How A Leading Pet Food Brand Enhanced Its Loyalty Program Experience On Mobile With Shop2App and

July 4, 2024

In today’s competitive pet market, Bully Max wanted to boost its engagement and loyalty with a highly personalized mobile app, recognizing the growing trend towards mobile commerce. The brand leveraged Shop2App, the only subscription-focused mobile app builder, and’s loyalty programs to create a unified, engaging shopping experience for their customers on mobile.

The Challenge

Bully Max, a leading pet food and nutrition brand, faced the challenge of maintaining subscriber engagement in a mobile-first world and enhancing the effectiveness of its loyalty program. They needed a combined solution that simplified mobile shopping for their customers and integrated seamlessly with a robust loyalty program tool to incentivize repeat purchases and referrals.

That’s where Shop2App and stepped in to provide their loyalty members (and subscription customers), with a personalized and engaging loyalty experience on mobile. Shop2App’s team ensured that now merchants (on Shopify) who use can integrate it into their Shop2App mobile app with just one click.

The Solution

Bully Max built an app (with Shop2App) that simplified subscription management, improving retention. The strategic partnership between Shop2App and was designed to provide a comprehensive solution for their challenges:

  • Loyalty Access on Mobile: Shop2App enabled Bully Max to integrate’s loyalty points system directly into their mobile app, allowing customers to earn, view, and redeem points seamlessly.

  • Personalized Experience: By leveraging customer data, the app can personalize the experiences by suggesting products and rewards that align with customer behaviors and purchase history.

  • Tailored Push Notifications: Using Shop2App, they can send targeted push notifications about point balances, special rewards, and exclusive discounts, driving higher engagement rates.

  • Members’ Dashboard: The integration allows users to manage their profiles and rewards effortlessly through a mobile app, significantly reducing support tickets and improving engagements.

The Impact

The Shop2App x integration transformed Bully Max’s approach to customer loyalty and engagement:

  • Increased Engagement: The ease of accessing loyalty programs and rewards through the app led to increased daily interactions.
  • Higher Customer Retention: With personalized rewards and messaging, Bully Max saw a significant increase in repeat customer rates.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: The streamlined, personalized mobile experience improved overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.
"Integrating the Bully Max Rewards program powered by with Shop2App gives the Bully Max team the ability to adapt their loyalty program to a true mobile commerce experience.” - Jonathan Roque,

Exclusive Features by Shop2App

  • Self-Service Portal: Enables customers to manage subscriptions by offering one-click actions like pausing, canceling, modifying, and more, dramatically reducing support tickets and improving satisfaction.

  • Bully Max Quiz: Shop2App’s team added a quiz in the app that personalizes the shopping experience by recommending products based on responses, increasing engagement and conversion rates.

  • Cancellation Flow: Simplifies the cancellation process with options for feedback and alternatives, reducing churn and improving insights into customer preferences to improve retention.

  • One-Click Checkout: Streamlined the purchasing process in the app with a fast checkout process, significantly boosting conversion rates by minimizing steps and reducing cart abandonment.

  • Analytics Dashboard: Shop2App offers an advanced analytics dashboard that allows Bully Max to track app engagement, conversions, performance, and more in real time to understand customer behavior.

Shop2App Review: 

“Amazing support, amazing team, highly recommended! 10/10.” - CEO, Bully Max


The collaboration between and Shop2App has revolutionized Bully Max’s approach to mobile shopping. By integrating these two powerful tools for their brand, they not only enhanced their loyalty experience (on mobile) but also created a more engaging, user-friendly mobile shopping experience. This integration showcases the potential of combining your loyalty program with a personalized mobile app to solve customer retention and engagement challenges.

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