Deep Links and Attribution: Create and Track the Impact on App Marketing

Ankit Minocha
September 19, 2023
4 minutes

Did your targeted and well-written notification about an upcoming sale drop your customers on your app’s home screen? Talk about a wasted opportunity.

What you need is a deep link within your push notification, seamlessly guiding customers directly to the specific product or page mentioned in the notification.


There are two types of deep links that we support:


Default deep links only direct users to an app if it’s already installed.

Default deep links are useful for retargeting campaigns where an app marketer is solely interested in finding users who have the app installed and want them to return.


Deferred deep links direct users to the App or Play Store if the user does not have the app installed, and then open the original page that the user was directed to.


Discover 10 ways Shop2App deep links boost your app's push notifications and existing email campaigns, elevating engagement, conversions, and retention-

 1. Deep Link to PDP

Direct users to the PDP to promote special events, product launches, limited-time offers such as flash sales, or member-exclusive discounts. Users click the link and instantly see the promoted product.

2. Deep Link to Add Products to Upcoming Orders

This type of deep link streamlines the shopping process for users. This is especially effective for time-sensitive offers, where users can quickly add a product to their next scheduled delivery. 

3. Deep Link to Add a Review to Recently Ordered Products

You can share a review link as a push notification with your customers who have recently made a purchase. This helps you build the credibility of your business.

4. Deep Link to Access Loyalty and Rewards

Lead users directly to a page where they can redeem their earned rewards points or access special offers associated with their loyalty program. It is an effective way to engage and retain customers. 

5. Deep Link to Access Social Media Content

Deep linking to access live videos and other content provides users with quick and seamless access to real-time updates and engaging content on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and other social networks.

This helps businesses enhance user engagement, boost viewership, and create more interactive and rewarding experiences for their audiences.

6. Deep Link for Subscription-Related Actions

Deep linking for subscription management can significantly enhance the user experience for subscription-based services. Benefits like the ability to -

  • Pause/skip subscriptions
  • Customize delivery frequency and quantity
  • Add single/subscription products to upcoming subscription orders
  • Auto apply discounts on the next delivery, etc.
  • Swap subscription products

lead to a significant increase in customer retention.

7. Deep Link to the Highlighted Collection

Deep linking to highlighted collections, especially those tied to trending themes like seasonal offerings, allows businesses to promote specific product selections and capitalize on consumer interests. 


8. Deep Link to Recovering Abandoned Carts

Return users to an abandoned shopping cart or a specific page in the checkout process.


9. Deep Link to Personalized Content

Send updates on the products a user has expressed interest in, as well as related products based on purchase history.


10. Deep Link to Boost Re-engagement Campaigns

Deep links can be used to direct inactive users straight to your high-impact in-app content or encourage activities that are proven to re-engage users.


Deep Links → Attribution

Deep links seamlessly transport users to in-app content through various channels, including:

  • Email to app
  • Push notification to app
  • Social media posts to app
  • Ad to app
  • SMS to app
  • Web link to app
  • App to app
  • Search result listing to app (using app indexing)

Shop2App meticulously monitors all users originating from deep links, effectively bridging the attribution gap with unmatched match rates for previously elusive and challenging-to-optimize channels.

Our service offerings encompass both Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) and Mobile Linking Platform (MLP) solutions:

  • MMP: Delivers impartial attribution across your entire spectrum of paid advertising networks, providing unparalleled insights into your mobile marketing endeavors.
  • MLP: Offers deep linking and attribution capabilities for your owned and earned marketing channels, serving as a vital and distinct complement to the MMP's functionality focused on paid advertising.

By analyzing the performance of deep links, brands can reassess the effectiveness of their channels and gauge the ROI they deliver.

To learn more about our deep links feature, click here.

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