15 Hacks To Succeed In The Food Delivery Business

August 7, 2023

For the past four to five years, the online meal delivery industry has been growing significantly. But, why has it grown to become so big? Over the previous ten years, some evolution took place in terms of both technology and mindset especially during the pandemic.

All in all, everyone loves how they can now quickly order their favorite meals from their favorite restaurants in just a few taps.

Owners of restaurants and cafes benefited immensely from the expansion of the online meal delivery industry in terms of prosperity, sales growth, and expansion. Because of this evolution, a company's location is no longer relevant for its success. All we need to see is if they have an online presence or not. You may own a cloud kitchen or a restaurant, both of them would turn out to be profitable businesses.

How does a cloud kitchen work?

But how will you expand your food delivery business? Yes, the market for food delivery services is expanding, but you are not the only business owner to realize this. To be successful in the online food delivery business, cooking and serving yummy food is not enough. You're going to require a strong grasp of how to use various platforms to your advantage, business abilities and a lot more. We have prepared a checklist for the growth of your kitchen/restaurant so that you don’t drive your focus away from cooking delicious meals.

1. Keep track of your finances

How embedded finance is driving financial inclusion — Business — The  Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News

One way to keep your restaurant packed and your cash registers full is to have suitable business insurance. The store owners that plan for emergencies and prepare for them are the ones who are able to expand in the long run. As a result, plan your meal delivery operations' budget carefully. Keep a thorough record of your monthly expenditure on maintenance, purchasing raw materials, and paying your employees. When you know how much money you spend each month overall, you can figure out your profit margin and decide how much extra money to put back into your food delivery business. Investing in your passion i.e cooking and serving yummy food would surely yield desirable results in future. You mustn’t let a potential financial issue ruin your plans of running a food delivery business that is profitable and most loved by the community.

2. Focus on food innovation

Griffith Foods - Europe | Trends Driving Plant-Based Food Innovation

Introduce new food items that you think would draw in customers to grow your food delivery business. You can innovate your store's layout as well as its food items. Mobile food trucks, for instance, have gained popularity in many places because of many food businesses adapting the same. Additionally, it has been observed that businesses frequently hire restaurants for catering services. Another fantastic technique to gain attention is to cater for birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events and other special occasions.

3. Having website is a must 

Best Restaurant Website Design Inspirations

Making a good food delivery business website is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to deliver your products in and around your area. Remember that people will be ordering from your kitchen online as well, which is essential for the growth of your kitchen/ restaurant outside the business locations. 

Create a website for your food delivery business and post all the information related to your products and services there. Make a website with pages describing your kitchen/restaurant, the meals you sell, home delivery services, prices, special offers, terms and conditions, privacy policy, and other information.

Your website needs to be distinctive from those of your competitors. Website with a distinctive design offer a strong first impression on your visitors.

4. Engage your customers with mobile app

Now a days, a business website is not enough. People are constantly on their mobiles looking for easy and mobile solutions. The benefits of deploying a mobile app for your food delivery business are immense. Also checkout the blog, why do you need a mobile app? You may engage more clients with loyalty programs, push notifications and subscriptions. The core benefit of mobile apps that caused them take over almost all the industries is that they offer a fast and convenient ordering experience. If you have a shopify powered website, then you may want to turn it into a mobile app. Checkout the Shop2App’s mobile app features that will help your food delivery business stand out in your surroundings.

Utilize the app tech to help you automate and streamline your business processes so you can devote more time and energy to cook yummy meals for your customers. Send out push notifications on a regular basis with information about new food variations, business news, and events. Also, be sure to inform them of any offers, promotions, forthcoming events, etc. Learn in this blog about the types of push notifications you can send to your customers.

5. Offer easy delivery and store pickup

6 Tips to Increase Pickup Orders at Your Restaurant | RestaurantNews.com

With a pivoting business approach, a customer-centric model has emerged. Now, its the customers first approach that the companies are following. Delivering your tasty meals at their doorstep that too on time  is a great way to offer them the convenience and ease of ordering from you. This can be made easier by integrating with food delivery partners like ubereats, doordash, grubhub etc. You must also make sure that customers can place direct orders from your restaurant via your restaurant app and website for running a successful food delivery business. This will lessen the possibility of you losing potential customers.

Store pickup is another amazing way that saves the time and offers convenience to your clients. Using the Shop2app app builder, you can simplify pickup scheduling using the time and date picker. 

6. Create social media presence

Facebook page of Gusto restaurant

Social media is the most effective approach to draw in and keep the huge audience that is circling all these social media platforms. As a result, be sure to put your food delivery business on social media pages and regularly update and optimize them. Post consistent images and videos that capture the activities at your kitchen. From these social pages, you can even get reviews and comments that can help you improve the way your food delivery business is run. 

7. Improve your local SEO

Get you business on Google maps

Local SEO is the process of optimizing a website to rank in the local search results. The obvious answer to why you need to do that is because people look for businesses near them. For example, if you search Restaurants near me, Google will show you all the  near your location. The whole motto of Google here is to get closer to a user’s practical, real-life search patterns. For this, it continuously observes and learns its users’ behaviors. This list includes opting for the nearest locations because that’s, well, more convincing. Know more about local SEO in this blog and know how run a food delivery business successfully. 

8. Make your restaurant/kitchen discoverable with Google merchant center

Bobby's barbecue and catering on Google Merchant Centre

Google Merchant Center is a centralized dashboard with which online retailers may manage their visibility across all Google e-commerce products and update their web listings.

The Google Merchant Center's major objective is to give businesses the ability to post and update product information, including images and prices, so that it will appear in relevant Google shopping searches. This must be done in the initial phase while starting a food delivery business. In order to provide effective monitoring and management over Google-based marketing and e-commerce, the Google Merchant Center also interfaces with other Google services, such as Google My Business. 

9. Provide good context with an elaborated menu

Menu Template | PosterMyWall

Your digital kitchen is made up of the illustrations and tempting food pictures that you cook.

When it comes to online food delivery platforms, its not your logo that makes the first impression. The food's appearance on your online platform and how you describe the flavors and taste of the dish in a short section are more important factors than the your restaurant ambience.

Make sure to use the best method for food photography to stand out from the growing number of restaurants on delivery platforms. Light, brand consistency, and angle should all be taken into account while clicking the pictures of food.

10. Bundle dishes/ beverages for more sales

Get free drink of your choice with breakfast sandwich at Wendy's - Living  On The Cheap

When a seller bundles complementary dishes into a group of items that may be purchased together, then that practice is known as product bundling. Product bundling is another technique for running a successful food delivery business. Products, dishes in your case are often bundled together as an upsell or a cross-sell. Shop2app assists you in easy upselling and cross-selling by integrating with a 3rd party platform - Rebuy

Upsell: The goal of an upsell is to convince the customer to upgrade. Introducing a better, more expensive version of a dish that a consumer is considering to purchase from your restaurant is an example of upselling. 

Cross-sell: Promoting related goods other than dishes from the same category is known as cross-selling. When running a food delivery business, you could, for example, bundle a beverage with a platter of food. 

11. Be present on review sites

Responding to a Positive Restaurant Review. - Famepilot

In order to grow your food delivery business, you must respond to all the reviews. Whether a customer is extremely satisfied or not, it's always important to use a proactive approach to show them that you understand their concerns and can find the best solution for them.

The more reviews you respond to, the more you'll learn about customer experience and satisfaction, which can help you make long-lasting adjustments that will further grow your food delivery business.

If you have a Shopify powered website, you can set up live chat and increase customer retention by using tools like Tidio and Gorgias to ask for the feedback on your store app. Tidio is a Shopify live chat app that lets you set up a live chat widget on your kitchen/ restaurant website and even automate responses for common questions. Gorgias is also a good option if you are looking for a complete customer service solution. 

12. Offer free food to food bloggers/influencers

Offer free food to food bloggers

If your audience realizes that their favorite social media influencer or blogger/vlogger likes the food of your restaurant/kitchen, they would wanna try your food and eventually bring in a lot of customers. Yes, right! This is the power of influencer marketing.

You may ask a popular influencer from your city to dine at your restaurant, with their friends and click pictures with the cuisine by inviting their audiences to your restaurant. You may also deliver free food to them in return for your brand’s promotion on their page. 

Ask them to share their feedback on their social media platforms. Accept all forms of feedbacks including live video, blogs, blogs with pictures, and videos. This way, you will not only enhance your online presence but also get instant results. 

13. Pay close attention to food presentation and packaging 

CheBuono | Italian Food | Packaging & Rebranding by Abdullah J on Dribbble

It is true that your online food delivery business’ marketing strategy revolves mostly around the quality of your cuisine because every restaurant's major attraction is its taste. But along with taste, customers are now equally concerned with the food's presentation and packaging.

Little things make a huge difference.

Every packed order should include safety seal stickers to guarantee that the food is both fresh and prepared hygienically. Pay close attention to how food is presented and packaged.

Additionally, sending customized thank-you notes to customers is a great way to express your gratitude for their support. It shows that there is a real person behind the business that takes the time to thanks their valuable customers.

14. Optimize your food/beverage menu 

An essential part of boosting delivery orders is menu optimization. It's very likely that your most popular menu items will differ from those that are more profitable in both the summer and winter season.

Getting a food delivery app with a menu manager makes it simple to update your menu across all delivery platforms to align with seasonal ordering behaviors. In addition to taking a seasonal menu into account, it could be better to update your menu layout by adding options and extras next to each item. Turn your shopify food delivery business into an app using Shop2App’s app builder loaded with industry-best features.

To provide your customers with a complete meal and increase sales for your kitchen/ restaurant, you may recommend a side, dessert, or drink in addition to whichever main course they choose. By putting this strategy at work, you may increase the average basket size and boost the profitability of your restaurant.

15. Send out emails to your customers 

Emailer to customers about food, sale, discounts

Customers often put their trust in a food delivery business which sends them a personalized email on their birthdays and thank them for the purchase. Such tailored communications greatly contribute to establishing a customer's confidence in a company. This is know as email marketing. Read more about the emails you can send to get back your customers. 

To start , you must gather the email addresses of visitors to your website and social media sites first. In a short amount of time, you will be able to collect a good amount of email addresses. With the help of a email tool, start delivering your discounted pricing and other offers at to all of the email addresses with only one click of the mouse. Make sure your email design is unique and can capture your clients' attention towards your grocery store business right away.

Top Shopify apps for your Food Delivery Business

Loyalty/Rewards: Smile/Loyalty Lion

Local Delivery: Zapiet Store Pickup & Delivery

SEO: SEO Booster

SMS Campaigns: Attentive, Emotive

Push Notifications: Mobile (Shop2app), Pushowl Notifications

Email Marketing: Klaviyo, Omnisend

Mobile app: Shop2app

UGC/Reviews: Loox, Judgeme, Okendo

Gift Cards: Govalo

Personalization (Shop Quiz): Octane.ai

Customer Support: Reamaze, Limechat, Gorgias

Upsells/Bundles: Rebuy

Subscriptions: Recharge Subscriptions

Boost orders of your food delivery business right way! 

That’s all for now. You must have gained 15 valuable insights on how you can succeed in the food delivery business through the article. It’s time to plan and prepare your own meal delivery marketing strategies and implement them. Make sure you dream big and plan big but big enough that you set SMART goals only. SMART goals are those which are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time bound. These five criteria help you in setting up relevant goals while running a food delivery business. Check out Shop2app if you need assistance in creating an app for your Shopify food delivery business.

So, roll up your sleeves and start executing these tips. Don’t forget to make tweaks to these as per the goals and the size of your food delivery business. 

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