11 Pet Subscription Boxes for Dogs and Cats

Updated: Mar 10

These days the subscription boxes are a complete rage with diverse categories to explore such as beauty, fashion, clothing, gaming, pet goodies, and whatnot. The best part is there is something for everyone.

The monthly subscription box also represents a great gift option for the pet lover in your life. Let’s pamper your pets with monthly supplies of quirky toys, treats, healthy meals, chew toys, and grooming items

Since choosing the right pet subscription box can be a little complex, we have put together some of the best options for your pet.

  1. BarkBox

  2. PupJoy

  3. BoxDog

  4. Dapper Dog Box

  5. Pet Treater

  6. Pretty Litter

  7. The Farmer's Dog

  8. KitNipBox

  9. KitTea Kit

  10. MeowBox

  11. Pet Direct

We call dogs “man’s best friend”, it is pets in general.

1. BarkBox

Why we love BarkBox Subscription Box

BarkBox is a monthly subscription of products to give your pets exactly what they want. The box is a mix of customized themed toys, treats, and grooming products for your dog. Answer a few basic questions about your dog and get a pack full of high-quality products.

What you’ll get when you subscribe to BarkBox Subscription Box

Each Bark Box opens two innovative toys, two all-natural packs of treats, and chew, all curated with every month’s unique themed collection.

Pricing for Barkbox:

$23 monthly

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2. PupJoy

Why we love Pupjoy Subscription Box for Pets

PupJoy is one of the best dog subscription boxes for your adorable pets. The box is custom-tailored to the needs of your pet with all healthy and premium goods. You can build your deliveries and personalize with your dog’s specific preferences. Also, their recommendations help you discover new finds.

What you’ll get when you subscribe to Pupjoy Subscription Box

Each box includes dog toys, treats, and accessories from top brands.

The subscription box is packed with environmental-friendly materials, plus your purchase helps them shelter animals in need.

Pricing for Pupjoy:

Classic curated goodies with toys, treats, and natural chews (Plans starts from $29.99/box)

Custom builderwhere you can select toys, treats, chews, and supplements (Build your delivery from $5.99/delivery)

Check out PupJoy reviews and start off to delight your pet.

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3. BoxDog

Why we love Boxdog Subscription Box

BoxDog is a monthly subscription box for dogs with 100% handmade treats, cruelty-free skincare, dog clothes, and premium toys. You can choose the products and customize the box according to your pet’s likes and preferences.

What you’ll get when you subscribe to BoxDog Subscription Box

100% handmade treats, vegan skincare, gears, toys, and dental sticks made by BoxDog chefs.

Choose your BoxDog Subscription Offering

Monthly Box- $35.99

Quarterly Box- $39.99

Annual Plan- $159.96

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4. Dapper Dog Box

Why we love DapperDog Box for Pets

The Dapper Dog Box is a theme-based subscription box to treat your dog with awesome goodies. Just tell them about your pet and select the subscription term to help them curate a fun box for your furry friend. Click here for more valuable information, amazing facts, and ideas.

What you’ll get when you subscribe to Dapper Dog Box

Every subscription box delivers theme-based products with two bags of treats or chews, two toys, and a uniquely designed bandana.

And, Dapper Dog Supports Shelters:

Apart from creating lasting memories, your purchase helps them support shelter dogs. Isn’t that great!

Subscription Pricing for Dapper Dog

The dapper dog standard subscription box starts at $35.99/Month.

Check out The Dapper Dog Box reviews and bring in the perfect treat for the doggo every month.

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5. Pet Treater

Why we love Pet Treater Subscription Box

Pet Treater takes care of your pet (dog and cat) with a varied collection of treats, fun toys, and goodies. Select your plan, tell them about your pet, and get monthly supplies of their most favorite products. Click here and learn more about trending topics.

What you’ll get when you subscribe to Pet Treater Subscription Box

The Dog Pack- $15.00/month

Dog pack is filled with 3 to 4 hand-selected products including a variety of toys and extra goodies.

Deluxe Dog Pack- $25.00/month

Deluxe Dog Pack is filled with 5 to 8 hand-selected products including a variety of toys and extra goodies.

Cat Pack- $15.00/month

Cat Pack is filled with 3 to 4 hand-selected products including a variety of toys and extra goodies.

Multi-Cat Pack- $25.00/month

The Multi-Cat Pack is filled with 5 to 8 hand-selected products including a variety of toys and extra goodies.

Check out Pet Treater reviews and get a treat for your loving pets.

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6. Pretty Litter

Why we love Pretty Litter

To all the kitty lovers, Pretty Litter understands your pet needs and tells you what your cat can’t. It is a highly absorbent silica gel litter that locks odor instantly and eliminates moisture. These silica gel crystals change color to help monitor and detect signs of illness. You have to mention the number of pets and they know exactly how much cat litter to deliver.Click here for more valuable information and kitty tips.

What you’ll get when you subscribe to Pretty Litter Box

Get a lightweight cat litter delivered every month according to the number of pets you have.

Subscription Pricing for Pretty Litter Box

1 cat- $22

2 cats- $40

3 cats- $60

Check out Pretty Litter reviews and get started with the monthly supplies.

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7. The Farmer’s Dog

Why we love The Farmer's Dog

If you are looking for pet safety standards, The Farmer’s Dog is the solution. It delivers balanced, freshly made pet food with simple recipes within days of cooking. This monthly subscription of dog food maintains high-quality and customizes meals to your dog’s preferences. A vet-designed plan guides you to the best diet for your pet.Click here for more valuable information on dog health and wellness.

What you’ll get when you subscribe to The Farmer's Dog

Human-grade food with less processing, high safety standards conveniently delivered with personalized meal plans.


It depends on the number of dogs you have, the dog’s size, and their nutritional needs.

Check out The Farmer’s Dog reviews and get started with feeding fresh.

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8. KitNipBox

Why we love KitNip

KitNip is a monthly cat subscription box with the best of toys and all-natural treats. You can even customize the box to the number of pets at your place. Sign-up and choose a subscription plan with high-quality products and get going. Click here for more valuable information and show some kitty love.

What you’ll get when you subscribe to Kitnip

Each monthly box comes with 5 to 7 high-quality goodies for your pet.


Happy Cat KitNipBox- $1999/Month

Multi-Cat KitNipBox- $2999/Month

Check out KitNipBox reviews and get started with the best cat subscription box.

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9. KitTea Kit

Why we love KitTea Subscription box

KitTea is a cat café in San Francisco, where you can play, bond, and spend a happy day with cats. KitTea Kit is their monthly subscription box for cats with a variety of products to explore.

What you’ll get with KitTea Kit

You receive a monthly delivery of 2 to 4 items ranging from cat-centric samples, lapel pins, stickers, buttons, socks, and other accessories.

Important note

The KitTea Kit supports and provides high-quality care to its cat lounge full of adoptable and rescued cats.


The subscription plan starts at around $30/month.

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10. MeowBox

Why we love it MeowBox Subscription Box for kitties

Why Meowbox? They have something for every cat. Each monthly box consists of fun toys, treats, and goodies. If your pet is a picky eater, you can select the “No Food” option to substitute treats for an extra toy.Click here for all valuable cat-specific information.

What you’ll get with MeowBox Subscription

The monthly subscription box provides 5 to 6 items ranging from trendy fun toys, catnip birds, bow ties, and healthy treats (some are even made exclusively for meowbox subscribers).

Important note

For each Meowbox you purchase, they donate a can of food to a shelter cat.


Monthly- $22.95 every month (Purrfect for one or more cats, Includes 5 to 6 items)

Every other month- $22.95 every 2 months (Purrfect for one or more cats, Includes 5 to 6 items)

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11. Pet Direct

Why we love Pet Direct Subscription Box

For all the pet fanatics who want the best of products and services, Pet Direct takes care of all your pet needs. They work closely with a vet, animal nutritionist, trainer, and groomer to ensure you trust their advice. They offer great prices and quick deliveries for pet food and pet-related guidance. Check out updates on pet trending topics.

What you get with Pet Direct Subscription

You get high-quality products and service standards for your furry friend. They have dog food, cat food, treats, accessories, vet products, and more.

Pet Direct Subscription

It depends on the product and product weight you select from a wide variety of collections.

Your pet deserves the best

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