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Raw Dog Food and Co

Raw Dog Food & Company’s partnership with Shop2app to turn their Shopify webstore into an easy-to-use mobile app turned out to be a great success as in the lifetime our collaboration, their business received almost 30% of their orders straight from the mobile app.

Dogs are love. And when you love dogs you gotta make sure you pet them right, play with’em right and feed them right. That’s why when Raw Dog Food & Company’s founder Rick discovered that his 2-year-old Dachshund named Doc loved raw meat instead of the same old kibble pet food, he decided to make it his mission to spread the benefits of raw meat to other dogs too.

In a pet-food business like Raw Dog Food & Company, it becomes really important to engage your clients on an ongoing basis and turn one-time-purchasers into hardcore loyal customers who don’t look at any brand other than you. A mobile app for a pet-food Shopify store can work wonders in doing exactly that -> retaining customers and keeping them loyal to your business.

Since pet owners don’t want a lot of variation in the pet food that they order for their loved ones, it becomes important to give them an option to buy-back the same products at frequent intervals. When Shop2app engaged with Raw Dog Food & Company, we realized that this feature would prove to be of the greatest use in their customer mobile app. Hence we introduced buy-it-again blocks in their branded shopify app from where clients could reorder the same pet food again and again straight from the app’s home-page, and check out in literally no time.

Raw Dog Food & Company uses a vast truck delivery system to deliver their products on different spots at different days. Shop2app eased out the integration of their logistics provider in using a custom-built api. With the help of this integration, the business could easily link the orders received via app and then pass them over to their logistics provider to simplify the entire shipping and delivery process.

Raw Dog Food & Company also leveraged the power of their existing email automation tool Klaviyo to turn their email flows into simple push notifications which then could be used to promote the latest product offers to their customers right on their phone screens.

Do you also love pets and own a pet-store? Turn your Shopify webstore into a fast and intuitive mobile app that drives more orders everyday!