14 Best Beauty Subscription Boxes for Women in 2021

Updated: Mar 11

Imagine getting a box full of personalized products each month at your doorstep?

That’s what subscription boxes do. It is a sampling of your favorite products with a few expert recommendations (this way you can discover new products).

Filled with new and exciting discoveries, a beauty subscription box is the best approach to keep up with all the latest beauty trends. You get a range of best beauty products from high-end to new brands, premium samples to full-size products that too for all preferences and budgets. While you can treat yourself with a beauty subscription box, it also makes for an ideal gift solution.

Just like women, men would also love to indulge in the luxuries of carefully curated boxes. It becomes a perfect gift option, whether you are shopping for your dad, brother, friend, or husband. Explore our listing of the best monthly subscription boxes for men.

Scroll down to explore the choices for the top beauty product for 2021. Get your hands on the box that suits best for you because there is something for everyone.

  1. GlossyBox

  2. Birchbox

  3. Ipsy

  4. Allure Beauty Box

  5. Petit Vour

  6. The Box by FashionSTA

  7. BoxyCharm

  8. Kinder Beauty

  9. NewBeauty TestTube

  10. Laurel & Reed

  11. Vegamour

  12. Nae Nae's

  13. Clearista

  14. Afrocenchix

So go forth and subscribe!

1. GlossyBox

Why we love GlossyBox Subscription Box

Receive all things beauty by Glossy Box with a combination of premium as well as drugstore products. Each month you get makeup products, skincare products, and other must-haves for your vanity, which are hand-wrapped and delivered. Find the perfect plan, starting from just $17.50 per month. Hurry up for the beauty unboxing and Click here to know more.

What you’ll get when you subscribe to GlossyBox Subscription Box

5 amazing beauty products chosen by experts, plus exclusive beauty offers to your inbox

Pricing for GlossyBox:

$21 monthly

$18/month when subscribed Yearly.

Check out GlossyBox reviews for more information.

Subscribe GlossyBox Now!

2. Birchbox

Why we love Birchbox Subscription Box

Discover the right products for your daily beauty routine with the best of skincare, haircare, and more. Once you subscribe, you can set your preferences in the Beauty Profile and get a personalized beauty box each month. Birchbox subscribers have the option to pick from various expertly curated sample boxes or choose a sample choice box, which entails hand-picking one of your samples and letting the rest be selected by Birchbox. Browse Birchbox Magazine to learn more.

What you’ll get when you subscribe to Birchbox Subscription Box

5 or 6 deluxe samples per box, plus, tips and tricks on how to use them!

Pricing for Birchbox:

$15 monthly

$14/month when subscribed for 6 months.

$13/month when subscribed Yearly.

Check out Birchbox reviews for more information.

Subscribe Birchbox Now!

3. Ipsy

Why we love Ipsy Subscription Box

A monthly subscription box includes the Glam Bag with an assortment of five high-end and drugstore beauty products with a beauty tool. Take a two-minute fun quiz to get a set of personalized beauty products because IPSY’s got something for everyone. Based on your preferences, you will receive a blend of makeup, haircare, skincare, and nail products, delivered at your doorstep. Get started and learn more about beauty and wellness.

What you’ll get when you subscribe to Ipsy Subscription Box

5 full-size beauty products, plus a makeup bag.

Fun Fact: Ipsy has a cool way of personalizing your beauty experience. Take their beauty quiz and dive in.

Choose your Ipsy Subscription Offering

$12 / Monthly Box

Check out Ipsy reviews for more information.

Subscribe Now for your very own Glam Bag.

4. Allure Beauty Box

Why we love Allure Beauty Box

Allure’s monthly subscription box offers six or more makeup and beauty products from the brands you love. All the beauty picks are approved and curated by the Allure editor team. The beauty box includes a mini-magazine as well as an occasional bonus product. It is a great purchase especially for those who wish to purchase samples before buying them full-size. Click here to check the beauty guide and learn more about Allure.

What you’ll get when you subscribe to Allure Beauty Box

6 or more editor-tested beauty products

Pricing for Allure Beauty Box:

$23 monthly

$65/month when subscribed for 3 months.

$250/month when subscribed Yearly.

Check out Allure beauty reviews for more information.

5. Petit Vour

Why we love Petit Vour Subscription Box

A unique and luxuriously curated monthly subscription box by Petit Vour is non-toxic, plant-based, cruelty-free, and great for all vegan beauty fans. You can create your beauty profile specific to your makeup, skincare, and haircare preferences and accordingly receive a box mix of sample and full-size products. Grab your vegan beauty box and Click here for your ultimate inside-out beauty guide.

What you’ll get when you subscribe to Petit Vour Subscription Box

A monthly box of plant-based 4 to 5 products (over $50 product value in every box), plus review your beauty box and get up to 400 PV points ($4) each month.

Pricing for Petit Vour box:

$23 monthly

$65/month when subscribed for 3 months.

$250/month when subscribed Yearly

Subscribe Petit Vour Now!

6. The Box by FashionSTA

Why we love FashionSTA

Who would not want to get something new every month? Enjoy a varied collection of beauty and glam products with The Box by Fashionsta. With each purchase, you help 1736 Family Crisis Center (a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles), by assisting them in need of monthly self-care goodies.

What you’ll get when you subscribe to FashionSTA

A box with 5 to 7 full-size beauty products.

Subscription Pricing for FashionSTA

$24.99 monthly

$74.97 when subscribed for 3 months

$139.99 when subscribed for 6 months

$269.99 when subscribed Yearly

Subscribe FashionSTA Now!

7. BoxyCharm

Why we love Boxycharm Subscription box

BOXYCHARM is one of the most popular beauty subscription boxes packed with a variety of products from high-end to emerging labels. It embraces its subscribers with makeup, skincare, beauty tools, and other exciting beauty picks. With the subscription, you get access to the Charmer community and learn innovative ways to use products by watching tutorials and looks shared on social media.Click here and stay up to date with all the recent information related to makeup, skincare, and lifestyle.

What you’ll get when you subscribe to BoxyCharm

In each box, you will receive 5 full-size beauty products. You can take a fun quiz to help customize your beauty box. Select your hair color, eye color, skin tone, product preferences, favorite brands, and more. Also, Earn Charm points for referring family and friends to BoxyCharm and for reviewing products received and redeem for free beauty items!

Pricing for BoxyCharm

$25 monthly

$23.33 when subscribed for 3 months

$23 when subscribed for 6 months

$22.92 when subscribed Yearly

Subscribe BoxyCharm Now!

8. Kinder Beauty

Why we love Kinder Beauty

Look and feel your best with the collection of products brought to you by Kinder Beauty Box. What’s the best part? Every package is curated with vegan and cruelty-free beauty products. Even the box is made from recycled materials and is biodegradable. Plus the soy-based ink is used to print the logo and designs on the box.Click here for the guide to vegan lifestyle and self-care

What you’ll get when you subscribe to Kinder Beauty

Clean, vegan & cruelty-free skincare, makeup, haircare, and accessories, including at least 2 full-sized products. Gain access to exclusive special collections, limited edition offers, and flash sales.

Pricing for Kinder Beauty Box

$25 monthly

$24 when subscribed for 3 months

$23 when subscribed for 6 months

Know why people are crazy about Kinder Beauty, check out Kinder Beauty reviews.

Subscribe to Kinder Beauty Now!

9. NewBeauty TestTube

Why we love NewBeauty TestTube Subscription box

TestTube powered by NewBeauty is one of the subscription boxes known for trying new brands and ingredients. It is the luxury sampling experience for access to the most creative must-have beauty solution. You receive high-quality brands from a range of categories, each approved by the editors of NewBeauty. Click here and explore the beauty!

What you’ll get with NewBeauty TestTube

Every other month, members sample 8 or more full-size and travel-friendly beauty products, plus a booklet for reference for each item received in a month. It is full of information, interesting facts, and notes from the editor’s desk.


$29.99 monthly

$149.75 when subscribed for 12 months

Subscribe to NewBeauty TestTube Now!

10. Laurel & Reed

Why we love it Laurel & Reed Subscription Box

Step into the world of clean beauty with one of the top cruelty-free subscription boxes. Laurel & Reed brings you a monthly box filled with goodness, all-natural, and non-toxic products. Delight yourself andknow more about safe beauty!

What you’ll get with Laurel & Reed Subscription

Luxurious beauty, wellness, and lifestyle full-size products with impressive packaging.

Pricing for Laurel & Reed

$49.99 monthly

$143.85 when subscribed for 3 months

$275.70 when subscribed for 6 months

$527.40 when subscribed Yearly

Check out Laurel & Reed reviews to know more about the clean beauty store.

Subscribe to Laurel & Reed Now!

11. Vegamour

Why we love Vegamour Subscription

Vegamour is one of the most popular brands that offer plant-based, vegan, and organic hair care products for hair, brows, and lashes. It stands out for its committed and sustainable approach to beauty and wellness. The products are developed from naturally derived ingredients and are scientifically proven. Read on to discover all the beauty hair tips.

What you get with Vegamour Subscription

  • You can shop products for hair growth like GRO revitalizing shampoo and conditioner (designed to boost hair growth and deliver the glossiest shine).

  • You also get serums and other products, which are 100% vegan, paraben-free, and cruelty-free to improve short, sparse, thin lashes, and over-plucked brows.

  • GRO biotin gummies (100% vegan, gluten-free, gelatin-free, and no artificial flavors) for hair that features a unique combination of vitamins and minerals to strengthen strands and nourish the scalp.

Choose Vegamour Subscription

The price depends on the products you choose from an extensive range.

Shop natural for hair growth

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12. Nae Nae’s Hair Boost

Why we love Nae Nae’s Hair Boost Subscription

Nae Nae’s handmade hair boost is an all-natural formula that hydrates the hair and skin. The hair & body butter conditioner is crafted with 19 high-quality organic natural ingredients. It is perfect for people with dry hair, dandruff, hair loss, and you can even apply it if you have colored hair.

What you get with Nae Nae’s Hair Boost Subscription

You get the beauty of Nae Nae’s handmade hair and body butter designed to strengthen, lengthen, and moisturize the hair as well as the scalp.

Nae Nae’s Hair Boost Subscription

Nae Nae’s Handmade Hair Boost- $31.96/month

Check out Nae Nae’s reviews and see for yourself that why people love the product.

Every jar is handmade with love and care

Subscribe to Nae Nae’s Hair Boost Now

13. Clearista

Why we love Clearista Subscription

Say goodbye to rough, dry, dull, wrinkling, dark spots, and skin bumps with Clearista ski-resurfacing solutions. It hydrates, smooths, and softens the skin, plus targets the skin surface through a combination of ingredients. The Clearista gel locks in the moisture and restores the natural glow without leaving the skin greasy.

What you get with Clearista Subscription

You get Clearista Retexturizing Gel, which helps reduce the appearance of rough, bumpy skin, surface blemishes, and sun-related wrinkling of sensitive areas around the eyes and mouth. The product is cruelty-free, paraben-free, and hypoallergenic without synthetic dyes and fragrances.

Clearista Subscription

Clearista Retexturizing Gel- $234.99 for 12-month subscription

Enjoy glowing skin

Subscribe to Clearista Now

14. Afrocenchix

Why we love Afrocenchix Subscription

Afrocenchix is an award-winning Afro hair product formulated for a healthy hair care routine. The products are a blend of natural and organic ingredients without synthetic chemicals. Explore valuable tips on Afro hair care to make hair care as simple as possible.

What you get with Afrocenchix Subscription

You get high-quality certified vegan products that are sulphate-free and paraben-free with no artificial fragrance.

Fun Fact

Take a quick quiz to discover what your hair needs. Then get tailored recommendations and suggestions from the experts.

Choose Afrocenchix Subscription

Soothe-Natural Scalp Oil- £15.19/month

Seal- Natural Hair Oil- £15.19/month

The Moisture Surge Set- £38/month

Swirl- Silicone-Free Conditioner- £14.20/month

Swish Sulphate-Free Shampoo- £14.20/month

Now every day is a good hair day

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