-being. Read matcha benefits and recipes.

What you get with Matcha Kari Subscription

You get the finest tea collection to choose from- Ceremonial Grade Matcha, Organic Sipping, Barista Grade, and Culinary Grade. You can also choose from a diverse range of Japanese Farm-direct loose-leaf teas.

Choose Matcha Kari Subscription

Matcha Tea Powder (Chef’s Choice) starts at $17.85/month

Matcha loose leaf tea starts at $20.40/month

Organic Superior Matcha- $33.15/month

Matcha for a daily cup of tea

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3. White Tale Coffee

Why we love White Tale Coffee Subscription

White Tale Coffee is the finest choice to try specialty coffee directly from the best sources from around the world. You can create a personalized coffee subscription based on your unique preferences by selecting the coffee flavor, brewing equipment, coffee bean preference, and caffeine needs. Try exotic new coffee every week and get a glance at the coffee guide.

What you get with White Tale Coffee Subscription

There is a wide variety of collections such as La Uva coffee, Ometepe cold brew coffee, Asante coffee, Chiuta coffee, Cumbre coffee, and many more. You get a delicious coffee from hand-picked beans for the perfect cup.

Choose White Tale Coffee Subscription

The White Tale Coffee Subscription depends on the product you select. The cost starts at $16.72 and is delivered on the set schedule (every week, every two weeks, or every four weeks).

Check out the White Tale Coffee product range with the price.

Quality coffee from the best places

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Why we love SPREZZABOX

SprezzaBox understands style and knows how to keep up with the trend. A monthly subscription box delights you with lifestyle, accessories, and grooming products. They provide you a collection of products from quality brands and new companies (this way you discover new brands as well).

What you get with SPREZZABOX Subscription

Each month you receive 4 to 6 products put together by the team.

Choose your Subscription

Monthly- $28/Month

3 Month Plan- $24/Month

6 Month Plan- $23/Month

12 Month Plan- $20/Month

Check out SPREZZABOX reviews and know more about the box.

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5. Supply Grooming

Why we love Supply Grooming

Supply Grooming is a premium grooming gear to upgrade the shaving experience. Get started for a perfect morning ritual with a line of products that works better and lasts longer. It is known for The Single Edge razor with three shave settings that leaves no bumps and cuts on the skin. You can choose the color of the razor from the five available options; add shave accessories, and a stand for the razor.

What you get with Supply Grooming

The Single Edge premium razor, shaving accessories set, shaving cream, healing post-shave, shaving brush, razor stand, skin essentials, and blade accessories.

The cost of Supply Grooming products

Disposable Razors for $9 Razor + $9 Blades Monthly

The Single Edge Razor for $75 Razor + $6 Blades Every 3 Months

Check out Supply Grooming reviews and invest for the most perfect shave.

Look good and feel good.

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Why we love VINEBOX Subscription

VINEBOX is the best option for curious wine drinkers who like to explore fine wines from all over the world. You can find out new regions, different wine styles, and wines you liked the most.

With a VINEBOX subscription, you can taste the wine before getting a full-sized bottle. Get started for new tastes every season.

What you get with VINEBOX Subscription

VINEBOX delivers exclusive hand-picked wines to stock up on new favorites. You get 9 vials of the season’s best wines, by the glass, every quarter. The members also receive full-sized bottle credits.

Join the VINEBOX Subscription for $79 per quarter

Check out VINEBOX reviews and get a new collection every quarter.

Shop the best to keep your palate fresh

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7. BookCase.Club

Why we love BookCase.Club Subscription

BookCase.Club is a one-stop book subscription for book lovers that surprise the reader with hand-picked books every month. Pick your theme, the plan that fits your needs, and discover new books. Click here and get set for a reading adventure.

What you get with BookCase.Club Subscription Box

You receive a box with two books from the wide range of a list, such as Teenage Dream (contemporary), Booking for Love (romance), Surprise Me Fiction (historical, new age, literary), Strange Worlds (Science fiction, fantasy), and Thrill-Seeker (mystery, thriller).

Choose BookCase.Club Subscription

BookCase.Club plan starts from $9.99/month.

Sit back and enjoy the amazing selections

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