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Local Delivery

Buy Online Pickup At Store

The most powerful buy online-pickup at store & local delivery app for your Shopify store!

Best Mobile App For Your Shopify Store

Validate zip-codes in a click!

Let customers check if they’re eligible for delivery based on zip-code. The app also calculates right prices for deliveries based on zip-code and shows them to your clients on check-out.

Easy Order Tagging

Tag your orders with customer chosen delivery options, date and time. Know more about your orders and manage them all from a single screen.

Deliver products when they want, whenever they want

Your customers have the complete option of scheduling local deliveries. On the checkout page they can select available products based on 10 minute intervals and get them delivered whenever they want.

Product Date Restriction

Control the exact dates when each one of your products is available for pickup, delivery or shipping.

Local Delivery Simplified

Drive more revenue for your Shopify store with the best buy online-pickup at store & local delivery app!

Free Shipping

Encourage clients to order more with free shipping above a certain order value.

Minimum Order Value

Fix a minimum order value for both shipping and local delivery so clients can’t order below it (say $50).

Geodistance Validation

Automatically offer your clients the right delivery price and service based on their location

Local Delivery

Calculates delivery rates based on distance and then shows your customers the best prices.

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