5 Ways Shopify Metafields Can Beautify Your PDP On A Mobile App

August 17, 2023
2 mins

Metafields are a great way for customising your PDPs at scale, and within seconds.

All it takes are some simple changes in your Shopify admin.

If you are unaware of how Metafields work, checkout Shopify’s article here.

Not diving into the technicalities, let’s quickly see 5 amazing examples of PDPs (+ app-versions) that have been customised using the power of Metafields 👇

1. Public Goods - Tabular Information

Main challenge

Public Goods, a member-only Shopify brand, wanted to replicate a tabular information block (as displayed above) from their website to app. 

This block was customised and very different from the normal text one sees on a PDP.

Custom solution

With the help of metafields, our team could show shoppers the exact same thing in the app. Small blocks like “Ingredients” and “What’s In It” really stood out in the PDP.

Value added

A tabular information block makes product details very interactive. Customers can engage with the widget piece, and browse through a lot of info in seconds.

This reduces your website bounce rate and makes your usual PDP highly customised and engaging.

2.  Olive Grove - Menu Customisations

Main challenge

Olive Grove, a Greek restaurant, that also delivers food via its Shopify website, wanted its menu customisation ability (shown above) within a mobile app.

Custom solution

Our team was able to replicate this menu customisation block on their app PDP. It worked like a charm and looked the exact same way as the website.

Value added

Customers while ordering the food from the app or website could easily customise their orders with a host of options, which made every order customised and as per the preference of the consumer.

3. Daan Go - Custom Messages On Product

Main challenge

Daan Go, a Canadian bakery, wanted its “Add a message!” and “Notes for the team?” block to be replicated on the app.

Custom solution

Using metafields, our team could customise Daan Go’s app version of the PDP with both blocks so that customers could add a message on the cake and deliver any additional instructions to the team.

Value added

Bakery businesses thrive on making someone feel special. A custom message on the cake and some detailed instructions really help the business do that. 

The core value addition here is to make it really easy for the customers to deliver an instruction and for the business to receive the same, whether it is for a bakery or any other F&B brand.

4. Safestyle - Size Chart & Feature List

Main challenge

Safestyle, a protective eyewear brand, wanted to show features and size chart on its app based PDP. While this was live on the website, customising it for an app was the major challenge.

Custom solution

Our team was able to customise this metafield - namely features and size chart - on the app so that users could quickly see all the features in a bulleted format, and also a graphical size chart for each eye wear when they clicked on it in the PDP.

Value added

Apparel and eye wear brands can make great use of this metafield customisation to show a lot of specifications of their products along with sizing related details - both textually and graphically.

5. TheHombre - Membership Block

Main challenge

TheHombre, a men’s luxury brand, wanted to add a membership block on its app PDP so that people could directly add it as an upsell to the cart white looking at a product.

Note: This feature was not available on their website.

Custom solution

Our team created a custom metafield for TheHombre and then made it live on their app PDP.

Value added

Membership first brands can easily add blocks like these on their PDP to grow their member base. It’s a simple way of highlighting your membership benefits and growing your brand loyalty.

And that’s about it

Metafields are the most powerful way of customising your PDP and making it stand out.

Want to try out any of the above customisations on a mobile app for your Shopify website? 

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