6 Ways A Mobile App for Your Shopify Store Can Boost Your Cart Conversion Rates

Ankit Minocha
August 17, 2023
3 mins

Cart page drop-offs hurt a lot. 

You burn endless time and money to bring customers to the cart but before they buy, they drop.

Joining hands with our cart partner Rebuy, we offer you 6 cart conversion hacks that Shopify brands can use on their personalized mobile app.

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Let's go!

1. Increase cart AOV with upsells and cross-sells

With the ‍Shop2app x Rebuy integration, our brands can make great product recommendations to the customers on the cart to boost AOV.

Upsell and cross-sell blocks like “You May Also Like” & “Top Sellers” help you do that easily.

Matcha Kari could increase their retention by up to 45% and repeat purchase by up to 32% using our Rebuy integration.

2. Fast cart conversions with 1-Click ShopPay checkout

1-Click ShopPay checkout is the fastest way to make purchases on Shopify. Our mobile app builder supports it and results in faster conversions for your cart checkouts.

3. Boosting LTV with customer rewards on the cart

With Shop2app X Smile.io/Stamped, brands can let customers redeem their reward points on the cart using coupons codes.

Result 👉 higher LTV and a loyal customer base.

4. Free Shipping Bar on cart to boost AOV

A free shipping bar on the cart helps increase AOV as customers are urged to add more to get a free delivery.

Works like a charm!

5. BOPIS on cart for local delivery brands

Shop2app x Zapiet integration offers a special feature for clients with local delivery needs: BOPIS (buy online, pick up in-store). 

With a user-friendly date and time picker, customers can effortlessly schedule either a local delivery or a store pickup at their preferred date and time

6. Add to wishlist button for faster checkouts

Shop2app provides a customized ‘Add to wishlist’ button on the app that helps shoppers save items for future purchases without the pressure of having to buy them right away. 

Cart Your Way to Success

CRO (conversion rate optimization) on mobile app carts is relatively new to Shopify DTC brands.

But after working with several subscription-first brands, our team has figured out the best practices for mobile app cart conversions.

Increase your cart conversions and boost your cart AOV by building a mobile app for your Shopify store.

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