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The best Tapcart alternative is here!

Move over the old-school Tapcart app and welcome Shop2app; a faster, affordable and simpler Shopify app to grow your Shopify Business!

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Choose the best out of all Tapcart Competitors!

Why Shop2app is better than Tapcart Shopify app?

Reordering on Shop2app is much faster than Tapcart because of readymade blocks

Increase repeat purchases of products that customer likes the most. Shop2app is the best tapcart alternative to enable faster reordering of products for your Shopify business.

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Ease out product discovery with multi-level product categories

Help your customers navigate through a huge catalog with three-level product categorization. You can showcase multiple brands and multiple product collections without any hassle!

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Orders can be customized in so many different ways

Let customers customize their orders directly within their app without having to take the time to speak with someone over the phone about their preferences. 

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Tapcart vs Shop2app

The only mobile app builder that supports Shopify's latest features

It’s time to stop paying high Tapcart pricing for less features.

Why choose Shop2app over Tapcart mobile app?

Our best-in-class features top the chart out of all tapcart competitors!

Our app is designed in such a way that everything from subscriptions to product catalogs can easily be accessed using single clicks in the app, enabling a superfast shopping experience.

Buy online, Pick Up in Store.

Take advantage of the fastest growing BOPIS trend. Your customers can buy goods online from your Shopify app and then pick it up from the store anytime they want.

Automate your Marketing

Automate your seasonal sales and product drops easily. You can simply schedule product drops and seasonal offers from the app and hit them to your customers using scheduled notifications. None of our competition including the Tapcart app supports this!

Push notifications straight to your customer’s phone screens!

Choose the best alternative to tapcart shopify app that gives you the power to push notifications straight to your client’s mobile phone. Attract your customers with your latest deals and greatest offers in one go!

Start selling subscriptions in minutes!

Customers can subscribe to your product in a few clicks. That way they don’t have to order it again and again. Once subscribed, the product gets ordered automatically every month!

Bring back customers with abandoned carts

Give customers a reason to complete their pending checkout process. Offer dynamic discount codes to clients with abandoned products in their carts and convert them into dollars. 

Showcase your blogs and educational content

Showcase your latest blogs and impress clients with your best content. You can push notifications to promote the brand content you want and drive more purchases via app.

Multi-location support is easy!

If your business has multi-locations then we offer you an end-to-end solution to manage all the locations in one app. This ensures that your product inventory is always well managed.

Best Of All Tapcart Alternatives Is Here

Tapcart App v/s Shop2app? Choose wisely!

Supports Shopify's Latest Features!

Save information once - use it forever

Customers have to checkout only once after which their info gets stored in the app forever.

Real-time sync with your Shopify store

Your Shopify business and your Shopify app always stay in continuous data sync without lag. 

Reflect order status right on the home screen

Real time order status and tracking is shown right on the home screen of your customer’s app.

Free shipping bar & minimum order value

You can encourage your clients to order more with free shipping above a certain order value (say $200). You can also fix a minimum order value for both shipping and local delivery so clients can’t order below it (say $50). 

Start selling more to your existing customers 

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