10 Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids

Updated: Feb 16

The popularity of subscription boxes has found room for a new set of audiences in kids. It emerges from the abundance of innovation with diverse categories. There are Kids Subscription Boxes with educational toys, books, fashion, fun-activities, and more. The boxes are designed carefully by experts for children of different age groups. It helps parents find educational and entertaining activities, which focuses on the overall development of the child.

For an enjoyable experience, get a personalized box for your kids each month. Check out the list and go through some of the subscription boxes for kids in 2021.

  1. MEL Kids

  2. KiwiCo

  3. Brick Loot

  4. kidpik

  5. Amazon Prime Book Box

  6. Bookroo

  7. KidStir Cooking Kit

  8. Sensory TheraPLAY

  9. We Craft Box

  10. Stitch Fix Kids

Spend some fun time with your kids.

1. MEL Kids

Why we love MEL KIDS Subscription Box

MEL Kids subscription box is a perfect example of learning through play. The monthly package includes fun and interesting science-themed projects for inquisitive minds. It is a unique way to indulge in educational activities with your kids. You can choose from 18 fascinating sets like technology and math projects. Click here for more valuable information on multiple subjects.

What you get with Mel Kids Subscription Box

The monthly subscription box with STEM projects, AR lessons to go along with it, and live classes through the MEL Kids app on various topics. Plus, the kit includes all the necessary components and instructions to complete a project.

Important note

They comply with the US CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) requirements for educational sets and have confirmation from the CPSC Officials.

Age group



$34.90 monthly

Check out MEL Kids reviews to know more and start building new projects.

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2. KiwiCo

Why we love Kiwi Co Subscription Box for Kids

KiwiCo is a STEAM subscription box to inspire young innovators. They offer fun and enriching projects for kids of different age groups and interests. The science and art projects are a perfect treat for creative problem solvers. Every product at KiwiCo is designed by experts and tested by kids. You can choose the perfect crate for kids and teens from 6 different lines available.

Click here for more valuable and intriguing information.

What you get with Kiwi Co Subscription Box

A monthly crate with interesting STEAM projects.


The price of each box starts at $19.95 and varies depending upon the crate you choose.

Check out KiwiCo reviews and get your crate monthly crate delivered.

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3. Brick Loot

Why we love BrickLoot Subscription Box

Brick Loot is one of the best subscription boxes dedicated to toy brick enthusiasts of all ages. Build and create with a unique Brick Loot box filled with LEGO and brick toys. They have the newest and coolest items with the monthly theme. It is a great value product, plus you get to discover creative and exclusive brick sets by famous LEGO designers. Click here and learn more about Brick Loot.

What you get with BrickLoot Subscription Box

Get your hands on the latest brick items (Brick Loot exclusives with 4 to 8 items in each box).

Choose your Brick Loot Subscription

1 Month $27.28 / Month

3 Months $25.98 / Month

6 Months $25.48 / Month

1 Year $24.88 / Month

Join the creative and fun community of brick builders.

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4. kidpik

Why we love Kidpik Subscription Box

kidpik brings to you basic and trendy outfits for your kid’s wardrobe. The clothing subscription box offers exclusive products hand-curated based on your kid's preferences. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of 7 days to try on at home. Also, get 30% off when you keep the entire box. Click here for more valuable information on engaging topics.

What you get with Kidpik Subscription Box

3 coordinated outfits (7 pieces of clothing, shoes, and accessories), plus free delivery, styling, returns & exchanges! Only pay for what you keep.

Check out kidpik reviews and get started to unbox the Surprise.

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5. Amazon Prime Book Box

Why we love Amazon Prime Book Box

Indulge in the joy of reading and spend time with your kids with Amazon Book Box. It is a subscription service for Amazon customers, which delivers hand-picked children’s books every 1, 2, or 3 months. Get ready to discover the latest releases, pick your preference, and let them create the box for you. You can also preview their favorite picks for suggestions.

What you get with Amazon Prime Book Box

Each box contains 2 hardcover books or 4 board books.

Subscription Pricing for Amazon Prime Book Box

$19.99 / box (prime members will receive an exclusive discount for the first box at $16.99)

Explore new adventures in every box.

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6. Bookroo

Why we love Bookroo

Bookroo is an award-winning books subscription service for kids of different age groups. Pick a book club from three options given for ages 0-10 and receive monthly book deliveries. It helps make reading exciting for your child. Click here for a book recommendation and learn new concepts.

What you’ll get when you subscribe to Bookroo

Board books come with 3 books, picture books come with 2 hardcover books, and chapter books come with 2 chapter books.

Age group

  • Board Book Club for kids ages 0-3

  • Picture Book Club for kids ages 2-6

  • Chapter Book Club for kids ages 7-10

Choose your Subscription

Monthly subscription for Board Books and Picture Books starts from $19.95 and $24.95 for Chapter Books.

Check out Bookroo reviews for more valuable information and believe in the significance of reading!

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7. KidStir Cooking Kit

Why we love Kidstir Subscription Box

Let your kid’s culinary talent grow with the cooking kit subscription box by Kidstir. Get a monthly kit and stir up some amazing dishes in a few simple steps. First, choose your plan to join the Kidstir kitchen. Second, start with all the kitchen preparations like setting up the cookbook and gathering the ingredients with the help of the grocery list provided in the box.

What you’ll get when you subscribe to Kidstir

Inside your kit will be 3 delicious recipes and easy to understand guide, plus activities and tools.

Age group

The subscription box is great for kids 4-14 years of age.

Kidstir Giveback Promise

The Kidstir boxes are packed by Elwyn Foundation (an organization that provides jobs to people with developmental disabilities).

Choose your Subscription for Kidstir Subscription Cookbook kit

Monthly: $23.99 kit

3 Months: $23.99 kit

6 Months (FREE mitt): $21.99 kit 12 Months (FREE apron + mitt): $19.99 kit

Check out Kidstir cooking kits reviews and create a cookbook with your kid’s favorite recipes.

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8. Sensory TheraPLAY

Why we love Sensory Theraplay Subscription box for Kids

Discover fun boxes with Sensory TheraPLAY and engage your child in therapeutic play. The monthly subscription box delivers new toys and sensory goodies to inspire fresh thoughts. It is enjoyed by children but especially designed by a pediatric occupational therapist for children with autism/sensory needs in mind. Click here for more valuable information, therapy ideas, and tips.

What you’ll get with Sensory Theraplay

Each month you get a box mix of 5-6 sensory items, textured toys, activities, and crafts, which are aimed at managing anxiety.

Choose your Subscription

Month to Month - $40.95

3 Month Prepay - $122.85

6 Month Prepay - $229.70

Check out Sensory TheraPLAY reviews and surprise your child with a new box each month.

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9. We Craft Box

Why we love it We Craft Subscription Box for Kids

We Craft Box is an award-winning monthly craft kit for kids. The subscription box delivers a kit with themed-story and interactive activities helping families connect through creativity. Be imaginative and create fun crafts with your kids.

Click here to learn some amazing fun crafts and creative activities.

What you’ll get with We Craft Subscription

Each month brings a new creative theme with all the materials required to craft (except scissors) and easy to follow photo instructions.

Age group

The crafting unit is recommended for kids 3-9 years of age (younger kids will need assistance) and each box can be shared between two children.

Choose your Subscription

Month to Month $29.99

3 Month Prepay $84.99

6 Month Prepay $159.99

12 Month Prepay $299.99

Check out We Craft Box reviews to know more and enjoy the crafting time with your kids.

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10. Stitch Fix Kids

Why we love Stitch Fox Subscription Box for Kids

Looking for a personal styling service with the perfect fit, popular brands at the right price? Stitch Fix Kids is a clothing subscription that uncovers the best for toddlers, kids, and teens, with products to match every occasion. You can conveniently shop for your kids, try the products, keep what you want, and return the rest. Also, get 25% off if you buy all the products in the box. Click here to know more and see the latest from Stitch Fix Kids.

What you get with Stitch Fix Subscription Box for Kids

Each box contains hand-selected 8 to 12 products keeping in mind you and your child’s preferences from the Stitch Fix labels.

Fun Fact

Stitch Fix Kids has come with a great way to personalize products and to get a fix you want. Take their style quiz to help them understand your requirements better.

Subscription Pricing for Stitch Fix Kids

There’s just a $20 styling fee per Fix, which gets credited toward anything you decide to keep.

Take the style quiz and get started.

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