How this Popular Tea Brand Used Shop2App And Okendo To Improve Trust And Loyalty With A Personalized Mobile App

July 19, 2024, renowned for its premium-grade matcha tea sourced directly from traditional Japanese tea farms, has taken a significant step forward in enhancing customer experience on mobile through a strategic partnership between Shop2App and Okendo.

This collaboration focuses on leveraging user-generated content and reviews to build trust and deepen customer relationships via a personalized mobile app made with Shop2App. Here, we explore how this integration (Shop2App x Okendo) has transformed Matcha’s customer interactions and contributed to growth.

Background faced the challenge of effectively engaging with their customers on mobile, a critical segment given the growing dependency on smartphones for shopping – with over half of the online purchases (being done) on mobile.

The need was clear: a personalized mobile app to create a better mobile shopping experience for their customers with features like seamless subscription control, push notifications, and more, and integrating it with a review management tool to capture and display customer feedback (in the app) that could build trust and enhance purchase decisions, ultimately increasing conversions.

The Implementation

To create an engaging, personalized mobile app chose Shop2App – and integrated it with Okendo, the customer marketing platform that creates stronger connections between consumers and the brands they love that now seamlessly integrates with Shop2App. Shop2App’s team provides merchants with effortless, one-click integration options and helps them in every step from design to launch, by becoming a dedicated mobile app partner.

The implementation of Okendo’s features within their Shop2App mobile app was thoroughly planned and executed, focusing on several key areas:

  • Star Rating Widget on PDP: Shop2App integrated Okendo to display real-time customer ratings on every product page, allowing prospective buyers to see authentic reviews at a crucial decision-making point.

  • Reviews Widget on PDP: Customers can now read detailed reviews directly on the product pages. This transparency not only aids in informed decision-making but also enhances the credibility of products.
  • Write a Review Widget on Mobile App: This feature empowers customers to easily write reviews after their purchase, thus continuously enriching the pool of feedback and fostering a community feeling.

  • Capturing Customer Attributes on Mobile: By collecting detailed customer data during the review process, they can now offer a more personalized experience, tailoring promotions to meet individual preferences.’s Mobile App's mobile app, made with Shop2App, is personalized to cater specifically to its customers. Here are some of the key features of the app:

  • Push Notifications: These are used for targeted promotions (like content and new products), gathering feedback, subscription updates, and more, keeping their customers engaged and informed.

  • Seamless Subscriptions: Their customers can effortlessly manage their subscriptions directly from the app with one-click options, with all necessary updates delivered via push notifications.

  • Segmentation: Their app delivers personalized experiences for individual users using customer tags (for different customer segments), based on customer preferences, enhancing the shopping experience.

“If I had to choose just one app for our store, it would undoubtedly be Shop2App! Seriously, they have completely transformed how we manage subscriptions and retain customers – it's been a game changer. We're impressed with the personalized service they provide. All of our questions and requests for custom features are promptly supported or met with even better solutions. Shop2App is essentially like having a 1:1 mobile app partner for any subscription brand.” - COO,

The Impact

This integration of Okendo with Shop2App transformed’s app into a powerful tool for customer engagement and retention. Their personalized mobile experience led to a 45% increase in retention, a 32% increase in repeat purchases, and a 28% increase in user-generated content (UGC).

In the case of, the partnership between Shop2App and Okendo highlights the power of strategic integration (for the brand’s success), showcasing a powerful mobile app builder and effective review management tool that can create a trusted sales channel where customers feel valued and engaged. 

Contact us to learn how to transform your brand’s engagement and conversion strategy by integrating Shop2App and Okendo into your tech stack.

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