6 Ways To Increase BFCM 2023 Sales With A Shopify Mobile App

Ankit Minocha
September 16, 2023
3 mins

We all know that starting Black Friday prep is always daunting.

Here, we provide you with a set of six important steps that are applicable to all brands on the Shopify platform. 

These steps will guide you in effectively preparing for the upcoming Black Friday sales event by leveraging your own customized mobile app.

Let’s jump in..

1. Launchpad your BFCM campaign early to increase conversions

With Shop2app’s Launchpad feature, we give our clients the flexibility to schedule a campaign well in advance while taking the time to create buzz among the users about the upcoming sale or product drop.

Shop2app Shopify mobile app builder Launchpad feature to schedule campaigns
Shop2app Shopify mobile app builder Launchpad feature to schedule campaigns

With our Shop2app x Klaviyo integration, we help our clients email and text their customers early and often (multiple times per day) to peak their interest in the upcoming campaign and capture those early-bird shoppers.

2. Upsell and Cross-sell to Increase the AOV of Your BFCM Sales

Shop2app provides personalized metafields in a Shopify mobile app to upsell and cross-sell products at a special BFCM discounted rate to the shoppers. These product recommendation blocks (metafields) are personalized to each of your customers.

With the ‍Shop2app x Rebuy integration, these two features have increased our clients’ conversion rates by 3.5X and AOV by 16%. One can Imagine the revenue they will bring during the biggest sales day of the year, Black Friday.           

3. Boost Your LTV by Personalizing Returning Customers’ Journeys with loyalty integration Smile.io 

For loyal shoppers who return again and again, give them a personalized shopping experience.

Show your appreciation to these loyal customers with sneak peeks and early access to sales, special discounts, and elevated loyalty points. Shop2app x Smile.io/Stamped integrations help you do just that.

As for your new customers, our huge integration suite will help you turn these seasonal shoppers into repeat customers. 

You can customize your app’s home page, PDP, cart page, and checkout page as per your BFCM offerings and schedule their launch ahead of time with our Launchpad feature.

4. Increase AOV with multiple delivery options 

Shop2App x Zapiet integration offers easy local delivery and BOPIS (Buy online, pick-up in-store) features for buyers. With a convenient date and time picker, shoppers can easily select a date and time for their delivery or pickup.

5. 1-Click Checkout Process to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Fast checkout has helped our clients significantly increase their repeat purchases and LTV. Shop2app provides a 1-click checkout option with Shop Pay and PayPal for a quick and easy checkout. 

Apart from the multiple payment options, we also provide integration with "buy now, pay later" model-based payment services like Afterpay



Product bundles’ benefits are maximized during BFCM-

  • High AOV 
  • Product discovery
  • Improved customer experience

With the dynamic synergy of the Shop2app x Recharge integration, our clients have the flexibility to create enticing product bundles. These bundles have not only brought their BFCM marketing concepts to life but have also transformed them into successful BFCM campaigns.

Deliver the best shopping experience

The internet is full of tips and tricks on how to increase sales in the BFCM sale. Merchants try to do everything under the sun but can't get a good ROI.

After seeing many clients boost their BFCM sale, we've figured out these 6 solid strategies that will get you the ROI you dream of.

Get in touch with our dedicated Shop2app team to learn more.

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