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Zilla Meals

Imagine if you owned a meal delivery service that served healthy and delicious meals to hundreds of folks on a daily basis. Those freshly made meals would be served in boxes that would be shipped to the customer’s doorsteps or distributed via drop-off points from where people could pick it up easily.

One can easily assume that it would take a good deal of dedication and love to run a business as vast and popular as this. Wouldn’t things get even better if your meal delivery business had an app from where customers could easily place an order and could get it delivered to their doorstep fast?

Zilla Meals is the business that we are talking about here. A family owned meal delivery chain that believes in a world where time is of the essence. Instead of letting people spend hours in the kitchen, cooking, measuring and clearing stuff, Zilla Meals gets their daily nutritional needs delivered to people across the United States fast.

Helping them in their mission of making healthy eating easy, Zilla Meals partnered up with Shop2app to build an app for their Shopify business. Taking a shot at understanding their business at start, our team here at Shop2app realized that Zilla Meals customers liked to order their favorite meals on a daily basis.

There was a very high reordering rate since it was a meal delivery service. To encourage repeat ordering on an app was very ideal as customers could instantly jump on the app and use buy-it-again blocks to reorder their meals in a single click. Shop2app did exactly that and we witnessed a spike in the reordering rate by 28%

Sho2app further enabled an order customisation feature for the business from where the customers could customize their meal options at the time of checking out via app. That way if a customer wanted to tweak their order to say beef instead of chicken in a particular meal, they could do that in a couple of clicks!

Once the meal was ordered, Zilla Meals could ship it to their customer’s doorstep in literally no time using the app’s power to deliver locally and ship globally. Zilla Meals also had a thriving distribution chain from where people could pick up their orders. Using the powerful Zapiet integration in Shop2app, Zilla Meals could encourage their clients to buy-online & pickup at a store near them too.  

Marketing your services and engaging customers on a daily basis is very important for a meal delivery business. The push notifications feature in Shop2app helped Zilla Meals in reaching out to customers with their daily meal offers and attracting them to the app to order those meals.

Zilla meals also had a great social media presence. To drive more downloads for the app, they incentivized clients to use the app by offering more discounts if customers ordered via the app. Moreover the app was also promoted on their website and email newsletter to increase its reach.

Through their efforts, Zilla Meals could pull in over a thousand app users in less than three months. The figures themselves speak out loud on how an app proved to be a great investment for Zilla Meal’s business as in the last 2 months itself they had around over XXX orders placed from the app.

An app can really work wonders for a meal delivery and restaurant business. This becomes very clear from Zilla Meal’s experience working with Shop2app as in the last three months of using a custom built Shopify app, Zilla Meals was able to see almost 30% of their revenue come in via the app. We are glad to serve Zilla Meals and partner up with them in their mission of making healthy eating easy!

Want to get an app for your Shopify restaurant or Shopify meal delivery business. Get one custom built for your store in no time!