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Mum's Whole Food

Mum’s Whole Food is a family-owned supermarket brand that firmly believes in protecting natural resources for the wellbeing of our planet. With its roots going back to Turkey, it was in 2012 before the advent of veganism began in their country, Mum’s Whole Food was one of the first visionaries to raise awareness about plant-based living.

Mum’s Whole Food offers a diverse range of vegan and non-vegan products, and with over 5000 products in its offerings, the brand stands out as an independent supermarket in Harringay, London.

Being a supermarket with so many different products, it becomes very important for your customers to discover the right product in as little time as possible. To enable a super-fast product discovery and a premium shopping experience for their customers, Mum’s Whole Food partnered up with Shop2app to set up their own mobile app.

With a mobile app, Mum’s Whole Food could set up triple level categories. With this the customers could navigate from one section to another till they found the right product. From “Fruits & Vegetables” to “Berries” and from “Berries” to “Blueberries”, customers could easily find the product they were looking for. Categories such as Food Cupboard, Bakery, Beer-Wine-Spirits helped the business clearly classify all its products and make them readily discoverable.

Moreover with the help of a search bar on the app, customers could quickly use search terms such as beer, or dishwasher or bleach, searching which the app would display all the products that matched the query and readily display it to the customer.

Inside the categories like Food Cupboard, Bakery, Baby, Pet etc. the customer also had the option of sorting the products with various filters like “Featured”, “Best Selling”, “Newest/Oldest” and so on so they could prioritize what they were looking for.

Mum’s Whole Food actively uses Zapiet integration that is powered by Shop2app to enable eco-friendly local delivery which is free of charge for orders above £15 and gets them delivered in just 30 minutes! Moreover it also offers a store-pickup option to customers who can just order the product and then pick it up from their store at a selected time.

For supermarkets, app notifications can play a great role for informing customers about fresh produce or promoting seasonal favorites like mangoes. Encouraging them to buy such seasonal produce before the season ends can be easily done using lucrative push notifications that inform your customers and keep them coming back for more.

Mum’s whole food also has a rewards program that is powered by (a Shop2app integration) using which customers can gain reward points by taking simple actions like placing an order, referring a friend, signing up, liking and sharing on Facebook or following their page on Instagram. These points can then be redeemed on the mobile app itself in exchange for discount codes and coupons.

The family owned supermarket brand also has a thriving blog section which keeps its clients engaged with delicious recipes and product reviews, all of which can be very easily viewed on their personalized Shopify mobile app!

Last but not the least, the brand also leverages the power of Wishlists using which customers can save their most loved items and then reorder them anytime they want.

With loads of useful features, Mum’s Whole Foods have truly unlocked the power of a mobile app for new-age supermarket brands that want to grow their business and build a loyal customer base!

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