Books Subscription Boxes That Should be on Your Reading List

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If a book makes you happier and you can chat about a mystery you were engrossed in or epic fantasy, then this one is for you. You can be an avid reader or trying to read more and develop the habit. Monthly Books Subscription Boxes are what you need. It helps discover new releases and hidden treasures for every genre and author. Moreover, some of the book clubs also send personalized selections according to your preferences. Now it’s easier to find your next favorite read!

“Reading is the gateway skill that makes all other learning possible”

Treat yourself or a book lover in your life with the most motivational and enthralling books. Relax on your comfy couch and enjoy your delightful reading session.

Since there are a plethora of options to choose from, we have rounded up some of the best subscription boxes for books based on genres like fiction, non-fiction, classic literature, romance, thriller, mystery, horror, modern classic, sci-fi, and a lot more.

  1. Book of the Month

  2. Coffee & a Classic

  3. Bookroo

  4. Once Upon a Book Club

  5. OwlCrate

  6. The Bookworm Box

  7. The Book Drop

  8. BookCase.Club

  9. Boxwalla Book Box

  10. Literati Book Club

Grab a good read

1. Book of the Month

Why we love Book of the Month Subscription Box

Thinking of creating a home library? Book of the Month is the perfect place to start. The monthly book subscription box offers five great book selections for each month based on early releases and debut authors. You can then choose one (or more) from their best new read list and get them delivered. Click here for more book recommendations.

What you get with Book of the Month Subscription

You get a wide collection of books thoughtfully chosen by the team. Book of the Month includes new releases, fiction, non-fiction, thriller, mystery, historical fiction, horror, literary fiction, modern classics, sci-fi, and a lot more.

Fun Fact

Following your 12th box, you will receive a styling tote with a special pocket for your book.

Book of the Month Subscription

Use code FEBREADS and get your first book for $9.99 and after that, it is $14.99/month.

Read, Review, and Repeat

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2. Coffee and a Classic

Why we love Coffee and a Classic Subscription Box

Enjoy some me-time or relax on your cozy couch with an engaging book and a beverage. Each month Coffee and a Classic subscription box deliver a classic book, beverage option, and other bookish items. Start by choosing from two levels of subscription and personalize with your preferred genres such as Classic Literature, Children’s Classics, and Classic Non-Fiction.

What you get with Coffee and a Classic Subscription

With STARTER Classic Subscription, you get a classic book, a beverage (coffee, tea, or hot chocolate), two bookish items, and a bookmark.

With STANDARD Classic Subscription, you get a classic book, a beverage (coffee, tea, or hot chocolate), a snack, a mug, two bookish items, and a bookmark.

Choose Coffee and a Classic Subscription

STARTER Classic Subscription- $41.99/month

STANDARD Classic Subscription- $51.99/month

Check out Coffee and a Classic review and get timeless books delivered to your doorstep.

Ready for a sweet surprise each month!

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3. Bookroo

Why we love Bookroo Children Book Subscription

Bookroo is one of the largest platforms dedicated entirely to children’s books and is an award-winning books subscription service for kids of different age groups. Kids will fall in love with reading with the excitement of opening a monthly box to discover new treasured books. Pick a book club from three options given for ages 0-10 and receive monthly book deliveries. Click here for a book recommendation and learn new concepts.

What you get with Bookroo Children Book Subscription

Board books come with 3 books, picture books come with 2 hardcover books, and chapter books come with 2 chapter books.

Age group

Board Book Club for kids ages 0-2

Picture Book Club for kids ages 3-6

Chapter Book Club for kids ages 7-10

Choose Bookroo Subscription

Monthly subscription for Board Books and Picture Books starts from $19.95 and $24.95 for Chapter Books.

Check out Bookroo reviews for more information.

Happy Reading!

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Also, you can go through our complete list of best monthly subscription boxes for kids.

4. Once Upon a Book Club

Why we love Once Upon a Book Club

Once upon a Book Club helps create the ultimate reading experience for adults and young adults. It has a unique approach to a monthly subscription that sends a new book paired with a perfect gift to coordinate with the story. It makes reading a book all the more interesting.

What you get with Once Upon a Book Club

The monthly Once upon a Book Club delivers a fiction book (Contemporary, General, or Historical fiction), 3 to 5 wrapped gifts, and a quote print from the book. All these gifts denote page numbers from the book, which is recommended to be open when you reach that given page.

Choose Once Upon a Book Club Subscription

The monthly subscription for Book Club Box (Adult Edition) and Book Club Box (Young Adult Edition) starts from $34.99.

Add an element to your reading

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5. OwlCrate

Why we love Owl Crate Subscription

Indulge in the joy of reading with the OwlCrate Subscription for people who love Young Adult Literature. Every monthly box comes with a creative theme that is sure to keep you up all night. Pick your 1, 3, or 6-month plan and get all set for a whole literary experience.

What you get with OwlCrate Subscription

Your monthly OwlCrate subscription comes with a new Young Adult hardcover novel signed by the author complemented with 3 to 5 bookish items such as bookmarks, collectible pins, and a monthly magazine.

Choose OwlCrate Subscription Box

Monthly- $29.99

3 Month Prepay- $86.98

6 Month Prepay- 167.94

Check out OwlCrate reviews and get your book with fun items.

Enjoy Your Read

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6. The Bookworm Box

Why we love The Bookworm Box Subscription

The Bookworm Box is a great option for people who prefer to read eBooks. You can choose from the romance collection and young adult collection. They also provide an option for actual books at extra cost.

What you get with The Bookworm Box Subscription

The Bookworm Box sends access to eBooks, a digital author letter, an autographed book, a few bookish items, and goodies that depend on the subscription you choose.

Important Note

The Bookworm Box donates a portion of the profits from each box to charity. That means you not only discover great books but create good deeds as well. Isn’t that amazing!

Choose The Bookworm Box Subscription

The Digital Box starts at $9.99 /month

The Swag-Tastic Box starts at $39.99/month

Check out The Bookworm Box reviews and get started.

Get introduced to a new author each month

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7. The Book Drop

Why we love The Book Drop Subscription Box

With a mission to spread the love of reading through amazing books and diverse authors, The Book Drop brings a subscription by an independent bookstore, Bethany Beach Books. Just select the genre, choose the subscription length, and enjoy some great hidden gem books every month. It is perfect for a gift as well and sent with a hand-written note. How amazing!

What you get with The Book Drop Subscription

Each month you will receive a hand-wrapped book (tailored for your preference) in eco-friendly packaging. You can choose from the many different subscription options available for adults, young adults, and middle grade.

Choose The Book Drop Subscription

The book plan starts from $8/month, the Jigsaw Puzzle of the month (500 pieces) starts from $24, and the Jigsaw Puzzle of the month (1000 pieces) starts from $26.

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8. BookCase.Club

Why we love BookCase.Club Subscription Box

BookCase.Club is a one-stop book subscription for book lovers that surprise the reader with hand-picked books every month. Pick your theme, the plan that fits your needs, and discover new books. Click here and get set for a reading adventure.

What you get with BookCase.Club Subscription Box

You receive a box with two books from the wide-range of a list, such as Teenage Dream (contemporary), Booking for Love (romance), Surprise Me Fiction (historical, new age, literary), Strange Worlds (Science fiction, fantasy), and Thrill-Seeker (mystery, thriller).

Choose BookCase.Club Subscription

BookCase.Club plan starts from $9.99/month.

Sit back and enjoy the amazing selections

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9. Boxwalla Book Box

Why we love Boxwalla Book Box

The Boxwalla crafts subscription boxes in three different categories- beauty, books, and films. The motive is to gather all the best from the past and the present and deliver to your doorstep. It is an exploration of the world through things and stories. Through this, you discover so many incredible writers every other month. Click here for a complete guide related to these categories.

What you get with Boxwalla Book Box

With the Boxwalla Book Box, you get two books by authors from all over the world that are a must-read. The box may also include a bookish gift, a pocket notebook, or themed postcards.

Boxwalla Book Box Subscription

Starting at $29.95/month

Experience uniquely curated boxes

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10. Literati Book Club

Why we love Literati Book Club Subscription

Literati book club is an Austin-based book subscription service for young readers. A thought leader chooses a book each month that gets delivered to your doorstep. The books are picked by a luminary like Malala Yousafzai, Stephen Curry, Susan Orlean, Richard Branson, and Joseph Campbell. It offers a monthly book club for adults and subscription boxes for kids as well. Click to explore new ideas.

What you get with Literati Book Club Subscription

It includes a special edition hardcover book curated by the Club’s Luminary with a signed note, bookmark, and exclusive access to thoughtful conversations in the Literati App.

Join the Literati Book Club for $20/month.

Inspiring books by great minds

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