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Upselling on mobile app

Shopify Customer Retention

Drive more revenue for your Shopify store with an app that lets your clients discover your products fast.

Best Mobile App For Your Shopify Store

Enable your customers to purchase again, easily

Encourage customers to purchase products that they’ve already bought with buy-it-back blocks. Increase average order value by upselling products right where it matters the most.

Recommend what they’ll buy

Use Shop2app's advanced data driven technology to make product recommendations that your clients will actually buy.

Offer products that go well together

Upsell clients the products that go well together and let them add it to their cart in just one click.

Show them what’s selling hot!

Showcase top-selling products on your client’s app screen and make sure they don’t miss out on the latest trends.

Retaining Clients Is Easy

Retain your shopify customers by offering them a personalized app journey!

Show right offers at the right time

Integrate rebuy’s personalization widgets in your mobile app and add upsells and cross-sells at different points in the client purchase process.

Use data to guide your clients into making better purchase decisions.

Use intelligent customer data to help your clients discover products that are most relevant to them!

Offer personalised shopping experience

Personalize your customer’s shopping experience by recommending products that they will definitely buy.

Increase average order balue

Use consumer intelligence to guide consumers into actions that help drive more revenue through analysing repeat purchase behavior.

Start selling more to your existing customers

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