A Comprehensive Cart Page Checklist for a Seamless Shopping Experience

August 7, 2023

Picture this: You've spent the last hour scrolling through a website, adding items to your cart, and getting hyped about your impending purchase. You're feeling good, you're feeling confident, and then...you get to the cart page. 

And suddenly, everything falls apart. The page is confusing, the prices are unclear, and you can't figure out how to remove that one item you accidentally added. 

Cue the frustration, the stress, and the overwhelming desire to just give up your shopping cart and go watch Netflix instead.

That's why in this blog post, we're going to talk about the important elements that should be present on your website’s cart page so that such mishaps don’t happen.

Yes, you heard that right - the cart page. It's the page that many of us don't pay much attention to, but it can make all the difference in the online shopping experience of your customers and motivate them to checkout. 

Without any further ado, let’s take the first step toward making a difference. 

1. Detailed cart summary 

Detailed cart summary

Detailed product summary allows customers to see exactly what they're purchasing, with clear images and descriptions of each item. 

Clear images and descriptions not only help customers feel more confident in their purchases but also reduce the risk of returns and other issues down the line. - David Feng, CEO of Re:amaze

This not only helps customers confirm that they've added the right items to their cart, but it also makes the shopping experience more engaging and enjoyable. 

To be precise, here’s what you must include in your item summary. 

  • Product name along with the description 

  • Image of the product

  • Quantity added by the customer 

  • Price and Subtotal of the product

  • Variations with clear of customer’s choice

2. Clear and concise pricing breakdown

Clear and concise pricing breakdown

If you were shopping online and couldn't see the total price, how would you know whether you could afford it? It's like trying to order food at a restaurant without seeing the prices on the menu – it's frustrating and confusing.

In fact, 56% of US online shoppers cited unexpected costs (such as shipping or taxes) as a reason for abandoning their cart. 

To be more clear, the subtotal is the sum of all the items in the cart, while the total includes shipping, taxes, and any other fees. If your shipping prices vary based on location, consider allowing customers to enter their zip code to get accurate information. 

By providing clear pricing of each item including subtotal and total prices, you can avoid surprises and build trust with your customers.

3. Accurate shipping details 

Accurate shipping details for Beko dishwasher

As a customer, there's nothing more frustrating than not knowing how your products will be delivered or when you can expect to receive them. That's why including clear and accurate shipping information on your cart page is essential.

It lets customers know how their products will be delivered and when they can expect to receive them. Including information about BOPIS (buy online, pick up in store) can also be helpful, as it provides customers with an additional delivery option and can increase the likelihood of a sale.

Share all the shipping-related information including tracking details, and estimated date of arrival with your buyers.

4. Cart editing options

Nike e-commerce store cart editing options

To offer all the convenience in the world to your shoppers, your cart page must have cart editing buttons which include a wishlist and quantity adjustment button. 

The ‘Add to wishlist’ button can help shoppers save items for future purchases without the pressure of having to buy them right away which can help drive future sales.

And with quantity control that is basically a plus and a minus sign close to the already decided quantity, shoppers have the flexibility to adjust the number of items in their cart, whether they need more or less than originally planned.

5. Customer Incentives and discounts

Customer incentives and discounts for Chase authentics Jimmie Johnson women's big number hat

Customer incentives on the cart page can be a powerful tool for driving more sales and increasing customer loyalty.

For example, offering free shipping on orders over a certain amount can encourage customers to add more items to their cart to reach that threshold. Similarly, offering a discount or coupon code can incentivize customers to make a purchase they may have been on the fence about. 

And if you offer a rewards program, reminding customers how close they are to earning their next reward can encourage them to spend more and continue shopping with you in the future.  Use popular loyalty app platforms like Smile to build a reward program for your Shopify store.

Pro-Tip: While you are at it, don’t forget to add a coupon code or a discount field to your cart page so that shoppers can have the pleasure of unlocking additional savings on their own. 

6. Verified trust symbols

Verified trust symbols on checkout page

You know how important it is for customers to feel safe and secure when shopping online, right? Well, trust badges are symbols or logos that can help communicate to your customers that your website is trustworthy and secure.

By adding trust badges to the cart page, you can increase customer confidence and reduce cart abandonment rates. As a matter of fact, adding trust badges to your cart page can increase conversions by up to 42%. When customers see these badges, they are more likely to trust your website and feel comfortable checking out and entering their personal & payment information.

7. Upsells and cross-sells

Upsells & Cross-sells

When customers are ready to checkout, the cart page is a great opportunity to offer them additional products that complement what they're already purchasing. This is where upsells and cross-sells come in.

By suggesting related products or more expensive versions of what the customer is already buying, you can increase your average order value and drive more sales. But, it's important to be strategic about how you present these offers. You don't want to overwhelm or annoy your customers, which could lead to them abandoning their carts altogether. 

Instead, try to suggest products that make sense and add value to what the customer is already buying. For example, if someone is buying a camera, you might suggest a compatible memory card or a camera bag. You may use the Rebuy app to offer recommendations for upselling and cross-selling your Shopify store products. 

To know more, read this Ultimate Guide to Upselling.

8. Quick and easy guest checkout

Jordan Mars quick and easy guest checkout

When customers are ready to make a purchase, the last thing you want to do is make the checkout process complicated or frustrating. By allowing guest checkout, you're giving your customers the option to bypass the account creation process and make their purchases quickly and easily.

"Guest checkout can increase conversions by reducing friction in the checkout process." - Michael Ugino, e-commerce expert

This is because some customers may be hesitant to create an account or provide personal information if they're not familiar with your brand or if they're short on time. By offering guest checkout, you're removing this barrier and making it more convenient for them to complete their purchase.

Now, it's true that offering guest checkout means you won't be collecting as much customer data or be able to market to them in the future. But, it's important to remember that getting the sale in the first place should be the priority.

9. Convenient payment options

Convenient payment options on an e-commerce checkout page

Customer expectations are ever-increasing. By offering multiple payment options on the cart page, you're giving them the flexibility to choose the method that works best for them.

By offering a variety of payment options, you're accommodating the needs of all your customers and reducing the likelihood of them abandoning their cart due to a lack of payment options.

Pro-Tip: Apple Pay has been the most popular mobile payment service in the US. Don’t forget to have Apple Pay as a mode of payment on your cart page. 

10. Continue Shopping Button

Continue shopping button on an e-commerce page

A 'continue shopping' button is often overlooked by eCommerce store owners on their cart pages, but it can be crucial for increasing sales. It allows customers to easily return to the store and find more items to add to their cart, especially for those shopping on a budget or trying to reach a spending threshold for discounts. 

And let's not forget about accidental clicks! We've all been there - accidentally clicking the cart button when we didn't mean to. Having this button on the cart page allows customers to easily return to the store and keep shopping.  

By making it easy for customers to continue shopping, you're not only improving the overall customer experience but also potentially increasing sales and revenue.

11. Easy-to-find checkout option

Easy-to-find checkout option

Having a clear checkout button on the cart page is crucial for any e-commerce website. 

One of the leading reasons for cart abandonment is a confusing checkout process. A visible and prominent checkout button can help reduce the chances of cart abandonment by making it easier for customers to reach the next step of their purchase and complete it. 

Think about it from a customer's perspective. If they can't easily find the checkout button, they may become frustrated and change their mind about making a purchase from your store. On the other hand, a noticeable checkout button can make the buying process smoother, resulting in more completed transactions and happier customers.

12. Contact support info

Delivery details on an e-commerce checkout page

A support button or support information on the cart page can be a valuable addition to any e-commerce website. It's a simple yet effective way to provide customers with the help and assistance they need throughout the buying process.

Sometimes customers may have questions or concerns before they're ready to complete their purchase. Maybe they want to know more about a product, or they're not sure about shipping options. 

By providing a support option on the cart page, customers can easily reach out for help without having to leave the page. They can easily get the help they need to overcome any obstacles that might be holding them back from completing their purchase. 

Use tools like Gorgias to offer excellent customer support and build long-term customer relationships for your Shopify store.

Now, we know all about the must-haves, it’s your turn to get some inspiration. 

Learn from the best


KITH's cart page

KITH's cart page is more like a cart tab that is visually appealing with its clean design and high-quality product images. The page is easy to navigate and features a clear and concise summary of the items in the cart, along with the subtotal, shipping options, and discount codes. 

The "Checkout" button is prominently displayed and easily accessible, making the checkout process seamless for the customer.

Death Wish Coffee 

Death wish coffee's cart page

Death Wish Coffee's cart page stands out with its clever and humorous copy, which adds personality to the page. The page is also easy to navigate, with a clear summary of the items in the cart, along with shipping options and a discount code field. 

The page also features upsell suggestions that are relevant to the customer's purchase history, encouraging them to add more items to their cart.


Native's cart page

Native's cart page is visually appealing, with high-quality product images and a clean design. The page features a clear summary of the items in the cart, along with the subtotal, shipping options, and discount codes. 

Additionally, the page features trust symbols and a free shipping and returns guarantee, which help to build trust with the customer. The page also has a prominent "Checkout" button, making it easy for customers to navigate the site.

Cart Your Way to Success

In the words of Steve Jobs, "Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." 

This applies perfectly to the cart page on any e-commerce website. Having a well-designed cart page with all the essential elements not only looks good, but it also makes the shopping experience seamless and hassle-free for your customers.

The above checklist has got you covered for all things you need to have on the cart page of your eCommerce website and reduce your cart abandonment rates. 

But… a pretty useful tip still remains untold.

In today's mobile-first world, it is super important to optimize your cart page for mobile devices. Your page should load quickly, and the elements should be easy to tap and navigate on a mobile phone. A mobile app can be game-changing for the customer experience of your Shopify store. Use Shop2App to build a mobile app right away. 

Trust us, neglecting mobile optimization can cost you sales and happy customers. So, make sure you don't overlook this crucial aspect!

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