Collective Shoes

Collective Shoes is one of New Zealand's most popular shoe stores, stocking the largest range of women’s shoes, from boots to heels, sandals to wovens, flats to sneakers, all day comfort to orthotic friendly. 

Every season, they put together a collection of high quality shoes that feel as good as they look. By incorporating artistic details, unmatched craftsmanship, and exquisite materials, they carefully design and source their shoes from countries like Spain, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, and China, catering to the diverse preferences and needs of different lifestyles.

Challenge: Low Customer Retention

Collective Shoes was facing the problem of customer retention. While they were running a strong email campaign, they were hardly getting any repeat customers. Their engagement efforts were not providing any results.

Hence, retaining customers was proving to be difficult.

Lack of Personalized User Experience

Customers found it inconvenient to use Collective Shoes' mobile site or to have to switch to a computer to make a purchase. The generic user experience of a website did not build a strong relationship with customers.

Low Customer Engagement

The absence of a dedicated app constrained Collective Shoes' ability to foster customer engagement and loyalty. This void in personalization subsequently contributed to an escalated churn rate and low customer retention.

Lack of Effective Communication

Collective Shoes launched many email marketing campaigns. However, the open rate remained at an all time low. Without an app, Collective Shoes had a harder time communicating with customers. There was no real-time interaction.

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Collective Shoes Mobile App Results

increase in the email click to app open rate
Increase in LTV
Increase  in revenue from
email-to-app marketing

The Solution

Personalized Mobile App tailored to improving customer retention

Push Notifications

Shop2App's smart push notifications have enabled Collective Shoes to increase retention and reduce churn. Recency and frequency of communications from an app encouraged customers to re-engage and ultimately convert.

Multi-Level Categorization

The mobile app offers simpler navigation with its multi-level categorization feature. Advanced filtering helps further simplify the process. This efficient user interface has led to a significant reduction in the churn rate.


Metafields in this mobile app serve as custom fields that store unique information like colour and size of the shoes. They are particularly useful for managing specific content that isn't inherently catered for within the app's default setup, thereby offering enhanced flexibility and precision in ordering.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take to launch the app?

Shop2app can be set up in no time. It will take 1 - 5 hours to set up the preview app.

From there it will take a few days to 2 weeks to get approved in the Google/Apple stores and have your mobile app available for download by your customers.

Can my Shopify Plus Store be converted to an Android and iOS app?

Yes Shop2app does exactly that! It converts your Shopify Plus Store into an easy-to-use & customer friendly mobile app!

Are the mobile app and Shopify store interconnected?

Yes! Your app will always be in real-time sync with your Shopify store. Products, collections, pricing, inventory & discounts are all updated in real time.

Do you help in designing the mobile app for my shopify store?

Sure thing! Our team will help you end-to-end in designing the app and launching it to both the App Store and Google Play Store with all your latest products and discounts!

Would I need a developer for setting up the app?

Nope! Our team will help you set it all up. You don’t need a developer at all to begin with. However if you do require some customizations, our team is happy to help with the process

Will my existing push notifications remain the same with Shop2App?

Yes, your push notifications will continue to work seamlessly with Shop2App, ensuring your communication with customers remains uninterrupted.

How does Shop2App handle pricing compared to Tapcart?

Shop2App offers fair and transparent pricing with no unexpected price hikes. You'll know exactly what you're paying for.

Can Shop2App integrate with other Shopify Apps?

Yes, Shop2App seamlessly integrates with Shopify Apps like Klaviyo, Recharge, Yotpo and several others.