The Best Monthly Makeup Subscription Boxes to Try Out Today

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For those who want to upgrade their vanity kit and makeup maven who always wants to have an awesome assortment, a makeup subscription box is a great way to discover the latest and test out the best makeup products on the market. Subscription Boxes allows you to buy products from the realm of makeup, beauty, skincare, and more from a range of brands.

Not sure where to begin? We have pulled together a list of makeup subscription boxes that you must try out in 2021. Packed with premium, new-to-the-scene products, and cruelty-free picks, you will find a perfect box from these recommendations to suit your requirements.

Some of these makeup boxes are available at affordable rates and provide quality and quantity at the same time. Get started with some of the top choices for makeup subscription boxes and find out an impressive selection of products with options for clean and vegan beauty.

  1. Vegancuts Makeup Box

  2. Beauteque

  3. So Susan Color Curate

  4. Medusa Makeup

  5. Tribe Beauty Box

  6. Cocotique

  7. Kinder Beauty

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1. Vegancuts Makeup Box

What we love about Vegancuts Makeup Subscription Box

Vegancuts Makeup Box is one of the popular cruelty-free makeup subscription boxes that feature conscious brands in every box. It is a seasonally themed quarterly box for every makeup lover looking to stuff their vanity bag with clean and vegan products. Glam up and do it the cruelty-free way. Click to get valuable information for a vegan lifestyle.

What you get with Vegancuts Makeup Subscription

Vegancuts Makeup Box is expertly curated to ensure that the products are vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic. You get a quarterly box with at least four full-size makeup products with color customization for featured products.

Vegancuts Makeup Box Subscription- $39.95/quarterly

Check out Vegancuts makeup box reviews and explore top vegan makeup brands.

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2. Beauteque

Why we love Beauteque Subscription Box

Transform your beauty routine with the latest in trend Korean Beauty products. Discover unique and innovative products based on monthly themes, ranging from K-Beauty ingredients to never-before-seen items. Pick a subscription plan that works best for you and select from the two amazing boxes- Beauty Box and Mask Maven.

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What you get with Beauteque Subscription

A perfect box for K-Beauty lovers delivers six full-sized products with an assortment of skincare, makeup, body care, hair care, beauty tools, and more. With Mask Maven Box, you receive nine hand-picked masks such as sheet masks, was-off masks, sleeping packs, eye & lip patches, and more.

Choose Beauteque Subscription Box

Month-to-Month- $24

3 Months Prepay- $72

6 Months Prepay- $138

12 Months Prepay- $264

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3. So Susan Color Curate

Why we love Color Curate Subscription Box

So Susan’s Color Curate monthly beauty box is all about breakthrough formulations. All the products in your beauty bag combine highly concentrated color pigments with the potency of healing plant extracts and natural oils. Choose your Color Curate plan and enjoy your beauty goodies.

What you get with Color Curate Subscription

You receive 4 full-size innovative beauty products that are 100% cruelty-free, vegan, and paraben-free. These skincare and makeup products are carefully packed in a luxurious limited-edition makeup bag with inspiring quotes inside.

Choose Color Curate Subscription

Monthly- $20.95/month

3-Months- $56.85 prepaid (equivalent to $18.95/month)

6-Months- $107.70 prepaid (equivalent to $17.95/month)

Check out Color Curate reviews and color without compromise

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4. Medusa Makeup

Why we love Medusa Makeup Subscription Box

Medusa’s Makeup is another great collection for vegan beauty fans. The products are thoughtfully crafted and artfully designed with a mission to make the world a better, more beautiful place. Each month’s box is unique based on a limited edition theme. You can choose from the monthly skincare box or beauty box.

What you get with Medusa Makeup Subscription

All of the skincare and makeup products are vegan and cruelty-free. You get 4 full-sized products with the highest quality ingredients and the richest pigmentation. Usually, a monthly box includes one beauty product and three makeup products. The makeup box offers vegan lipsticks, cruelty-free blushes, bronzers, eye shadows, and much more.

Choose Medusa Makeup Subscription

The subscription plan starts at $16.95/month

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5. Tribe Beauty Box

Why we love Tribe Beauty Box

Treat yourself to the best of Indie Beauty brands with the feel-good Tribe Beauty Box. The products are thoughtfully curated from female-owned brands focusing on high-quality.

What you get with Tribe Beauty Box

The Tribe Beauty Box delivers 5 or more full-size new and amazing makeup products ranging from skin prepping products, eye products, beauty tools, and more.

Tribe Beauty Box Bi-Monthly Subscription- $34.99/box

Check out Tribe Beauty Box reviews and get high-quality beauty supplies

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6. Cocotique

What we love Cocotique Subscription Box

Discover just the right beauty and lifestyle products by Cocotique. The monthly box features a variety of products that are specifically curated for women of color. It is all about reminding you to Love Yourself, recognize the importance of self-care, and enjoy the Me Time. Select the subscription level and discover your beauty box tailored to your preferences. Explore the complete guide on Cocotique beauty.

What you get with Cocotique Subscription Box

Each Cocotique box consists of 5 to 8 (full-size and travel size) expertly curated beauty, self-care, lifestyle, makeup, hair care, and skincare products delivered to your doorstep.

Choose Cocotique Subscription Box

Monthly- $25

3 Month Plan- $70

6 Month Plan- $138

12 Month Plan- $270

Check out Cocotique reviews to know more about the products.

Curated with love

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7. Kinder Beauty

Why we love Kinder Beauty Subscription Box

Look and feel your best with the collection of products brought to you by Kinder Beauty Box. What’s the best part? Every package is curated with vegan and cruelty-free beauty products. Even the box is made from recycled materials and is biodegradable. Plus the soy-based ink is used to print the logo and designs on the box. Click for the guide to the vegan lifestyle and self-care.

What you get with Kinder Beauty Subscription

You get clean, vegan & cruelty-free skincare, makeup, haircare, and accessories, including at least 2 full-sized products. Gain access to exclusive special collections, limited edition offers, and flash sales.

Choose Kinder Beauty Subscription

Monthly- $25/month

3-Month (Prepay) - $24/month

6-Month (Prepay) - $23 / month

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