How to Maximize Your Affiliate Program on Mobile with Refersion and Shop2App

June 11, 2024

Finding innovative ways to drive growth and enhance brand visibility is crucial – this is where the strategic integration of Shop2App x Refersion comes into play, offering a complete solution that empowers any brand to leverage affiliate marketing effectively within a personalized mobile app.

Integrating Refersion, a leading affiliate marketing platform, with Shop2App, your go-to mobile app builder for Shopify, can significantly boost your brand's growth. Let’s dive into leveraging this powerful combination for your brand’s success.

Why do you need Shop2App x Refersion?

  • Automated Affiliate Management: Simplify the management of your affiliate program with automation features that handle everything from sign-ups to payouts, all within your mobile app.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Get detailed analytics on affiliate performance, allowing you to optimize your marketing strategies for better results.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Keep your mobile app users engaged (using push notifications and personalization) with fresh content and promotions from your affiliates, improving the overall user experience and retention.
  • Increased Revenue Opportunities: With affiliates promoting your mobile app and products, you open up new channels for revenue, leveraging their audiences for your gain (and increased brand visibility.)

How DryEye Rescue leveraged Shop2App x Refersion?

DryEye Rescue utilized the Shop2App x Refersion integration to enhance its affiliate program, treating affiliates more like partners. This approach expanded their reach by incentivizing healthcare professionals to recommend their products and simplified the process of managing these partnerships through the mobile app.

The result? A notable increase in brand visibility and sales, demonstrating the effectiveness of combining a mobile app (made with Shop2App) and a powerful tool, Refersion, for a comprehensive affiliate marketing strategy.


Refersion + Shop2App offers a powerful solution for brands looking to enhance their affiliate marketing efforts and drive growth through a mobile app.

Connect with us to integrate Refersion and Shop2App into your e-commerce tech stack and boost your brand to a new level.

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