Shop2App Introduces “Tracking User Journeys On App” Via Klaviyo For Omnichannel DTC Marketing

Ankit Minocha
August 30, 2023
2 mins

If you’re reading this article then Omnichannel marketing must be something you’ve heard of. 

In case you’re not familiar, checkout Klaviyo’s amazing article here.

Story Till Now - Omni Channel Flows Via Klaviyo x Shop2App

To engage customers on an omnichannel level, Shop2App x Klaviyo integration allowed DTC brands to set up flows on email, SMS, and push.

Klaviyo’s Omni Channel Flows

Setting up push notifications via Shop2App x Klaviyo is easy. DTC brands can leverage our deep link technology for this.

Setting Up Push Notification On Your Mobile App (Shop2App x Klaviyo)

And now with our latest addition to our deep integration with Klaviyo, DTC brands can closely track customer’s user journey via multiple channels - website, email, SMS and push.

Latest Addition: Tracking Customer Journey’s Via Klaviyo

This is what a DTC customer’s journey looks like in 2023 👇

DTC Customer’s User Journey in 2023

There are multiple touchpoints because of DTC brands’ omnichannel approach. Tracking how and why a customer converted is difficult.

However with Shop2App, Klaviyo brands and Klaviyo agencies can very closely see every action that the customer undertook and how it got them one step closer to making a purchase.

Klaviyo Dashboard Tracking Omni Channel User Journey

Tracking your customer’s behavior on your Shopify website, emails, SMS and mobile app becomes easier than ever.

Drive Key Performance Metrics For Your Flows With Klaviyo x Shop2App 

Using our deep integration with Klaviyo, brands will be able to see channel-wise revenue performance.

Moreover with added Push Notifications tracking, brands can see different metrics like open rate, click rate, bounce rate, spam and unsubscribe rate.

Based on this information, brands can revisit what channels are working well and how much ROI they are yielding.

To know more about our latest “Trackable User Journey” features click here.

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