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Shopify Loyalty App

Boost loyalty by rewarding your clients for taking everyday simple actions on your Shopify mobile app!

Best Mobile App For You Shopify Store

Improve your customer engagement

Engage customers the right-way with point-based campaigns. Drive repeat purchases and motivate customers to return back to the app.

Create loyal brand advocates

Make social sharing a rewarding experience. Reward clients when they share your app on social media with their friends and community.

Referral program to acquire new customers

Acquire more customers with a customised referral program that motivates your best customers to refer their friends and family to your brand.

Personalise your VIP program

Reward your best customers with an exclusive VIP program. Different VIP levels come along with different exciting perks!

Make clients your loyal advocates

Drive more revenue for your Shopify store with an app that rewards your clients the right way!

Start selling more to your existing customers

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