How Does Shop2App Integrate With Your Expansion Stores?

Ankit Minocha
October 10, 2023
4 minutes

Expansion stores are distinct Shopify stores that function independently of one another.

This autonomy enables your brand to operate in different markets, with region-specific regulations.

Shop2App integrates with the Expansion Store to provide an exciting solution that helps you:

  • Drive customer conversion across multiple cities
  • Boost sales from multiple countries via app
  • Scale your B2B wholesale business via app

All this with a custom mobile app for your Shopify store! 

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How does your mobile application facilitate global store expansion?

Our seamless integration with Shopify Expansion Store empowers us to propel our clients' businesses onto the international stage. 

Here are three ways in which we helped our clients use the expansion store successfully:

1. Drives customer conversion across multiple cities

A multi-city store structure gives merchants greater control and flexibility in their approach to each individual market, especially if they have-

  • different products- separate inventory
  • price points- different overheads in each city
  • promotions- market-specific content or campaigns across each region.

It leads to the complete localization of your store.

Multi-city brand and Shop2App client “Daan Go” makes use of expansion stores for this reason.

2. Boosts sales from multiple countries via app

The expansion store offers multiple features to brands that want to go global-

  • Multiple Languages

 Translating your store's content can lead to greater sales from global customers.

For example, Shop2App can help you sell in both the United States and France using different languages.

However, to do that, you need to set up separate international domains-

  • for the United States
  • for France

  • Different Payment Modes

When a market contains a country that is eligible for one or more local payment methods, a payment card is displayed in your market settings with the available local payment methods. 

For example, if you have a market for Europe that only contains Belgium, then Bancontact is available on the payment card. If you have a market for Europe that contains both Belgium and the Netherlands, then both Bancontact and iDeal are available on the payment card.

We facilitate our clients with the integration option of local payment methods. It has helped them significantly improve their conversions.

  • Tailored Experience

A clothing line brand can showcase its summer collection in the US and its winter collection in Australia at the same time with our multiple countries support.

  • Separate Inventory

Your custom app will show only those products that are available in the inventory of the country selected to shop from.

  • Localized Delivery

If a country has complex rules for international shipping and taxes (different for each product), it’s best to have a local store with a local delivery option. 

Shop2app provides both local delivery and in-store pickup options to its clients through its date and time picker feature.


3. Scale you B2B wholesale business via app

We helped Dry Eye Rescue Pro manage their wholesale business with an expansion store.

We created a specific storefront with wholesale pricing and shipping that made it easier for distribution partners to order what they needed, when they needed it.


Why do DTC Merchants need an expansion store?

DTC merchants have different motivations for launching a second store on Shopify, but the common theme is to organize content for a more specific audience.

Shop2App has helped bring the benefits and features of an expansion store to their clients’ custom mobile apps.


Get in touch with us here to learn more about the Shop2App x Expansion store integration benefits!


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