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AppsFlyer is a mobile measurement and marketing analytics platform that allows businesses to track and analyze their mobile app marketing campaigns.

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About AppsFlyer

With AppsFlyer, give your team visibility into campaign effectiveness, increase app installations, and maximize customers LTV.

Why do you need AppsFlyer on your mobile app?

AppsFlyer is a powerful tool for Shopify merchants looking to optimize their mobile app marketing campaigns and drive user engagement and retention. With AppsFlyer, merchants can gain insight into the sources of their app installs, including which campaigns are driving the most installs and which channels are most effective for user acquisition. The app also provides data on user behavior within the app, including user engagement and in-app purchase behavior.

Using Shop2app with AppsFlyer

  • Regain iOS visibility: Obtain a complete picture of performance with a SKAN solution that provides accurate, granular measurement while keeping you compliant and your client's data confidential.
  • Kickstart app growth: Land your first installs and boost app marketing ROI
  • Scale UA campaigns: Achieve industry-leading ROAS and LTV
  • Increase user LTV: Boost conversions and revenue by creating tailored journeys that keep customers returning for more, from any device to your app.