How To 3X Your Conversion Rates Using Personalized Home Screens On Your Shopify Mobile App

Ankit Minocha
August 28, 2023
3 mins

A generic home screen is a missed opportunity.

A personalized home screen on a mobile app for your Shopify store can:

  • Improve user experience
  • Drive more clicks
  • Boosts conversions

We've helped 20+ companies increase their total sales by 3.5X using personalised apps.

Here are the features that we used for personalizing the home screen:

1. Increase Repeat Orders with “Buy-It-Again” Block

This block makes it easier for your customers to reorder their previously placed orders quickly with the least number of clicks. This has resulted in a 10% increase in repeat orders for our clients.

2. Improve LTV with “Upcoming Subscription Order” Block

Customers get to see their upcoming subscription order directly on their home screen.

It is a constant reminder to the customers should they want to make any changes to their subscription order.

Customers can skip, pause, cancel or add to an order depending on their needs.

3. Give real-time updates with “Upcoming Delivery” Block

We provide an upcoming delivery block for the customers that keeps them updated about the status of their order.

4. Increase AOV with “You May Also Like” Block

Your customers get a block of tailored recommendations based on their previous purchases, browsing history, and preferences. 

5. Speed up shopping experience with “Shop where you left off” Block

This block displays the category the customers were previously exploring, seamlessly guiding them back to the exact page they exited from.

6. Improve Mobile App Conversions with a Saved Store

Shop2app lets you connect your multiple outlets to your dashboard. Your customers would be able to save the store that is closest to them. The saved store would be preselected each time they order. However, they can toggle between other stores when required.

7. Remove shopping friction on app using “Saved Language”

We provide customers the freedom to shop in their chosen language.

Once selected, the app remembers their preference, consistently opening in the same language.

However, the option to change the language based on their needs remains available.

Personalisation = Faster Conversions & Better Shopping!

Personalization leads to the improvement of the major e-commerce metrics for your Shopify store like:

  • Faster Shopping Conversions
  • Improved Customer Loyalty
  • Lower Churn & Improved Retention
  • Higher CLTV

We provide our clients all the personalization on mobile apps that their customers could ever ask for. 

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