Dry Eye Rescue, a national pharma brand, built an exclusive B2B app for wholesalers with a Shopify mobile app builder

Dry Eye Rescue, a wholesale friendly pharma brand, used Shop2app to build a B2B mobile app that was exclusive to its wholesalers.

Building a Shopify mobile app that was exclusive to wholesalers

Dry Eye Rescue had a panel of thousands of eyecare professionals they were selling to as a part of its retail operations. 

But at the same time DER was heavily invested in their wholesale operations and had a separate wholesale store on Shopify.

Dry Eye Rescue had partnered up with Sobefy in their search for building up a mobile app that could serve their wholesale clients.

Sobefy’s founder and DER’s CTO - Oscar Diaz, got in touch with Shop2App’s team while looking for a Tapcart alternative that could do wholesale.

Shop2App’s vision was in line with Shopify’s B2B suite and we got down to building a custom B2B wholesale app for DER.

The issues we intended to tackle were:

Lack of Serviceability

DryEye Rescue Pro's serviceability suffered due to its website-dependent model, failing to meet the convenience and speed needs of its mobile-oriented B2B customer base.

Inadequate User Experience

Users reported clumsy interfaces and hard navigation on their mobile devices, owing to the fact that a mobile browser is more of a generic than a personalized experience. 

Increased Churn Rate

There was no way for DryEye to engage customers through a website. They could not get their customers to interact with them, leading to an increased churn rate.

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DryEye Mobile App Results

Higher ROI
Increment in Orders
Increase in LTV

5 B2B features that powered Dry Eye Rescue’s wholesale app 

01. B2B wholesale app with limited access to pricing (only for pre-approved customers)

DER’s pricing catalog was entirely different for wholesale customers. The wholesale app ensured that only wholesale customers with login credentials could gain access to that pricing and no one else.

02. High-level personalisation with customer-specific pricing

Using Shopify tags, DER could build customer segments and show them special pricing which was specific only to that segment. 

3. More discounts for more quantity with volume based pricing 

Volume based pricing was made available so that DER’s wholesale customers could enjoy higher discounts as they added more products to the cart.

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4. Creating quick order lists to add multiple variants in the same cart

Keeping in mind Shopify’s B2B suite, our team was able to create quick order lists in which multiple variants of the same product could be added from a single PDP - that too in bulk.

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5. Wholesale subscriptions for higher LTV

While subscriptions weren’t available in Shopify’s B2B suite, our team was able to recreate the same retail-friendly subscription features for Dry Eye Rescue on their wholesale app using Recharge integration.

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6. Vaulted credit cards for improved security

With Vaulted credit cards, DER’s wholesale customers could securely store their cards on file at checkout or in customer accounts, which sped up the payment process and improved the conversion rate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take to launch the app?

Shop2app can be set up in no time. It will take 1 - 5 hours to set up the preview app.

From there it will take a few days to 2 weeks to get approved in the Google/Apple stores and have your mobile app available for download by your customers.

Can my Shopify Plus Store be converted to an Android and iOS app?

Yes Shop2app does exactly that! It converts your Shopify Plus Store into an easy-to-use & customer friendly mobile app!

Are the mobile app and Shopify store interconnected?

Yes! Your app will always be in real-time sync with your Shopify store. Products, collections, pricing, inventory & discounts are all updated in real time.

Do you help in designing the mobile app for my shopify store?

Sure thing! Our team will help you end-to-end in designing the app and launching it to both the App Store and Google Play Store with all your latest products and discounts!

Would I need a developer for setting up the app?

Nope! Our team will help you set it all up. You don’t need a developer at all to begin with. However if you do require some customizations, our team is happy to help with the process

Will my existing push notifications remain the same with Shop2App?

Yes, your push notifications will continue to work seamlessly with Shop2App, ensuring your communication with customers remains uninterrupted.

How does Shop2App handle pricing compared to Tapcart?

Shop2App offers fair and transparent pricing with no unexpected price hikes. You'll know exactly what you're paying for.

Can Shop2App integrate with other Shopify Apps?

Yes, Shop2App seamlessly integrates with Shopify Apps like Klaviyo, Recharge, Yotpo and several others.