Why Did This 6 Year Old Shopify Brand Migrate From Tapcart to Shop2App?

Public Goods is on a mission to make the world a better place by providing sustainable, healthy & premium products at an affordable cost.

Public Goods - A National DTC Brand

Public Goods is a member’s only Shopify brand selling eco-friendly essentials.

Their Kickstarter campaign was an instant success, and over the last 6 years they’ve raised over $20 million in funding. Checkout the Forbes article here.

Challenge: Members Only Mobile App

Public Goods have a custom membership solution on Shopify. They charge a membership fee of $79 per month and offer 400+ SKUs at low margins.

Public Goods is also big on subscriptions, and have a deep integration with Recharge. They wanted to go one step ahead give their members a great mobile shopping experience.

A mobile app looked like a great solution for both members & subscribers alike. But their experience was limited by Tapcart, a legacy mobile-app-builder.

Tapcart had 3 limitations:

No Memberships

Tapcart’s app could be accessed by anyone and not just members

No Personalization

Tapcart’s app wasn’t personalised for Public Goods’ members 

Lack of Sophisticated Subscriptions Portal

Tapcart’s app couldn’t merge subscriptions and had a poor subscriber portal

5 Reasons Why Public Goods switched from Tapcart to Shop2App

Public Goods found Shop2App at SubSummit and was immediately sold on its features.

1. Members Only Mobile App

Shop2App built a mobile app for Public Goods that could only be accessed by members.

Exclusive Access for Members
This way non-members couldn’t sign in or buy their discounted products without paying the fee.This was perfectly in line with Public Goods’ “members-only” business model.

2. Personalized App Home Screen For Improved Loyalty

Member Home Screen shows Upcoming subscription block to keep them updated

This personalized block shows members their next subscription order to keep them informed about the next delivery.

Clicking on this block redirects them to their subscriber portal in seconds.

3. Subscription-Friendly Mobile App For Subscriber Growth

Self-serving subscriber portal to reduce customer tickets

Handling customer support tickets for basic subscription requests like Skip or Swap can be tiring.

Shop2App created a portal in the Public Goods app that made subscriptions self-serving.

That way, Public Good’s members could skip, pause, delay, reschedule, edit or cancel their subscriptions in just 1-click.

They could also swap products, update address, change frequency or add discounts easily.

All these actions could be sent to members using push notifications, and directly open the screen that subscriber wishes to open.

4. Increased AOV With Subscriber Portal Upselling

Shop2app integrated with Recharge Quick Actions to increase AOV for Public Goods.

With their new app, Public Goods could:

👉 Let members add one-time products and/or product subscriptions to their upcoming orders directly on the subscriber portal 

👉 Upsell newly launched products, buy-again orders with exclusive discounts on the subscriber portal

Quick Actions like Add to Upcoming Order, Swap and others are enabled as Push Notifications from Klaviyo.

Deep Linked Push Notifications
That's not all, clicking on the push notification opens the screen directly, thus reducing friction, and improcing shopping experience.

5. Merge subscriptions to save on shipping costs

If members had 2 or more upcoming subscription orders, they could easily pick a date of delivery that was convenient for them and get the orders delivered together. 

This not just saved shipping costs but also helped the brand stay true to their mission of sustainability by reducing number of boxes.

✨ Bonus Feature

Free Shipping Bar On Cart To Increase AOV

Shop2app went one step ahead and also personalised their checkout cart with a Free Shipping Bar. Free Shipping Bar encouraged members to add more items for free delivery and increased AOV for Public Goods.

6. Custom Coded Checkout

Public Goods had a branded checkout to give members a personalised shopping experience.

Shop2App’s team custom-coded Public Good’s app to replicate their branded checkout as it was in the website. 

Custom Coded Product Detail Page(PDP)

When it came to PDP Blocks in the app, Shop2App used native support for custom coding those blocks for smoother experience, instead of the Javascript that was used by Tapcart.

Bonus Feature:

Migrating Klaviyo Flows For Push Notifications & More!

Shop2app team also helped extend existing flows like Abandoned Cart, Welcome Flows, Subscription Flows etc. to Push Notifications for Public Goods.

With Shop2app & Klaviyo integration, Public Goods’ team were able to track customer journeys directly on Klaviyo. 

For example, If a customer opened the website on day 0, the came to the app on day 1, went back to the site on day 2, back to app on day 10, 12 and more.

This complete journey was made available in Klaviyo.

Seamless White Glove Migration From Tapcart

Public Good’s migration from Tapcart to Shop2App was super smooth and took only a few days.

We were also able to set-up app integrations like Recharge for subscription, and Klaviyo for Push Notifications in no time. 

Public Goods’ team were really happy with the work our team had done in building a customized app solution for their Shopify store.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take to launch the app?

Shop2app can be set up in no time. It will take 1 - 5 hours to set up the preview app.

From there it will take a few days to 2 weeks to get approved in the Google/Apple stores and have your mobile app available for download by your customers.

Can my Shopify Plus Store be converted to an Android and iOS app?

Yes Shop2app does exactly that! It converts your Shopify Plus Store into an easy-to-use & customer friendly mobile app!

Are the mobile app and Shopify store interconnected?

Yes! Your app will always be in real-time sync with your Shopify store. Products, collections, pricing, inventory & discounts are all updated in real time.

Do you help in designing the mobile app for my shopify store?

Sure thing! Our team will help you end-to-end in designing the app and launching it to both the App Store and Google Play Store with all your latest products and discounts!

Would I need a developer for setting up the app?

Nope! Our team will help you set it all up. You don’t need a developer at all to begin with. However if you do require some customizations, our team is happy to help with the process

Will my existing push notifications remain the same with Shop2App?

Yes, your push notifications will continue to work seamlessly with Shop2App, ensuring your communication with customers remains uninterrupted.

How does Shop2App handle pricing compared to Tapcart?

Shop2App offers fair and transparent pricing with no unexpected price hikes. You'll know exactly what you're paying for.

Can Shop2App integrate with other Shopify Apps?

Yes, Shop2App seamlessly integrates with Shopify Apps like Klaviyo, Recharge, Yotpo and several others.