Empowering Store Pickup & Local Delivery: 8 Must-Have Features of Shop2app x Zapiet Integration

Ankit Minocha
August 26, 2023
3 minutes

Zapiet is the most complete store pickup and delivery app on the market. 

Zapiet seamlessly integrated with Shop2app brings its unmatched features to clients' custom Shopify mobile apps, granting them greater control and ownership of their customer base.

Here are 8 unbeatable features that are included in the Shop2app x Zapiet integration suite: 

1.   BOPIS (Buy online, pickup in store) and local delivery

Customers get the option of either getting orders delivered to their homes or buying online and going to the store to pick up their purchases.

Feature set of BOPIS-

  • Date and Time picker- Facilitates picking up a delivery date and time by the customers
  • Merchants can set which products can be shipped, delivered, and picked up from where and at what time.
  • Merchants can limit delivery slots and the number of orders per delivery slot.
  • Zip Code Validator- Lets customers check whether they are eligible for local delivery. 

2.  Delivery rate calculator

At checkout, correct rates are added based on pickup, local delivery, or shipping which helps avoid customer service issues leading to increased retention. 

3.   1 click-checkout on the mobile app

We offer our clients the provision to integrate with vendors like ShopPay and PayPal to provide 1-click checkout for their customers.

4.   Flexible order restrictions

Merchants can restrict future orders to stop customers from ordering too far into the future. They can even restrict certain products to specific dates which is perfect for busy periods and holiday seasons.

5.   Blackout dates

This integration also offers merchants to set blackout dates when their customers cannot make any order. They can also prevent their customers from ordering on specific dates.

6.   Push notifications for delivery status

Merchants have the option to send push notifications through their app to customers regarding the delivery status of their orders. This helps increase customer loyalty subsequently leading to higher retention.

7.   Live and unlimited Locations and inventories support

If a client’s store has multiple locations, and separate inventory for each store, then the store's mobile app provides the customers with a quick way to toggle between their nearest store.

The client can connect all the inventories and manage them from a single screen.

8.   Multiple language support

Merchants can choose the language of their apps according to the region.  

Improve Customer Experience with Shop2app x Zapiet Integration

Shop2app's integration with Zapiet syncs merchant app information seamlessly, extending Store Pickup and Local Delivery features to website customers on mobile. This hyper-personalized experience yields a striking 3.5X conversion rate surge!

Why Us?

Through our integration with Zapiet, we've assisted over 20 local delivery brands. With the support of Shop2app, they've witnessed significant improvements: conversion rates increased by 3.5X, average order value grew by 16%, and repeat purchases rose by 14%.

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