Shop2app partners with Zapiet to empower Local Businesses with a Mobile App

Ankit Minocha
August 7, 2023

We’re proud to announce that Shop2app has teamed up with Zapiet to deliver an elegant Mobile App for Cafes, Grocery Stores, Salad Bars and other local businesses . The integration will allow brands to build a deeper relationship with their customers by offering a personalized shopping experience and a faster way to shop on their Mobile Devices.

Mobile commerce has transformed the way people shop by providing customers with an unparalleled level of convenience. Now with Zapiet's seamless integration with Shop2app we have extended that convenience to merchants by giving them much greater control and ownership of how they operate. ~ Andrew Cargill (CEO, Zapiet)

Supercharging Growth for Local Brands

Local businesses are built on regular customers. These customers might come in every week, every day and sometimes several times a day (not even kidding).

From raising awareness before a visit to converting during a visit to increasing engagement after a visit, having a crystal-clear understanding of the critical influencing points in the customer experience is paramount to a brand's success.

A good example to understand this process is how Whole Foods solves this.

A fundamental feature of Whole Foods' strategy was to raise brand recognition and generate traffic to additional sites, with a focus on attracting new consumers. When consumers were near a Whole Foods or a competitor's shop, the corporation used geofenced messages to encourage them to come.

A Mckinsey report found that companies that are able to personalize the customer experience across physical and digital channel can achieve a 5 to 15 percent revenue increase across the full customer base.

Shop2App + Zapiet partnership aims to provide Shopify merchants with the same degree of technology infrastructure and strategies as the internet behemoths with trillions of dollars.~ Ankit Minocha (CEO, Shop2app)

How we work together

About Zapiet

Zapiet is the most complete store pickup and delivery app on the market. They offer an unbeatable feature set that includes product availability control, Shopify POS integration, live multi-location inventory, fraud prevention and outstanding tools for organizing orders.

Learn more about Zapiet - Store Pickup and Delivery app.

About Shop2App

Shop2app enables Brands to generate a Mobile App for their Shopify Store.

With a relentless focus on User Experience, and Mobile Growth for Brands, they provide a simple integration with popular e-commerce apps like Recharge Apps, Omnisend,, Klayiyo and now Zapiet.  

When you use the Shop2app and Zapiet integration, your mobile app syncs all the information that you had setup on Zapiet, seamlessly. This means that the customers who order from your website, can now easily use Store Pickup and Local Delivery on their mobile phones. As a result, your customers experience best-in-class shopping experience from your store.

  • Simplified Shopping Experience: The Date and Time Picker, Zip Code Validator and the Checkout process on the mobile app is simplified and follows the best design practices for conversions.

  • Support Unlimited Locations: If your store has multiple locations, and separate inventory for each store, your store's  mobile app provides the customers with a quick way to toggle between their nearest store.

  • Send Personalized Offers: Boost engagement with more contextualized messaging from Mobile App

Zapiet Customers are able to deploy a Mobile App for their stores with Faster Mobile Checkouts, Seamless BOPIS experience and Personalized Push Notifications. Learn more about the Integration here.

If you're new here, you can get started by installing Shop2app and Zapiet from Shopify App Store. Shop2app offers a 14 day trial plan, and for a limited time, a 20% Launch Discount to all customers who opt for Store Pickup and Delivery.  

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Featured Case Study

JustRight is a fast growing Asian Grocery Delivery startup from New Jersey. They currently serve Newyork, New Jersey and Virginia.

Their inventory comprises of fast-moving consumer goods, and they have built a strong community around their business.  They have a massive repeat customer rate, and they were looking to provide their customers with a simpler way to shop again.

We often sell Fresh and Homemade Indian Desserts, and they usually only last a couple of days. We used emails to notify people about these  daily offers. Unfortunately, the email conversions were not great on these, since the email open times varied, and by the time people placed an order, the items were already out of stock.  Since we deployed our branded mobile app by Shop2app and Zapiet, we used Push Notifications to notifiy about new offerings, and we have seen significant increase in Average Order Value and better conversions.- Swaroop (CEO, Zoom Groceries)

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