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A personalized mobile app for your Shopify store can improve the user experience, drive more clicks, and boost conversions.
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Personalization= Faster Conversions & Better Shopping

Personalization leads to improvements in the major e-commerce metrics for your Shopify store, like faster conversions, improved customer loyalty, lower churn, improved retention, and a higher CLTV. We've helped over 20 companies witness a staggering 3.5X increase in total sales through personalized apps.
We have also custom-coded a multitude of personalization features for our clients. Explore our personalization toolkit that can transform your customer engagement and, in turn, your business metrics.

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Migrate from Tapcart -> Shop2App

In a matter of weeks, The Shop2App team was able to deliver a fully customized app, that we were proud to offer to our members. I would highly recommend Shop2App to anyone looking for a mobile app partner.

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