Rebuy uses consumer intelligence to guide consumers into actions that help drive more revenue through product discovery, increased average order value, repeat purchase behavior.

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About Rebuy

Rebuy's personalization engine is an AI platform that provides data-driven shopping experiences, attracts and retains customers, and accelerates growth.

Why do you need Rebuy Engine Upsell in a mobile app?

Every customer is unique, which means they want shopping experiences that are tailored to their specific needs. Rebuy enables you to do precisely that on your Shop2app-powered app. AI-powered customization empowers you to gain and retain more customers while also increasing in-app sales intuitively.

How Shop2app + Rebuy integration works

Shop2app integrates with Rebuy to provide effective Upsell and Cross sell strategies.

  • Increase your in-app AOV with AI-powered product recommendations, allowing you to upsell and cross-sell without doing any effort.
  • Improve your cart conversion rate by providing product recommendations that can be added to your clients' carts with a single click.