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Give your customers an edge, because when they grow - you grow.

Shop2app has completely rewritten the playbook for us by revolutionizing subscription and subscriber management, as well as customer retention. It's been a total game-changer!

Nick Noble

Become a Partner

Give your customers an edge, because when they grow - you grow.

Custom App Development Support

Your customers are looking for custom features on their mobile apps?
We got you covered.

Our team works with merchants and agencies to deploy custom solutions.

Personal Dashboard

View and track your progress with a customized dashboard that helps you track your payouts and referrals.

Our support team will ensure that your clients get the best assistance at every stage of their journey. 

20% Commission

Get up to 20% monthly commissions for every client that you refer to us.

Instant commission payouts at the beginning of every month of the subscription.

World Class Support
✅ App Customizations
✅ Faster Support
✅ Upto 20% commissions
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Simple, yet powerful

Power of Subscriptions

Turn your one-time purchasers into repeat customers with our quick and easy in-app subscription program and see your LTV shoot through the roof!

Flexibility to swap, skip or pause a delivery
Increase AOV by letting customers add one-time products to upcoming deliveries
Product Bundle Customizations
Automated notifications about recurring billing, payment, and subscription status
Drag & Drop Editor

Shop2app offers a simple to use drag and drop editor to configure your app.

Supports Rich Text Media, images and videos
Add Custom Blocks
Supported on PDP, Home Screen, Cart and across the app
No Coding Required
Personalized Push Notifications

Craft personalized messages that speak directly to each customer's interests and behaviors. Recommend products, announce sales, drop products, share exclusive rewards, send updates on orders, and so much more with push notifications!

90% deliverability rate
Converts at 10x higher than email, and 5x higher than SMS
Actively engages the users, resulting in higher conversions
Customized messages for every user
Offer Local Pickup & Delivery

Let your customers buy the products online and schedule a pickup time when they can walk in and pick up their purchases. They can also get their purchases delivered at a chosen date and time.

Easy way to offer Store Pickup & Local Delivery
Simple to use Date and Time Picker
Customers can schedule their pickup or deliveries
Integrates with Shopify
B2B & Wholesale

Create an exclusive app for your wholesale customers and provide them with a convenient way to shop

Exclusive access to wholesale customers
Customer-specific pricing
Net Terms Support
Draft orders
Dynamic Upsells

Upsell or cross-sell the customers your products based on their cart and truly personalize their shopping experience.

Increased AOV
Personalized Shopping Experience
Increased LTV
Integration with popular Upsell applications