Thomas Runway

COVID-19 hit us all hard. While some people shut their shops, other lost their jobs due to the pandemic. The Thomas sisters were also one of those affected by the pandemic. While Farrah Thomas was let off from managing another boutique, her sister Bathsheba Thomas lost her job due to Covid.

Amidst times of crisis like these for the Bathsheba sisters, there emerged a new opportunity of starting their own boutiqe business - Thomas Runway Boutique. From something small to something so so huge, the boutique grew by leaps and bounds. What was started as a means to fulfill every woman’s desire to dress the best for important events in life turned out to be a thriving multi-million dollar business.

Thomas Runway had their boutique studio set up on Shopify from where they sold latest fashion to clients. While the business was booming, what more could Thomas Runway do to take things to the next level?

Converting their Shopify store into an app turned out to be the answer! Thomas Runway partnered up with Shop2app to start their own Shopify app from where customers could purchase their clothing at their fingertips.

Thomas Runway has a huge audience on Tik-Tok where they promoted their products. Using Shop2app’s deep link technology, the boutique studio could place product links on Tik-Tok clicking which the customers would be asked to install the mobile app and in the app customers would be shown the exact same product which they could instantly buy!

Fashion changes fast, we all know that. That’s why whenever Thomas Runway had a hot-selling dress in their store, they could immediately push a notification to all their app users and ask them to check out the dress and buy it before the stocks last. This turned out to be a great channel for engaging clients and keeping them updated about the latest fashion!

Thomas Runway also made use of the app in many little but great ways. For instance the free shipping bar on the checkout page of their Shopify app encouraged customers to buy a higher value product in order to avail free shipping. This increased their order value and improved monthly revenues for the boutique business.

Customers while using the app could also save their favourite products and add them to their Wishlist so that they could easily go back to the Wishlist section and buy the product at a more suitable time.

Most importantly, Thomas Runway’s app accepted Shop Pay for payments. With the power of one-click checkouts, ordering from the app became so easy and so fast that once customers downloaded the app, there was no going back to the old website way.

Thomas Runway’s clothing boutique improved their revenues and added long-term value for their customers using a Shopify app. What about you now?