6 Subscription Email Flows on Klaviyo You Can Push as Notifications On Mobile App

Ankit Minocha
August 17, 2023
4 mins

Klaviyo is the best email marketing app on Shopify. 

But while emails have nearly a ∼10% open rate, push notifications have ∼40% open rate. 

Good news: You can convert all your Klaviyo flows into push notifications ⭐

All you need is a mobile app for your Shopify store. Know more here.

Here’s what you can do once you have the app:

  1. Send a gift/discount notification to boost subscriber LTV

Send a notification to your subscribers offering them a free gift or higher discount on an upcoming order.

Once they are delighted, you can also leave a small request asking them to review your product on Instagram to increase your social proofing.

Rewarding subscribers boosts loyalty and your subscription LTV. 

  1. Use upcoming order notifications to reduce churn

Customers often churn because of too much stock. 

Tackle this by simply adding a “Skip” or “Reschedule” button on your upcoming order notification to redirect your subscribers to the subscription portal.

From the portal, your subscribers can easily reschedule their delivery, skip an order or pause it in case of too much stock. 

This prevents any cancellations and reduces churn.

  1. Send a swap notification in case of out-of-stock situation

Say your product is out-of-stock and you have an upcoming auto-ship delivery. 

Instead of losing out on an order, send your subscriber a notification suggesting a product swap.

Product swap not only adds excitement for the subscriber, it also saves your revenue in an out of stock situation.

  1. Reactivate old subscribers using an app notification

Let’s say you have a list of subscribers who have stopped their subscription, but you want to reach out to them to restart their subscription by offering a discount.

A reactivation notification works wonders for this. In fact it is one of the highest ROI campaigns you can run.

You can also use Klaviyo data to understand why the customer canceled and personalize your notifications.

For instance, your reactivation notification to customers with a  “too-much-stock” cancellation reason can be sent out after 2-3 weeks.

  1. Send order status notifications to update your subscribers in real-time

You can send your subscribers a notification in the event that:

  1. They subscribe to a product
  2. To update them about order status
  3. When order is out for delivery
  4. When order has arrived

These notifications are a great way to update your subscriber in real-time.

  1. Add to upcoming order notifications to increase AOV

Upcoming order emails are the most profitable emails. Why? 

👉 Upselling

Imagine using upcoming order notifications to upsell your subscribers.

You can use Klaviyo data to hyper-personalize upsell notifications for your subscribers.

For instance, if you see a client using Vitamin B12 for a few months, upsell them Calcium tablets on an upcoming auto-ship order.

A simple upsell notification will do the job.

Bonus Point: Increase LTV by converting one time purchaser to subscribers 

Send a push notification to your one-time buyers to subscribe to your product for higher discounts. 

You can also use deep links in your emails to direct your one-time purchaser to your subscription widget in the app so they can avail a higher discoun by subscribingt. 

This will shoot your subscriber growth 🚀

Using your Klaviyo flows as push notifications is easy

With Shop2app’s deep integration with Klaviyo, you can delight your subscribers with highly personalized notifications.

We use deep link technology in our mobile apps so push notifications can redirect users to different app screens in just 1-click.

See how our deep link notifications work over a call here.

Check out our pricing to convert your Shopify store into a mobile app in < 1 week.

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