Growth Made Simple with Subscriptions

The subscription feature not only simplifies the shopping process for your customers but also encourages repeat business, enhancing customer loyalty and building a reliable revenue stream.

Transforming one-time shoppers into loyal, repeat customers has never been easier. Empower your brand with the subscription feature, and tap into the potential of the subscription economy today. 

Subscriptions on Shopify can now be managed easily using a mobile app!

Turn your one-time purchasers into repeat customers with the subscription feature.

Skip a delivery

Your customers can skip a delivery if they do not want the product to be delivered. The delivery will resume as per the subscription interval.

Drive more revenue for your Shopify store by setting up subscriptions in no time!

Customers can see the complete delivery schedule of their upcoming subscription shipments on the app.

Easy to use in-app Subscription Feature
Simple Subscription Interface
Subscription Upsells
Change the frequency of delivery

Customers can opt for a different delivery schedule depending on their needs. They can change the delivery interval or set a particular date as per their requirement.

Add something new to your upcoming delivery

Your customers can add products on to their upcoming subscription delivery. These appended orders can either be a one-off purchase or  a recurrent subscription.

Lists all active and inactive subscriptions on shopify

Customers can easily see all of their subscriptions that are active as well as inactive. They can even reactivate the inactive ones.

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