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Megamart 2x their repeat orders with a mobile app

About Megamart

Introducing the mega success story of Mega mart, a supermarket that knows the true power of food in bringing people together. With roots dating back to 1981, MEGA MART has come a long way to become a household name in South Korea, operating 14 successful stores. But their journey didn't stop there, in 2009 they made their grand debut into the US market, setting up a store in the heart of Gwinnett.

Megamart X Shop2App

For bringing people together, they also knew they had to bring them closer to their food. To do just that, they decided to to invest in a Shop2App powered mobile app for their own brand and make their products available to everyone and on every device. 

With the introduction of an app, their growth story took a twist.The no-code mobile app proved to be a game-changer, as it not only increased customer engagement and loyalty but also helped MEGA MART grow by leaps and bounds. Talking about their return on investment, since deploying the app, their revenue has witnessed a 4x increase. (well, seems like a tasty ROI)

The shopify store mobile app lets them set up categories so that their customers don’t have to endlessly scroll on a tiny screen.With just a few taps, they can have a clear view of all the products available in the store and organized in a way that actually makes sense. 

If they still can't find what they’re looking for, the search bar on top of the app will act as their personal shopping assistant and help them find exactly what they need with ease.

The app also offers its customers the convenience to sort using filters. With filters like price, popularity, and more, customers are done with their grocery shopping with their pantry full, ready to tackle the world (or at least their kitchen).

MegaMart also uses Shop2App’s Zapiet integration to offer online ordering and delivery. Now, their groceries are delivered within 30 minutes so that the favorite meal of their customers don’t have to wait. Not, just this they also offer store pickup making grocery shopping convenient MAX for their customers. 

Lastly, the push notification feature of the mobile app also gives them the ability to automate push notifications which are sent right to their customers’ phone screens. The notifications keep their brand as fresh as the produce they sell and their repeat orders have gotten a boost of 2x until now. 

Megamart offers mega customer experience 

A modern age mobile app has revolutionised Megamart’s way of selling by providing a range of features that are improving their customer experience and driving more sales. The 4x increase in revenue speaks volumes, and customers can’t just stop raving about the app's convenient online ordering and delivery. 

By using the mobile app to stay ahead of the curve, Megamart has positioned itself as a leader in the highly competitive grocery industry. With their consistent efforts in matching the needs of customers, we are sure the sky’s the limit for them. 

If you think your grocery store has the potential to go big just like Megamart, book a demo with us and see how your growth story takes a twist.