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Why brands migrate from Tapcart?
No Commissions
Membership Features
In-app Community Features
Subscription-Centric Features
Dedicated Account Manager
Real Time Slack Support
Trusted by 50+ Top Brands

Why Brands Choose Shop2App over Tapcart?

Hook, engage and sell with amazing app features

Focused Design
Attract repeat consumers by
involving them in a one-of-a-kind
subscription model.
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Focused Design
Attract repeat consumers by
involving them in a one-of-a-kind
subscription model.
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Multilingual App
Serve your customers in the language of their choice.
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Improved Customer Loyalty
Win over your customers with a variety
of reward offerings and get the desired
outputs- purchases, reviews, social
follows, and much more.
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Why Brands Choose Shop2App over Tapcart?

(Much) Better Personalization

Shop2App offers endless personalization blocks, at no additional cost. Tailor your app to meet the unique needs and preferences of your customers.

Extensive Personalization options with no additional cost. All available in our dashboard. No Coding Required.

Limited Personalization, often with additional costs.

Advanced Analytics

Shop2App offers advanced app analytics, providing every possible data point valuable in understanding and optimizing your app’s performance.


Advanced analytics is included in all our plans for no extra cost.


Basic analytics, requiring additional costs for advanced features.

In-App Landing Pages

With Shop2App, you can create in-app landing pages for your collections, offers, educational content, and more, one of our exclusive features.

These are native app-screens, which means they load extremely fast.

You can even connect Push Notifications, directly to Landing Pages.

Fixed-Rate Pricing

We don't charge any success fees or commissions on app sales. Enjoy transparent and predictable pricing with us, ensuring you keep all your revenue. Plan starting at $500 per month.

With Tapcart - You pay additional fees and commissions on sales.


With Shop2App, you can offer your customers a member-only app, that shows limited functionality for non-members.

Exclusive Subscriptions Portal

Turn your one-time buyers into repeat customers with our easy-to-use in-app portal and exclusive subscription-centric features, and see your LTV shoot through the roof!

Custom Feature Development

Our experts custom code unique features to set your brand’s app apart, whether you need a feature or a specific design customization.

Seamless Migration to Shop2App

Switching to Shop2App from Tapcart (or any other mobile app builder) is seamless and straightforward.

No Data Loss

All your customer data, existing users, and push notification flows are transferred securely.

Dedicated Support

Our team assists you throughout the migration process, ensuring everything is set up perfectly.

No Reinstalls

Auto-update handles everything, and your customers don’t have to reinstall your mobile app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take to migrate?

Shop2app can be set up in no time. It will take 1 - 2 hours to set up the preview app.

From there it will take around a week to complete migration. Shop2App team handles the complete process.

What makes Shop2App a better choice than Tapcart?

Shop2App offers a highly customizable solution that empowers brands to request specific coding, resulting in a unique app experience tailored to their needs. Tapcart has limitations in this regard.

Can I personalize the shopping experience for my customers with Shop2App?

Absolutely! Shop2App provides advanced personalization features that have been proven to increase customer engagement by up to 20%, something that Tapcart lacks.

Does Shop2App help in designing the mobile app for my shopify store?

Sure thing! Our team will help you end-to-end in designing the app and launching it to both the App Store and Google Play Store with all your latest products and discounts!

Would I need a developer for setting up custom blocks?

Nope! Our team will help you set it all up. You don’t need a developer at all to begin with. However if you do require some customizations, our team is happy to help with the process

Will my existing push notifications remain the same with Shop2App?

Yes, your push notifications will continue to work seamlessly with Shop2App, ensuring your communication with customers remains uninterrupted.

How does Shop2App handle pricing compared to Tapcart?

Shop2App offers fair and transparent pricing with no unexpected price hikes. You'll know exactly what you're paying for.

Can Shop2App integrate with other Shopify Apps?

Yes, Shop2App seamlessly integrates with Shopify Apps like Klaviyo, Recharge, Yotpo and several others.

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Push Notifications are a total game changer! 

Nick Noble
COO, Matcha.com

Why Shop2app is better than Tapcart Shopify app?

Enjoy the latest features of Shopify with Shop2app. We keep you updated.


Shop2app offers Code Level Customizations, highly relevant for fast-growing brands

Faster Reordering

Reordering on Shop2app is much faster than Tapcart because of readymade blocks

B2B & Wholesale

Shop2app offers specific features relevant for Wholesale Brands

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Shopify's latest features

Shopify's newest features are at your fingertips with Shop2app.

Buy online, Pick Up in Store.

Take advantage of the fast-growing BOPIS trend. Your customers can buy goods online from your Shopify app and then pick them up from the store anytime they want.

Push notifications straight to your customers’ phone screens

Choose the best alternative to tapcart Shopify app that gives you the power to push notifications straight to your client’s mobile phone. Attract your customers with your latest deals and offers in one go!

Showcase your blogs and educational content

Create impressive blog content that attracts and engages your target audience. Showcase those blogs and educate your customers as well.

Sync with your Shopify Store

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