The List of Best Subscription Boxes for Men

Updated: Feb 16

Subscription Boxes have come a long way over the past few years and now extends to an incredibly varied range of categories. The popularity of the Subscription Box is convenience, variety, and customers get access to almost any product or service according to their interests.

Who would not love a box full of our favorite personalized products delivered straight to our place every month? It is an easy way to shop clothing, accessories, lifestyle products, grooming products, and more from monthly subscription boxes. It will keep you stocked up on everyday essentials, so sit back and subscribe to get your bundle of joy. To simplify your daily grooming routine, we have got you some of the best Grooming and Fashion Subscription Boxes for Men.

  1. Birchbox Grooming

  2. Bespoke Post

  3. BREO Box

  4. Menlo Club

  5. Gentleman's Box

  6. Stitch Fix Men

  7. GQ Best Stuff Box

  8. Dollar Shave Club

  9. Style Plan by Frank & Oak

  10. SprezzaBox

  11. Supply Grooming

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1. Birchbox Grooming for Men

Why we love Birchbox Subscription Box for men

Birchbox Grooming is a monthly subscription box filled with look-good and feel-good self-care products. You can revamp your daily routine with personalized items from a variety of categories, all picked by the team to match your style and needs.Click here and browse through the Birchbox Guide to learn more.

What you’ll get when you subscribe to Birchbox Subscription Box

A personalized monthly package with the most relevant five grooming samples to match your profile. Plus a reward with $5 credit to use the store after you review the first five samples.

Pricing for Birchbox:

$10 monthly

$110 per year

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2. Bespoke Post

Why we love Bespoke Subscription Box

The best thing about Bespoke Post is you can shop for amazing and cool products in one place. Each subscription box is built around a specific theme with the motive to introduce something new every time. Click here to learn more about styling wardrobe and lifestyle.

What you’ll get when you subscribe to Bespoke Subscription Box

You get a monthly box tailored to your interests from the wide product range like clothing, grooming supplies, home decor, barware, and more. Plus they send an e-mail mentioning all the products of the monthly shipment.


Get your batch of the new box at $45.

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3. BREO Box

Why we love BREO Subscription Box

You can discover the most unique latest tech gadgets, home goods, and lifestyle products with a seasonal BREO BOX subscription. Choose a plan and get a box full of goodness delivered seasonally right at your door. Click here for more information and interesting facts.

What you’ll get when you subscribe to BREO Subscription Box

A quarterly box comes with 5 to 8 useful products suited best for the season.

Choose your BREO Box Subscription

$159 / Quarter

$144.75 / Quarter for Annual Subscription

Check out BREO BOX reviews to learn more and get started with your choice of the plan!

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4. Menlo Club

Why we love Menlo Club

Menlo Club is a men’s clothing subscription box with a collection of versatile products designed and delivered at your doorstep every month or season. Simply fill a style quiz along with your fit-size and preferences to help them choose the right clothes for you. You can even exchange for different sizes but there are no returns for a refund. Along with the curated monthly box, Menlo Club members will get up to 25% off items in the Menlo House e-commerce store, as well as free shipping on all orders.

What you’ll get when you subscribe to Menlo Club

A monthly box will include 2 to 3 products from their in-house brands.

Pricing for Menlo Club

Join the Club for $60/month or $75/season

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5. Gentleman’s Box

Why we love Gentleman's Box

Gentleman’s Box is a one-stop-shop for a simplified shopping experience with must-have accessories and lifestyle products. You get to experience only high-quality products whether you are a Classic Member or part of the Premium Community. Upgrade your wardrobe and gain access to exclusive offers, special edition boxes, products, and new releases.

Click here to learn more about The Gentleman’s Guide.

What you’ll get when you subscribe to Gentleman's Box

A monthly personalized Classic Box with 4 to 5 products and Premium Box with 4 to 6 products.

Pricing for Gentleman's Box

$35 monthly

$29/month when subscribed for 12 months.

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6. Stitch Fix Men

Why we love Stitch Fix Men

Stitch Fix subscription box is a great option if you prefer both comfort and style. Get looks fit for your lifestyle and share your style, sizing, price range, and other preferences through a style quiz. It will create your profile and help them understand your needs better. Based on all the information, get your styling done by experts. Click here to know more and curate your unique style.

What you’ll get when you subscribe to Stitch Fix Men

5 products based on your preferences hand-picked by a stylist. You can keep and purchase what you like and return the rest for free. Get 25% off your entire order when you keep all products, plus referral credit when you recommend it to friends.

Subscription for Stitch Fix Men

Pay just a $20 styling fee, which will credit towards anything you buy.

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7. GQ Best Stuff Box

Why we love GQ Best Stuff Box

The quarterly box is filled with a collection of apparel, grooming products, accessories, and more. Every quarter you get a haul of GQ’s best stuff tested and recommended by editors delivered straight at your place. Subscribers receive exclusive offers from the featured brands along with how-to articles and video tutorials to learn about new arrivals.

Click here to know more about the best stuff.

What you’ll get when you subscribe to GQ Best Stuff Box

Each box is valued at over $200 with grooming and lifestyle products, plus free shipping.

Subscription for GQ Best Stuff Box

$50 per quarter

$190 per year

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8. Dollar Shave Club

Why we love Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club is one of the top grooming subscription services. They curate the perfect personalized box with a variety of products including skincare, haircare, oral care, and other grooming supplies. You get all high-quality products at affordable prices conveniently delivered at your door.

What you’ll get when you subscribe to Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club starter pack includes two cartridges, a handle, and shave- butter. After two weeks, you automatically get a package with razor cartridges and shave butter. You can customize the shipment and include other necessary products as well.Click here to explore more about the products and grooming tips.

Pricing for Dollar Shave Cub

Get a starter set at $5.

Check out Dollar Shave Club reviews for more information and Join the Club.

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9. Style Plan by Frank and Oak for Men

Why we love Style Plan by Frank and Oak for Men

Thinking of styling your wardrobe? Style Plan by Frank and Oak is your go-to place. A monthly subscription box is customized based on your preferences and selected by the expert stylists from Frank and Oak current season trend.Click here for stories and advice from Frank and Oak.

What you’ll get with Style Plan by Frank and Oak for Men

You receive up to 4 quality products each month to discover new styles. Also, you can take 10 days to decide what you keep and send back the rest.


Each order shipped has a $25 styling fee, which will credit for the products you buy.

Check out Style Plan by Frank and Oak reviews for more valuable information.

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Why we love it SprezzaBox

SprezzaBox understands style and knows how to keep up with the trend. A monthly subscription box delights you with lifestyle, accessories, and grooming products. They provide you a collection of products from quality brands and new companies (this way you discover new brands as well). They also have customized wedding packages and accessories starting at $40 for your big day.

What you’ll get with SprezzaBox

Each month you receive 4 to 6 products put together by the team.


$28 monthly

$24/month when subscribed for 3 months

$23/month when subscribed for 6 months

$20/month when subscribed Yearly

Check out SprezzaBox reviews for more valuable information

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11. Supply Grooming

Why we love Supply Grooming

Supply Grooming is a premium grooming gear to upgrade your shaving experience. Get started for a perfect morning ritual with a line of products that works better and lasts longer. It is known for The Single Edge razor with three shave settings that leaves no bumps and cuts on the skin. You can choose the color of the razor from the five available options; add shave accessories, and a stand for the razor.

What you get with Supply Grooming

The Single Edge premium razor, shaving accessories set, shaving cream, healing post-shave, shaving brush, razor stand, skin essentials, and blade accessories.

The cost of Supply Grooming products

Disposable Razors for $9 Razor + $9 Blades Monthly

The Single Edge Razor for $75 Razor + $6 Blades Every 3 Months

Check out Supply Grooming reviews and invest for the most perfect shave.

Look good and feel good.

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