List of Best Geek and Gaming Subscription Boxes

Updated: Feb 16

If you are a part of a gaming fandom and looking to explore the passion, these subscription boxes are for you. Think of all the related products to your favorite gaming subscription box and get it delivered at your door.

Whether you are a Marvel fan, a Harry Potter fan, or any other geeky brands there are products for everyone. Each box is packed with a wide range of options such as apparel, accessories, comic books, board games, puzzles, themed products, cool collectibles, and much more. This way you will receive new products every month as well as discover trendy ideas and products. We have curated an array of options for best geek and gaming subscription boxes.

  1. Retro Game Treasure

  2. The ZBOX

  3. Geek Fuel

  4. Loot Crate

  5. Escape the Crate

  6. Marvel Collector Corps

  7. Geek Gear

Scroll down to find your favorite.

1. Retro Game Treasure

Why we love Retro Game Treasure Subscription Box

It is a perfect buy for a retro game enthusiast who grew up with all the classic collections. The monthly subscription box comes with the treasure of games you like to play. Set your preferences and select game consoles from a variety of options.

What you get when you subscribe to Retro Game Treasure

The monthly treasure box contains 3 to 5 retro games based on your selection.

Choose your subscription plan

One Month- $35.99

3 Month Prepay- $32.99 a Month

6 Month Prepay- $31.99 a Month

12 Month Prepay- $29.99 a Month

Get your treasure box every month.

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2. The ZBOX

Why we love ZBOX Subscription Box

ZBOX is a mystery box full of merchandise based on your favorite games, movies, TV shows, comic books, and more.

What you get when you subscribe to ZBOX

The monthly box includes an exclusively designed t-shirt with 4 to 7 products.

Choose your subscription plan

1 Month Subscription- $26.97 per month

3 Month Subscription- $25.62 per month

6 Month Subscription- $24.27 per month

12 Month Subscription- $22.92 per month

Click here to get updates on your favorite films, TV series, music, and gaming.

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3. Geek Fuel

Why we love Geek Fuel Subscription Box

Geek Fuel brings an ultimate monthly subscription box for all pop culture fans. The box is designed and curated with exclusive t-shirts and limited edition collectibles.

What you get when you subscribe to Geek Fuel

Every box comes with an exclusive t-shirt, hoodies, goodies, and prop replicas inspired by games, comics, and pop culture.

Choose your subscription plan

Monthly- $29/month

3 Months- $28/month

6Months- $27/month

Check out Geek Fuel reviews and get started.

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4. Loot Crate

Why we love Loot Crate Subscription Box

Loot Crate works with the mission to unite and inspire the world through fan subscription boxes. It partners with industry leaders in entertainment, gaming, sports, and pop culture to deliver monthly themed crates to your doorstep. Click here for more valuable information on your favorite topics.

What you get when you subscribe to Loot Crate

Loot Crate delivers a curated collection of products from the best pop culture, geek, and gaming.


It depends on the type of crate you choose and pricing starts from $9.99

Check out Loot Crate reviews and be a part of the fandom.

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5. Escape the Crate

Why we love the Escape the Crate Subscription Box

Discover adventure every other month with the Escape the Crate subscription box and bring all the fun of an escape room to your place. Imagine escaping from a pirate ship, solving murder mysteries, defusing time bombs, and enjoying the time travel adventure. All you have to do is find the clues, crack the codes, solve the puzzles, find secret objects, and escape the crate!

What you get when you subscribe to the Escape the Crate

You get a crate full of adventure to solve a mystery crafted around a themed story. Plus, letters and puzzles to complete the challenges with tools and intriguing objects.



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6. Marvel Collector Corps

Why we love Marvel Collector Corps Subscription Box

The Marvel Collector Corps subscription box lets you relive iconic Marvel moments. Enjoy the themed based boxes especially created for the real Marvel fans.

What you get when you subscribe to Marvel Collector Corps

Each box includes 4 to 6 exclusive collectibles, key chains, pins, magnets, shirts, beanies, plus a vinyl Pop!, all products inspired by the ever-expanding Marvel Universe.



7. Geek Gear

Why we love Geek Gear Subscription Box

The Geek Gear is the perfect subscription box for geeks and gamers. The monthly subscription service delivers Harry Potter and Geek themed mystery boxes filled with unique collectibles, exclusive merchandise to delight the gamer in you. It is one of the leading Wizardry subscription boxes, loved by Harry Potter fans.

What you get when you subscribe to Geek Gear

All the products are hand-picked by the team of Super Geeks with exclusive products like wizardry items, t-shirts, wands, pins, posters, artworks, and lots more.


Get the monthly subscription boxes from $20.25/month.

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