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With a fabulous mobile app, you can increase engagement and conversion up to 10x for your Shopify store.
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Why Shop2App?

Drag and Drop Editor

You can just drag and drop design blocks from our library onto the simulation for a stunning and smart app.

Bring Along Your Integration and Flows

You can bring along your existing flows and integrate them into your mobile app through our integration with the top Shopify app partners like Recharge, Klaviyo, Zapiet, and more.


Personalize your app for your customers with design blocks like- ‘you may also like’ and ‘buy-it-again’ to increase heavy hitters like AOV, repeat revenue, and LTV.

Custom Coding

Need specific features for your app? We got you covered! We custom-code your specific requirements to help you keep your customers satisfied.

Supports Both IOS and Android

Shop2App enables you to deploy your personalized app to both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Migrate from Tapcart -> Shop2App

In a matter of weeks, The Shop2App team was able to deliver a fully customized app, that we were proud to offer to our members. I would highly recommend Shop2App to anyone looking for a mobile app partner.

Drive more sales from your Shopify store

No Coding Required
Just Drag, Drop, Done
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Higher Conversions
Increase in AOV
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