Mega Mart

Megamart is a leading retailer in South Korea for all your grocery and culinary needs. With roots dating back to 1981, it has come a long way to become a household name there, operating 14 successful stores. But its journey didn't stop there; in 2009, it made its grand debut in the US market with a store in the heart of Gwinnett.

Challenge: Low Customer Retention

They had an influx of one-time customers. But the issue was with retention. The customers were not coming back for more.

Low retention was causing a significant reduction in revenue.

Limited Serviceability

Mega mart was accessible solely through a desktop or mobile browser. This was particularly problematic for those customers who were always on-the-move. The process lacked the convenience and speed sought by many customers.

Low Customer Engagement

Without an app, engaging features such as personalized offers and loyalty programs were not delivering to their fullest potential. This lack of customer engagement subsequently intensified the challenge of brand loyalty and retention.

Inadequate User Experience

Users were confronted with cumbersome interfaces and complex navigation on their mobile devices. This predicament was largely due to the inherent "one-size-fits-all" nature of mobile browsers.

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Mega Mart Mobile App Results

Higher ROI
Increase in Retention
Increase in AOV

The Solution

Personalized mobile app tailored to solve low customer retention issue


With the app, Mega mart sends push notifications, personalized recommendations, and exclusive offers to customers. By tailoring the user experience to each customer, it has also increased conversion by showing the customer products that they are more likely to purchase. 

Loyalty Program

With a mobile app, Mega mart has built stronger relationships with customers by utilizing features like  loyalty programs and rewards. These features have increased repeat revenue and provided a more customized and relevant experience for its customers.

Fast Checkout

With the app, customers can checkout quickly with an accelerated 1-tap checkout integration that lets them save their email address, credit card, and shipping and billing information with a 100% safety guarantee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my Shopify Plus Store be converted to an Android and iOS app?

Yes Shop2app does exactly that! It converts your Shopify Plus Store into an easy-to-use & customer friendly mobile app!

Are the mobile app and Shopify store interconnected?

Yes! Your app will always be in real-time sync with your Shopify store. Products, collections, pricing, inventory & discounts are all updated in real time.

Do you help in designing the mobile app for my shopify store?

Sure thing! Our team will help you end-to-end in designing the app and launching it to both the App Store and Google Play Store with all your latest products and discounts!

How much time does it take to launch the app?

Shop2app can be set up in no time. It will take 1 - 5 hours to set up the preview app.

From there it will take a few days to 2 weeks to get approved in the Google/Apple stores and have your mobile app available for download by your customers.

Would I need a developer for setting up the app?

Nope! Our team will help you set it all up. You don’t need a developer at all to begin with. However if you do require some customizations, our team is happy to help with the process