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Shopify Subscriptions

Subscriptions on Shopify can now be managed easily using a modern mobile app!

Best Mobile App For Your Shopify Store

Save information once - use it forever

Customers have to checkout only once after which their info gets stored in the app forever. That way that they don’t have to go through the whole checkout/purchase process all over again.

Lists all active and inactive subscriptions on shopify

Customers can easily see all the subscriptions on Shopify which are active and the ones which are not active. They can even reactivate the inactive ones.

Offer discounts on Shopify subscriptions

Customers can easily use discount codes even during a running subscription to avail discounts on the product.

Change the frequency of delivery

Customers can opt for a different delivery schedule, say changing delivery from every 2 months to every 1 month.

Best Shopify Subscription App

Drive more revenue for your Shopify store by setting up subscriptions in no time!

Check delivery schedule

Customers can see the complete delivery schedule of their upcoming subscription shipments on the app.

Cancel Shopify subscriptions

Although customers can skip or pause a subscription, they can also cancel it from the app itself.

View past subscription purchases

Display all the past subscription purchases on the Shopify app for your customers to see and track their history.

Swap products in one go

Make it easy for your customers to change the product they’re subscribed to when they try to cancel the subscription.

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