How to Transform Subscriber Engagement for Your DTC Brand with Shop2App + Loop

July 3, 2024

The success of DTC brands is not just in acquiring customers but in creating an engaging, mobile-centric experience that keeps them coming back. (Since 80% of your subscribers are using mobile for transactions.)

We’d like to introduce the winning combo – Shop2App and Loop. With Loop Subscriptions, we are now simplifying subscription management and personalizing the customer journey on mobile, setting a new standard for subscriber engagement in this space.

1. Integrate Loop with Your Shop2App Mobile App

Integrate Loop with your Shop2App mobile app to offer a seamless subscription management experience — this integration allows customers to manage their subscriptions directly from their mobile devices, enhancing the customer experience and increasing engagement.

2. Personalize Mobile Experience for Your Subscribers

With Shop2App, create and customize your mobile app to reflect your brand’s identity and meet unique subscription management needs. From customized push notifications to personalized home screens and product recommendations, ensure every interaction feels uniquely personal.

Personalize your mobile app to individual user preferences and subscription details. Add blocks on your home screen, like the “Buy-It-Again’’ block to encourage repeat purchases and the “You May Also Like” block for personalized product suggestions, increasing engagement and AOV. Keep them updated about their subscription with the “Upcoming Subscription Order” block.

3. Streamline Subscription Management on Mobile

With Loop integrated into your Shop2App mobile experience, subscribers can effortlessly manage their subscriptions at their fingertips – they can pause, skip, or modify their subscriptions, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.

The integration also allows for a deeper understanding of subscriber behavior, enabling you to tailor your offerings and communications effectively.

4. Segment Your Audience for Targeted Campaigns

Dive deep into your subscriber data. Understand their behavior, preferences, and purchasing patterns. Segment your audience with Shopify tags for more personalization and run targeted campaigns based on their requirements.

Identify different customer groups and tailor your campaigns to resonate more deeply with each segment. For instance, target long-term subscribers with loyalty rewards while enticing new subscribers with introductory offers.

5. Use Push Notifications to Engage Your Subscribers

Shop2App’s integration with Klaviyo allows you to transform email flows into more direct push notifications (flows), and it ensures that your subscribers are always in the loop with the latest offers, updates, and reminders.

When combined with Loop, you can send notifications about subscription renewals, special offers, or changes, keeping your subscribers engaged and informed.

With Shop2App, you can add deep links (instead of just website links) within your push notifications (and other communications) and take subscribers directly to your mobile app, whether to a new product they might love or their subscription portal, reducing friction and enhancing user experience.

6. Optimize Your Strategies for Subscriber Retention

Implement strategies to win back canceled subscribers and engage those with abandoned carts. Offer incentives, personalized notifications, and convenient subscription management options to encourage long-term loyalty.

Set up automated notifications for recurring billing and subscription status. Use them to prevent churn and keep subscribers engaged.

With Loop, add features like cancellation flows on the mobile app and recover lost revenue with dunning management.

7. Analyze and Adapt for Continuous Improvement

Use the data from both Shop2App and Loop to understand your subscribers better. What are they buying? When are they most active?

Regularly review the performance of your strategies and use these insights to adapt for maximum impact and continuous improvement.


Integrating Shop2App and Loop is more than just a tech upgrade – it's a strategic move for better subscriber engagement and retention. Not just to grow your subscriber base but also to cultivate a community loyal to your brand. At Shop2App, we are proud to offer a seamless integration with Loop.

Connect with us today for a seamless integration, and boost your brand with a personalized mobile app and streamlined subscriptions.

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